Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions are normally released Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Published Appellate Opinions are posted to the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website within one hour of that time. Unpublished Appellate Opinions are posted on the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website but are not available until later – between one hour to one day after release. Unpublished decisions are available on this website. This page includes only Kansas Family Law and Family Law-related Appellate Decisions. The decisions on this page include both published and unpublished opinions.

2018 Kansas Family Law Appeals Decisions

Supreme Court


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Court of Appeals

January 11, 2019

118676In re Marriage of Strom – Schroeder – Affirmed – Riley [judgments, dormancy, revivor, statutory construction, military retirement]


119651 – In re J.H. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Douglas [CINC, appellate standards, parent termination]

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