Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions are normally released on Friday mornings at approximately 9:30 a.m. Published Appellate Opinions are posted to the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website within one hour. Unpublished Appellate Opinions are posted on the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website, and are available on this site between two-hours to one day after release. This page includes only Kansas Family Law (and related) Appellate Decisions. The included decisions on this page are both published and unpublished decisions.

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2016 Kansas Family Law Appeals Decisions

Supreme Court

July 29, 2016

115982 – Ambrosier v. Brownback [mandamus, magistrate selection, time-limit, discretionary-vs-mandatory] (Published)

June 10, 2016

109367 – In re Estate of Einsel – Per Curiam – Reversed (Court of Appeals Affirmed) – Comanche [document interpretation, journal entries, court orders, partition, divorce, property division, appellate standards, appellate court mandates]  video (Published)

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Court of Appeals

December 23, 2016


115518 – In re Marriage of Williamson – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Labette [appellate standards, agreements, child support, education expenses, jurisdiction]
115533 – In re S.C. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [CINC, termination, appellate standards, burden of proof]
115777 – In re M.P. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Barton [CINC, termination, appellate standards, burden of proof]

December 16, 2016


115861 – In re C.A.D. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Jewell [parent termination, CINC, appellate standards, burden of proof]

December 9, 2016


114757 – Kerry G. v. Stacy C.  – Leben, J. – Affirmed – Harvey [protection from abuse, PFA, sexual abuse, physical harm, bodily injury, appellate standards] (Published)


114965 – Shokaryev v. Shokaryev – Powell – Affirmed – Sedgwick [set aside, default judgment, appellate standards, excusable neglect, duty of the court, equitable division, reasonable time, appellate record]
115279 – In re Marriage of Grigsby – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Reno [poverty affidavit, telephone participation, alleged prejudice, appellate standards, mootness, filing fees, due process, waiver]
115575 – In re J.H.E. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [parent rights, termination of rights, CINC, appellate standards, sufficient evidence, clear and convincing evidence, foreseeable future]

December 2, 2016

115071 – In re Marriage of Page – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [alter or amend, civil procedure, appellate standards, abuse of discretion, hearings, child support, income determination]
115309 – In re Adoption of T.M.M.H. – Gardner – Affirmed – Johnson [third party custody, grandparent rights, joint legal custody, adoption, termination, procedure]

November 10, 2016


111998 – In re Marriage of Hamdeh – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, remanded with directions – Sedgwick [appellate standards, spousal support, attorneys fees, property division, international law, equitable division, equal division, division factors, law of the case, evidence]

October 28, 2016


115028 – St. Catherine Hospital v. Alvarez – Leben, J. – Reversed and remanded – Finney [doctrine of necessaries, elements, separation, reliance, medical expenses, summary judgment, appellate standards] (Published)

October 21, 2016

114746 – In re Marriage of Brin – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Saline [child support, appellate standards, shared parenting adjustment, discretionary adjustments]
115529 – In re J.S. – Per Curiam – Reversed and remanded – Wyandotte [CINC, parent termination, appellate standards, speculation, basis of ruling, expert testimony, PTSD, mental illness]

October 14, 2016


115474 – In re Marriage of Nemec – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Stafford

September 30, 2016


115198 – In re L.C. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Kiowa [termination, CINC, termination, appellate standards]
115399 – In re J.T. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Brown [termination, CINC, termination, appellate standards]
115783 – In re Paternity of A.T. v. Tesfu – Per Curiam – Reversed and remanded with directions – Sedgwick [UCCJEA, exclusive continuing jurisdiction, ECJ, inconvenient forum, statutory construction, name change]

September 16, 2016


114776 – Walker v. Brizendine – Per Curiam – Reversed and remanded with directions – Reno [protection from stalking, statutory interpretation, mandatory vs. permissive, appellate standards, legislative intent]
115035 – In re N.G.A. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [parental rights termination, clear and convincing evidence, appellate standards]
115175 – Williams v. Williams – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Lyon

September 2, 2016


114930 – In re B.A.O. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Harvey [CINC, termination, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence]
114966 – In re Adoption of Baby Boy S – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Labette [adoption, termination, appellate standards]

August 26, 2016


114837 – In re J.B. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [CINC, substantial evidence, appellate standards, clear and convincing evidence]

