In the Media

The attorneys at Ronald W. Nelson, PA, are recognized throughout Kansas and the United States for their expertise in family law and the legal and practical issues that affect families. As part of the firm’s commitment to improving the law and educating other lawyers and the public, our attorneys often provide background information and commentary to print and electronic news media for stories on family law disputes and other developing issues in the news.

Some of the news media featuring comments from the attorneys at Ronald W. Nelson, PA:

Sunflower State Journal: “Senate passes equal parenting time bill,” February 4, 2020.

WIBW News: “Proposed bill would impose presumption granting parents temporary joint custody,” March 8, 2019

KSHB-TV 41 Action News: “Kansas DCF Will Take Action Against People Who Owe Back Child Support,” April 12, 2018 20180412dcf

KCUR-FM: “To Ease Welfare Load, Kansas List Exposes Parents Behind On Child Support,” April 11, 2018

KCUR-FM: “A Kansas Move Toward 50/50 Custody Has Some Wondering If Kids Will Win,” February 12, 2018

KSHB-TV 41 Action News: “Kansas bill could change child custody cases” – and not for the better, February 1, 2018 – original news linkKSHB_20180201

Wichita Eagle-Beacon, “Divorcing parents would get equal time with kids by default under Kansas bill,” January 28, 2018

Kansas City Star, “Kansas intern confidentiality rule: What happens in a lawmaker’s office stays there,” January 28, 2018

Wichita Eagle, “Common law marriage? Not in Kansas if bill succeeds,” February 8, 2017

Topeka Capital Journal, “Kansas lawmakers hear debate on same-sex couples as foster parents,” November 18, 2015 

Wichita Eagle, “Gov. Sam Brownback issues executive order on religious liberty after same-sex marriage ruling,” July 7, 2015

KHI News Service, “Bill would give parents more leeway to refuse medication for kids,” March 5, 2015

Wichita Eagle, “Kansas House panel investigates ‘decline of the institution of marriage’,” February 11, 2015

KSHB-TV 41 Action News, “Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases in April,” January 16, 2015

41 Action News – October 30, 2014

KSHB-TV 41 Action News, “Legal battle set to begin over same-sex marriage in Kansas,” October 30, 2014

KSHB-TV 41 Action News, “Family attorney, same-sex couple react to Kansas Supreme Court’s hold on same-sex marriage licenses,” October 10, 2014

Wichita Eagle, “ACLU, Kansas attorney general both file suits about gay marriage,” October 10, 2014

Topeka Capital Journal, “Child abuse reports, foster care placements rising in state,” July 26, 2014

Olathe Daily News, “Kansas Senate leaders say they’ll alter language in religious freedom bill,” February 17, 2014Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 8.49.30 AM

Kansas City Star, “Kansas Senate leaders say they’ll alter language in religious freedom bill,” February 17, 2014

Wichita Eagle Beacon, “Kansas Senate leaders likely to dramatically alter language in religious freedom bill should it come to floor,” February 16, 2014

Wichita Eagle Beacon, “Kansas Senate president: Bill that allows service refusal to same-sex couples on religious grounds unlikely to pass,” February 14, 2014

Kansas City Star, Kansas Senate president: Bill that allows service refusal to same-sex couples on religious grounds unlikely to pass,” February 14, 2014

Kansas Health News, “Kansas officials plan to privatize child support collections,” March 14, 2013

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Ex-wife says former rising-star Kansas legislator owes child support,” January 14, 2013

KCUR FM 89.3 Up To Date, “Making Divorce Better for Children,” September 18, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Spotlight Focuses on Case Manager Duties,” August 11, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Case Manager Crackdowns Continue,” July 9, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal “Appeals Decision: Mother Entitled to Full Custody Hearing,” June 29, 2012

National Review Online, “Fears of ‘Creeping Sharia’,” June 13, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Mast Makes Last Pitch for Sharia Law Bill,” May 10, 2012

Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World, “Kansas Court to Consider Custody Case Appeal,” April 24, 2012

Garden City (Kansas) Telegram, “Kansas Court to Consider Custody Case,” April 24, 2012

The Republic of Columbus, Indiana, “Kansas Appeals Panel to Hear Case Involving Complaint About Custody Case Manager, April 24, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Child Custody Case Managers Scrutinized,” April 22, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Lawmakers Urged to Restrict Sharia,” April 14, 2012

Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal, “Senator Pushes for Grandparents’ Rights,” February 2012

Ely (Nevada) Times, “Courting Ely: The Impact of Religion on Custody Cases,” March 2010

Kansas City Star, “Kansas Bill Aims to Fix ‘Presumed Father’ Quandry,” January 2009

ABA Journal, “Still No Bed of Roses: Efforts to Take the Nastiness Out of Divorce Proceedings Haven’t Reached a Happy Ending … Yet,” July 2008

Lawyers USA, “Religious Wars: Divorce Lawyers Say They’re Escalating In Custody Disputes, April 7, 2008

South Bend (Indiana) Tribune, “Judges in custody cases consider parent’s availability, time” March 19, 2008

Across the Nation with Bob Dunning on Sirrius Radio­–The Catholic Channel, “Religion and Child Custody,” February 19, 2008

New York Times, “Religion Joins Custody Cases, to Judges’ Unease,” February 13, 2008, NYT

ABA Journal, “Beware of Spyware: Litigants Sometimes Resort to Computer Snooping, But It Could Be a Crime” June 2005

New York Times, “Grandparents Given Rights by Ohio Court,” May 10, 2005, NYT

Skaine, R., Paternity and American Law (ISBN 0786414111) (McFarland, 2003) Available through Amazon