We’ve handled over 100 appeals in state and federal courts. These appellate cases involve issues in all areas of family law that are important not only for our individual clients but also for people throughout the state of Kansas. We frequently assist other attorneys by handling appeals in the Kansas Appellate Courts. We accept referrals for our focused handling as designated appellate counsel, or as associated counsel to help other attorneys in appeals in which they are primary counsel.

Other attorneys throughout Kansas look to us for up-to-date information about family law and evolving issues in family law. We regularly digest new Kansas Family Law Appellate cases to keep other lawyers and the public up-to-date on new family law trends and to keep others updated. (These updates are available through our Twitter feed through 2021 only.) For information about our digests of published and unpublished Kansas Appeals Court decisions, see the “Resources” tab.

A few of the published appellate cases we’ve handled, including the issues addressed by those appeals, include:

Marriage of Shafer,  317 Kan. 481 (2023)(dormant and expired judgments, final judgments-judgment is final when entered, military pension dormancy tolled from judgment until collectible)(affirming Marriage of Shafer, unpublished, on different grounds)

Marriage of Shafer, Unpublished, (2022)(dormant and expired judgments, final judgments–judgment not final when military service member not yet retired for purposes of military retirement division)

Schwarz v. Schwarz, 62 Kan.App.2d 103 (2022)(grandparent visitation)

In the Interest of S.L., 61 Kan.App.2d 276 (2021)(International Child Abduction, Child Abduction Remedies Act)

Marriage of Doud and Modrcin, – Kan.App.2d – (2020)(final judgments–judgment not final until all issues, including personal property division, are finalized. A final journal entry must appear from its face, not by implication.)

Kaelter vs. Sokol, 301 Kan. 247 (2015)(final judgments – party cannot appeal a judgment that is not fully determined and “final”).

Marriage of Hall, 295 Kan. 776 (2012) (child support – the court cannot order “cooperation” to allow a former spouse to obtain insurance on obligor’s life)(reversing Marriage of Hall43 Kan.App.2d 392 (2010))

State of Kansas, ex rel. SRS vs. Ketzel, 47 Kan.App.2d 536 (2012) (UIFSA – jurisdiction to modify child support, residence)

Marriage of Hall, 43 Kan.App.2d 392 (2010) (Reversed by Kansas Supreme Court on October 5, 2012) (child support – court power to order “cooperation” with former spouse to obtain life insurance).

Marriage of Ehinger, 34 Kan.App.2d 583 (2005) (spousal support – statutory power to modify spousal support)

Magstadtova v Magstadt, 31 Kan.App.2d 1091 (2003) (Hague Abduction Convention – assessment of attorneys fees and expenses under Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of 25 October 1980)

Graham v. Cirrocco, 31 Kan.App.2d 563 (2003) (employment agreements – standards for assessment of physician non-competition agreements and geographic limitations)

State ex rel. Kansas Department of SRS v. Strotkamp, 30 Kan.App.2d – (2002) (grandparent visitation – burden of proof; ‘substantial relationship’ requirement; upholding grandparent visitation)

Skillett v. Sierra, 30 Kan.App.2d 1041 (2002) (child support – application of ‘financial considerations’ adjustment; using child support guidelines to determine retroactive child support in parentage cases)

DeGraeve v. Holm, 30 Kan.App.2d 865 (2002) (grandparent visitation – burden of proof; attorneys fees assessment; upholding grandparent visitation)

Marriage of Jennings, 30 Kan.App.2d 860 (2002) (child custody – binding effect of parenting plan agreement when there is a later dispute)

Marriage of Kopac, 30 Kan.App.2d 735 (2002) (spousal support – considerations in termination on basis of “cohabitation”)

Trolinger v. Trolinger, 30 Kan.App.2d 192 (2001) (protection from abuse – standards for issuing orders involving adults and related children)

Marriage of Ronen, 29 Kan.App.2d 443 (2001) (child support – defining expenses included in basic child support amount and responsibility for extracurricular expenses)

Johnson v. Stephenson, 28 Kan.App.2d 275 (2000) (child custody – binding effect of parenting plan agreement when there is a later dispute)

Marriage of Gordon-Hanks, 27 Kan.App.2d 987 (2000) (case management – domestic relations case management standards; hearing and evidentiary requirements to support orders)

Sokol v. Kansas Department of SRS, 267 Kan. 740 (1999) (child abuse – administrative standards for determining substantiation of allegations of child abuse)

Marriage of Scott, 263 Kan. 638 (1998) (child support – imputing income to residential parent; ‘reasonable’ child care expenses)

Barnett v. Barnett, 24 Kan. App. 2d 342 (1997) (protection from abuse – standards for determining ‘abuse’ in cases involving children)

Marriage of Welliver, 254 Kan. 801 (1994) (service of process – requirements and considerations in granting default judgments in divorce cases)

Ellis v. Berry, 19 Kan. App. 2d 105 (1993) (cohabitants – standards for determining property division between unmarried cohabitants; trial procedure).

Santaniello v. Santaniello, 18 Kan. App. 2d 112 (1992) (grandparent visitation – burden of proof requirements; deference to parental decisions).

Summers v. Montgomery Elevator, 243 Kan. 639 (1988)(attorneys fees  – standards for assessment of fees and costs; determining what is a ‘frivolous action’).

Gould v. Taco Bell, 239 Kan. 564 (1986)(comparative fault – comparison of intentional fault with negligence in premises liability case)

Teepak v. Learned, 237 Kan. 320 (1985) (comparative fault – comparative negligence and indemnity between tortfeasors)