Weekly Twitter Update 2015–September–27

: Even questionable income should be included in if parties relied on it be4 divorce bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Issues not raised to the trial court will not be considered on appeal bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Where appellant did not raise issue of “material change,” that argument is waived bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Modification of  only a few months after final decree is not automatically improper bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Appeals court determines trial court did not modify MSA on subsequent motion to modify support bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Appeal arguments made without authority is akin to not briefing the issue at all bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Appeals court does not consider issues raised for the first time on appeal, with narrow exceptions bit.ly/1LSoKz0 #111808

: Appeals court denies attorneys fees based on appellant’s reliance on favorable trial court ruling  bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

 long ago recognized there can be no differentiation based on child’s “legitimacy” bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Quoting @RonaldWNelson, 2012  amendments were not intended to be substantive changes bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Quoting @KansasBarLeg 2012  amendments were not intended to be substantive changes bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: 2011 Recodification of Kansas Family Law was not intended to change grandparent visitation rights bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Appropriate remedy for unconstitutional language is to strike it from the statute bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Statute that bases grandparent visitation based on child’s “legitimacy” is unconstitutional bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Kansas amendment that purports to limit grandparent visitation to divorce is discriminatory bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Statutes cannot constitutionally distinguish between people on quasi-suspect classes bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Courts presume legislative enactments are constitutional and resolves doubts favoring validity bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Court lists exceptions to doctrine of constitutional review raised on appeal for first time bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Courts cannot enact their own wise policy or correct inadvertent mistakes by the legislature bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Courts interpret the meaning of statutes by giving statutory words their natural, ordinary meaning bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Fundamental rule of statutory construction is the legislature’s intent bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: Interpreation of a statute is a pure question of law, appellate courts exercise denovo review bit.ly/1LSlNP1 #113099

: 2 Kansas  Appeals were issued today, 1 published (2015-Sept-25) bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #113099 #111808

The Kansas Supreme Court sits for the October 2015 new lawyer admissions ceremony pic.twitter.com/SgKf9xu3zo

What’s most likely to kill a relationship? adn.com/article/201509…

Congratulations to the newly admitted lawyers taking their oaths from  today!

Federal Judge rejects latest stay request from Kentucky clerk Davis trying to interfere with civil marriage  news.yahoo.com/judge-rejects-…

Kim Davis’s Gay Friend Is Angry: “I don’t know this woman I’ve been seeing.” thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/…

Kim Davis defends actions while losing another bid to stall civil marriages in her county foxnews.com/politics/2015/…

@CJOnline Editorial: Calm the troubled  judicial waters bit.ly/1Owa3ro

 Judges still pursuing lawsuit on Kansas judicial budget bit.ly/1Ow9YE5

 budget preserved for now by  judge twitter.com/srothschild1/s…

.@KSAGOffice obtains court order in  protecting funding until mid-March 2016 bit.ly/1PpPV7M 

All rise! Court is in session @ KU. Watch KS Court of Appeals in action @KUunion 9/22 today! bit.ly/1Owc3ij