We’ve included on this page information and forms for new clients. There is no attorney-client relationship created by our posting these forms or by our sending these to you for completion. Read our disclaimer before you use any of these forms and before you contact our office for answers to any of your questions. An attorney–client relationship only exists when you have signed an attorney–client contract and paid the required consultation fee or retainer payment.

New Client Information

Thank you for your interest in consulting with us. We know that most people who contact us want, and need, good and accurate information and advice about how to handle their family law issues. They want to know how the law affects their situation, what they can do to resolve the present problems, how the courts will look at those issues, and how we can help to resolve them.

Because family law is a complex combination of law and emotions, we need to make sure that we have enough information so that we can give good, well-reasoned, and complete advice. We cannot give legal advice to anyone unless we first schedule a consultation and are retained for that purpose. We do not provide ‘free consultations.’ Instead, we give our first consultation at a flat ‘consultation fee’ rate. Over the years, we’ve found that the most important advice we give our clients is often given in this first meeting. We’ve found that this first advice is critical to setting the stage for lower conflict and for a better approach to resolving the difficult problems involved. This initial advice often means saving thousands of dollars in litigation fees.

New Client Information and Advisories

Social Media and Electronic Communications Advisory (PDF)

Domestic Violence Information (PDF)

Domestic Violence Safety Plan (PDF)

Domestic Violence Safety Plan (PDF)(courtesy of

New Client Intake Forms

We ask that potential and returning clients complete the following questionnaires and other forms in preparation for the initial attorney conference. Filling out necessary forms before coming into our offices will save time and will allow us to focus on your needs.

Domestic Relations New Client Information Sheet (with children)(PDF)

Domestic Relations New Client Information Sheet (no children)(PDF)

New Client Information Sheet (appeals only) (PDF)

CINC New Client Information Sheet (Parent Client) (PDF)

CINC New Client Information Sheet (Non-Parent Client)(PDF)

Relationship Adjustment Scale (PDF)

Client Issues Worksheet (PDF)

Divorce Filing Information

When filing a court action, the courts require that the following documents be filled-out and filed when the case is first filed. Providing us with this information at your first consultation if you know that you want to immediately file helps to save time.

Kansas Courts Civil Coversheet (PDF)

Kansas Vital Statistics Request form (PDF)

Financial Information

We need detailed financial information so that we can counsel our clients on questions about finances, property division, and support. We often need detailed documentation of assets and debts so in handling a divorce or other domestic relations equitable division matter. Documents we need from our clients in any new or continuing case:

Client Document Request (PDF)

Kansas Domestic Relations Affidavit (DRA)(Financial Affidavit) (PDF)

Kansas Domestic Relations Affidavit (DRA) (Word Processing Doc)

Property Division Worksheet (PDF)

Property Division Worksheet (Excel Worksheet)

Parenting Plans

If there are children under 18, a parenting plan should be completed, either based upon what is agreed or what is desired. Documents we ask you to fill-out are:

Kansas Permanent Parenting Plan (PDF)

Kansas Permanent Parenting Plan (Word Processing Doc)

Kansas Detailed Parenting Plan (Word Process Doc)