Before starting any new matter for a client (after our initial consultation), we ask that clients fill out the needed following forms. Filling out these forms before you we are ready to prepare for settlement, mediation, or court filings will save time and allow us to focus on your needs. Read our disclaimer statement before you use these forms and before you contact our office for answers to any questions.

New Case Filing Forms Needed

Kansas courts require the preparation and filing of a civil coversheet for all new case filings. In addition, the State requires completion and filing of a vital statistics form to file a decree that terminates a marriage (divorce, separate maintenance, or annulment). We ask that our client complete these forms before initiating any domestic relations action:

Kansas Courts Civil Coversheet (PDF)

Kansas Vital Statistics Request form (PDF)

Financial Information Forms

We need detailed financial information so that we can counsel our clients on questions about finances, property division, and support. We often need detailed documentation of assets and debts so in handling a divorce or other domestic relations equitable division matter. Documents we need from our clients in any new or continuing case:

Client Document Requests (2019) (PDF)

Kansas Domestic Relations Affidavit (DRA)(Financial Affidavit) (PDF)

Kansas Domestic Relations Affidavit (DRA)(RTF)(Download)

Property Division Worksheet (PDF)

Child Custody and Parenting Plan Forms

Kansas requires that both parents file a proposed or agreed parenting time showing the schedule that children will live with both parents. Kansas law requires that any parenting plan provide for (a) legal custody (decision-making); (b) residential parenting schedule; and (c) a way to resolve parenting disputes out-of-court. If a couple has any children from their relationship that are under 18 years-of-age, we ask that our clients complete a proposed parenting plan as soon as possible and provide it to us – either based upon what the parents agree or on what is the desired parenting schedule. Kansas provides two separate forms: one for temporary parenting plans and the other for a final parenting plan:

Kansas Temporary Parenting Plan (PDF)

Kansas Permanent Parenting Plan (PDF)

Kansas Permanent Parenting Plan (RTF)(Download)

Kansas Detailed Parenting Plan (RTF)(Download)

Electronic Parenting Plan (Oregon form may be used in any state)

Court Programs Required

If a couple has children under 18, Kansas courts require that parents complete one co-parenting class before their divorce or parentage action is complete. Program information for the Johnson County, Kansas program is in this brochure:

Parents Forever (Link)

Child Support Forms

Kansas courts require child support payments be paid through the Kansas Payment Center. Information on and payment forms required:

Kansas Payment Center payment forms (PDF) (Child Support Payment Forms)

Name Change Forms

Kansas Affidavit for Court Order Restoring Name After Divorce (PDF) (Post-divorce name changes)

Social Security Administration Change Form (PDF) (Social Security Administration)

Kansas Paternity Consent Form for Birth Registration or Agreed Name Change (PDF) (Agreed Minor’s Name Change)

Kansas Department of Revenue Drivers License Bureau Address and Name Change Information (Official Site)

Other Forms

After a domestic relations case is finalized, there are many tasks that may need to be completed to start your ‘new life,’ including changing names on important documents, notifying government agencies about your new marital status, and of other events. The following links to the forms that you may need from thoose agencies and institutions are provided here for your convenience:

Social Security Change Form (PDF)

IRS Brochure on Divorced and Separated Individuals (PDF)

IRS Brochure on Child and Dependent Care Expenses (PDF)

IRS Brochure on Innocent Spouse Tax Relief (PDF)

IRS Brochure on Child Tax Credit (PDF)

IRS Self-Employment Tax Worksheet (PDF)

IRS Instructions for Use of Self-Employment Tax Worksheet (PDF)

IRS Estimated Tax Form and Instructions (PDF)