Kansas Family Law Appeals 2023

Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions are normally released Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Published Appellate Opinions are posted to the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website within one hour of that time. Unpublished Appellate Opinions are posted on the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website but are not available until later – between one hour to one day after release. Unpublished decisions are available on this website. This page includes only Kansas Family Law and Family Law-related Appellate Decisions. The decisions on this page include both published and unpublished opinions.

Supreme Court

March 31, 2023


125617 – In re Common-Law Marriage of Heidkamp and Ritter – Johnson – Affirmed [Marriage, probate, common law marriage, appellate standards, appellate jurisdiction, elements of common law marriage, burden of proof, uncontested appeals, judicial discretion, facts vs. law, findings of fact, IRS requirements, state vs. federal law]

Court of Appeals

March 31, 2023

March 24, 2023


125042 – In the Interest of K.D. – Johnson – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, UCCJEA, temporary emergency jurisdiction, ripening of jurisdiction, home state jurisdiction declination, due process, appellate jurisdiction, ICPC, required verification, “verify”, words-and-phrases, definitions, clear and convincing evidence, sufficient evidence]

125474 – In the Interest of C.T. – Rawlins – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence, sufficient evidence]

125674 – In the Interests of Z.L., N.M., and E.M. – Bourbon – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence, sufficient evidence]

March 10, 2023


124915 – City of Wichita v. Ratliff – Sedgwick – Affirmed. [Domestic violence, appellate standards, sufficient evidence]

125400 – In the Interest of S.M. – Sedgwick – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence, sufficient evidence]

125497 – In the Interest of E.T. – Reno – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence, sufficient evidence]

March 3, 2023


124787 – D.A.W. vs. B.R.S. – Dickinson – Appeal dismissed. [PFS, appellate standards, expired orders, mootness, exceptions from mootness, failure to argue, right to counsel]

February 24, 2023


124545 – G.S. and G.D. v. J.P., III – Sedgwick – Affirmed in part and dismissed in part. [Protection orders, PFS, appellate standards, mootness, expired order, due process, evidence sufficiency, appellate jurisdiction, notice of appeal, designation of matters appealed, liberal construction, civil procedure]

124641 – In the Interests of G.D. and B.D. – Reno – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, unfitness, appellate standards, substance abuse, ongoing efforts, failed reintegration]

125366 – In the Interests of D.G. and M.G – Reno – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, family violence, habitability, health concerns, appellate standards, clear-and-convincing evidence, reasonable efforts, child’s best interests]

125394 – In the Interests of I.B., D.B.B., D.I.B., M.B., K.B., B.B., and B.M. – Sedgwick – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, continuances, judicial discretion, appellate standards]

February 17, 2023


125454 – In the Interest of A.S. – Sedgwick – Appeal dismissed. [CINC, temporary orders, appellate standards, mootness, sufficient evidence, later disposition]

February 10, 2023


124040 – In re Marriage of Bowers and Potts – Johnson – Affirmed. [Divorce, property division, appellate standards, premarital agreements, postmarital agreements, contract interpretation, judicial discretion, breach of contract, ambiguity, summary judgment, issue preservation, terms and definitions]

125139 – K.S. v. D.C. – Leavenworth – Reversed and remanded. [CINC, permanent custodianship, dueling grandmothers, third-party custody, third-party visitation, appellate standards, judicial discretion, standards of proof, constitutional rights, parent rights vs. non-parent rights, “special weight”, permanent custodian rights]

125235 – In the Interests of N.W., R.W., and A.W. – Franklin – Affirmed [CINC, appellate standards, sexual abuse, parent termination, child’s best interests]

February 3, 2023


124097 – In re Marriage of Obembe and Grammatikopoulou – Shawnee – Affirmed [Post-divorce, marital settlement agreement, child support, child support modification, appellate standards, contract interpretation, contract modification, jurisdiction, child support guidelines, income shares model, 529 educational funds, extended income formula, harmless error, citation of other states’ decision]

January 27, 2023


124478 – In re Marriage of Bean and Johnson – Ellis – Affirmed [Divorce, property division, spousal support, appellate standards, judicial discretion, abuse of discretion, dissipation of assets, spousal support considerations, property division factors]

124683 – State v. Zendle – Sedgwick – Affirmed [Criminal stalking, appellate standards, sufficiency of evidence, statutory interpretation, definitions]

125129 – In the Interests of A.W. – Johnson – Affirmed [CINC, appellate standards, “active efforts”, “reasonable doubt”, medical condition mismanagement, clear and convincing evidence]

January 20, 2023


125000 – In re Marriage of Pretz – Johnson – Affirmed. [Child support, support modification final judgment, res judicata, issue preclusion, law of the case, hearing officer review, subsequent motions, deadlines, relitigation, appellate jurisdiction, appellate standards, waiver, material change]

January 6, 2023


125170 – In the Interest of H.A. – Butler – Affirmed. [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, ICWA, “active efforts”, “reasonable doubt”]