August 19, 2016


114908 – In re Marriage of Knoll – Green, J. – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded with directions – Barber [marital settlement agreements, contract interpretation, spousal maintenance, cohabitation, appellate standards, living together, abuse of discretion, attorneys fees, inadequate findings] (Published)


114538 – Manford v. Young – Per Curiam – Reversed, vacated, and remanded with directions – Riley  [stalking, protection order, appellate standards, fear, safety, words and phrases, statutory construction, statutory elements]
114954 – Frakes v. Frakes – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Montgomery [child custody, appellate standards, abuse of discretion, parenting time, alienation, judicial discretion, contemporaneous objection]
114996 – In re J.T. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Wyandotte [CINC, child-in-need-of-care, appellate standards, contemporaneous objection, clear and convincing evidence]

July 29, 2016


114756 – Baker v. McCormick – Leben – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded with directions – Johnson [PFA, grandparent visitation, standing, parent rights, mootness, subject matter jurisdiction, appellate standards, abuse of discretion, statutory interpretation] (Published)

July 22, 2016


114609 – In re Marriage of Sinks – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, vacated in part, and remanded with directions – Douglas [appellate standards, expert testimony, rebuttal testimony, spousal maintenance, attributed income, exceeding mandate, child support, child support guidelines, trial procedure, long distance parenting expenses]

July 15, 2016


113265 – In re Marriage of Gilliam – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded – Ford [contempt, appellate standards, determinate jail sentence, court sanctions, civil contempt, indirect contempt, direct contempt, good faith, intent]

113709 – Faubion v. Phillips – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Pawnee [contempt, appellate standards, property division, subject matter jurisdiction, evidence admission, personal property, partition action, unmarried persons, cohabitation, exclusionary rule, contemporaneous objection rule, burden of proof, civil contempt, criminal contempt, interpretation of court orders, appellate attorneys fees]

113831 – In re Marriage of Crouse – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Russell [property division, alter or amend, set aside, new trial, journal entry, Rule 133, Rule 139, Rule 170, judicial communications, ex parte communications]

114055 – In re Marriage of Irons – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [premarital agreements, appellate standards, burden of proof, contract interpretation, constructive ownership, valuation date, ambiguous writing, “acquired”, “now owned”, “property listed”, estoppel, inadequate findings, contemporaneous objections]

114154 – In re Marriage of Lynn – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Crawford [child custody, equal parenting time, shared parenting time, appellate standards, appellate attorneys fees, contemporaneous objections]

July 1, 2016


114810 – In re A.F. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Saline [CINC, Parental Rights Termination]

June 17, 2016


114466 – In re Marriage of Herrera – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [refinance, child support, order enforcement, ‘clean-hands’ doctrine, appellate standards]

June 10, 2016


114594 – Douglas v. Saathofj – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [child support, health insurance cost, appellate standards, burden of proof, statutory interpretation, KCSG]

June 3, 2016


113410 – In re Marriage of Guthrie-Craig – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [settlement agreements, child support, agreements to extend child support, contracts, “valid, just, and equitable,” approval of marital settlements, burden of proof, support modification, appellate standards, modification of agreements, burden of proof on appeal, set aside, child support findings, legislative intent, statutory construction]

114035 – In re Marriage of O’Neil – Buser – Reversed and remanded with directions – Shawnee [military retirement, military retirement distribution order, contracts, marital settlement agreement, set aside, contract interpretation, contract enforcement, enforcement of judgment, court powers, jurisdiction over third party, federal law, DFAS, appellate standards]

May 27, 2016


113780 – DeHaemers v. DeHaemers – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [oral agreements, grandparent visitation, third-party visitation, breach of contract, evidence, burden of proof, appellate standards, evidence, contract formation]
114215 – In re A.P. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Wyandotte [CINC, termination, burden of proof, appellate standards]
114260 – Myers v. Myers – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Miami [premarital agreements, contract interpretation, appellate standards, evidence, exclusion of evidence, failure to object]

May 6, 2016


113597 – State v. Hendricks – Leben – Reversed and remanded with directions – Johnson [criminal, no-contact orders, protection orders, temporary orders, post-divorce temporary orders, statutory construction, appellate standards, final judgments, bifurcated divorce]


113504 – In re D.M.M. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Greenwood [CINC, termination, standards of proof, appellate standards, jury trial, Twelfth Amendment]

113512 – In re Marriage of Friars – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Reno [child support, modification, parenting time adjustment, discretionary adjustment, judicial discretion, inadequate findings, record on appeal, material change]

113691 – McBride v. Pfannenstiel – Per Curiam – Appeal dismissed – Dickinson [PFS, stalking, mootness, burden of proof, appellate standards, judicial discretion]

114535 – In re Adoption of K.L.W. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Coffey [termination, stepparent adoption, statutory interpretation, Kansas Uniform Parentage Act, appellate standards]

April 29, 2016

113948 – In re Marriage of Fuller – Powell, J. – Vacated and remanded with directions – McPherson [child support, modification, due process, KCSG, deviations, notice] (Published)


114391 – In re Adoption of F.R.-H. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson

April 22, 2016


114297 – In re A.G. – Per Curiam – Reversed and remanded – Shawnee [CINC, emergency temporary custody, reasonable efforts, mootness]

April 15, 2016


114102 – Hernandez v. Rider – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [child support, modification, impute income, job termination, due process, appeal standards]

113591 – In re T.M. – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part and reversed in part – Johnson [CINC, parent termination, appeal standards, continuances, likely to change]

March 25, 2016


111800 – In re Martin and Phillips – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [child support, appellate standards]
111985 – In re Martin and Phillips – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part and dismissed in part – Johnson [child support, appellate standards, procedure]
114384 – In re Marriage of Redding – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Kiowa [child support, impute income, incarceration, modification, due process, self-represented parties, procedure]

March 11, 2016

114161 – In re N.U – Johnson, J. – Reversed and Case Dismissed – Ford [UCCJEA, Temporary Emergency Child-Custody Jurisdiction, CINC, Extensions, “home state”, mootness, subject matter jurisdiction, temporary jurisdiction, appellate standards] (Published)


113320 – In re Adoption of M.L.K. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Wyandotte [adoption, termination, parental rights, appellate standards]
114451 – In re Adoption of D.G.G. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Montgomery [adoption, termination, parental rights, appellate standards]

March 4, 2016


113411 – In re Marriage of C.E.P. and M.D.P. – Per Curiam – Vacated and remanded with directions – Shawnee [grandparent visitation, third party visitation, visitation factors, parental rights, special weight, burden of proof, appellate standards]

113634 – In re M.L. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Ford [PFA, protection orders, attorneys fees, appellate standards, substantial evidence, parental discipline, intentional act]

113660 – Rumbaugh v. Park – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, remanded with directions – Nemaha [child support, appellate standards, abuse of discretion, retroactive child support, child support termination, agreement beyond minority, child support duration, impute income, contemporaneous objection, interstate cost of living, issue of law, parenting time adjustment, transportation costs]

113875 – In re M.M.M. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [parental rights, termination]

February 26, 2016


113355 In re Paternity of A.L. by Lank vs Florez – Per Curiam – Affirmed in part, reversed in part – Sedgwick [domestic case management, appellate standards, judgment setoff, attorneys fees, child support discretionary adjustments, long distance travel expenses,

114251 – In re Adoption of K.R.D. – Leben – Reversed – Labette [termination, stepparent adoption, appellate standards, burden of proof, incarceration, factors considered, substantial evidence standard]

February 19, 2016

113103 – In re Marriage of Williams – King, J. – Affirmed – Shawnee [military pension, personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act, USFSPA, consent to jurisdiction, dormant judgments] (Published)

113483 – In re S.R.C.-Q. – Powell, J. – Affirmed – Mitchell [Interstate Compact on Placement of Children, ICPC, CINC, Child In Need of Care, jurisdiction, statutory construction, application to parents] (Published)

February 5, 2016


113742 – M.L.G. v. M.M.H. – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Jefferson [parenting time, appellate standards]

January 29, 2016


112902 – Eck v. Eck – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Sedgwick [limited case manager, res judicata, parenting time, child custody, modification, summary proceeding]

January 22, 2016


113384 – In re Application for Change of Name of Straith – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Pawnee [name change, contempt, appellate standards, procedure, statutory interpretation]

January 15, 2016


112921 – In re Marriage of Mullokandova & Kikirov – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Johnson [child support modification, burden of proof, appellate standards]

113192 – In re Marriage of Carlson – Affirmed in part, reversed in part, remanded with directions – Ottawa [child support, equal parenting time formula, child custody vs child support considerations, discretionary adjustments, best interests, definitions, “primary residency,” “shared residence”]

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