Weekly Twitter Update 2015–September–20

: Although some issues may be relitigated  bars change when facts are the same as before bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

: Changes to previous  orders require the movant to show a material change  bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

 applies to  & support only as to matters determined and when it was rendered… fb.me/7wSGTEKLa

 applies to  & support only as to matters determined and when it was rendered bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

: As a general rule,  is not relevant to decrees awarding child custody or support bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

 embraces 2 concepts: claim preclusion & issue preclusion bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960 fb.me/3tmgDwcTI

 embraces 2 concepts: claim preclusion & issue preclusion bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

 prevents parties from relitigating claims previously decided bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

: Trial court incorrectly applied  to preclude subpoenaing 3rd party financial records bit.ly/1QvItrX #112960

: Trial court did not err refusing to award attorneys fees where  jurisdiction at issue bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Under circumstances presented, Kansas court retained nonexclusive  jurisdiction to modify bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: In order to modify child custody, court must have modification jurisdiction under Sec201  bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Kansas court cannot modify child custody merely because it is convenient to do so bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Kansas court can only modify  custody if it has modification jurisdiction  bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

 court cannot speculate what would happen if court had had not made error in  deferral bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Kansas appellate courts cannot deny  jurisdiction because other state declined jurisdiction bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Kansas court must defer to other state’s determination that it is/not inconvenient  forum bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Kansas court cannot decide that another state is an “inconvenient”  forum bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

 was not  ‘home state’ merely because they previously lived in Kansas bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Trial court divested itself of  jurisdiction by acknowledged parties & child moved from KS… fb.me/6ShXkTu2y

: Trial court divested itself of  jurisdiction by acknowledged parties & child moved from KS bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Parties’ statement that they believe Kansas would continue to be  forum does not bind court bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Parties do not contract for jurisdiction by merely acknowledging that the  applies bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Parties cannot waive  jurisdiction by failure raise issue to trial court. Court must review bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Parties cannot confer or deny a court’s  subject matter jurisdiction by agreement bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: When a statute is plain & not ambiguous, legislative intent is determined by statute’s terms… fb.me/Md3sHCa0

: When a statute is plain & not ambiguous, legislative intent is determined by statute’s terms bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: A question involving the interpretation of the  is a question of law, denote review bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

 Jurisdiction is  jurisdiction bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

 affirms  decision involving Kansas and bit.ly/1JlKAJc #112206

: Supreme Court Docket for November 6, 2015: bit.ly/1JlKq4H

: Supreme Court Docket for October 2015: bit.ly/1JlKlOm

: Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Garden City on October 13, 2015: bit.ly/1FpMZ6W

Harvard university posts disturbing data on non-consensual campus sex, esp among  students: ow.ly/Sui49

Kansas, coercion and the courts: What an unholy mess fw.to/u935SOT via @smartelle @latimes  

: Kansas Court of Appeals will hear arguments in appeals cases on Wednesday, Sept 23, 2015: bit.ly/1QrPoST

Alabama Supreme Court: We Don’t Have To Recognize Lesbian Adoption Via @DailyCaller dailycaller.com/2015/09/18/ala…

 rejects another appeal from Kim Davis in which she claims court order applies only to named-plaintiffs nyti.ms/1QqHAAF

 Supreme Court refuses to recognize  second-parent adoption decree by same-sex couple 1.usa.gov/1KnOxBk

Saga surrounding Kentucky clerk may not be over apnews.myway.com/article/201509…

: 2 Kansas  Appeals Decisions were released yesterday (2015-Sept-18): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #112206 #112960 

Schmidt wants the Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves if the Solomon case goes before the court  

@KSAGOffice asks  Justices to recuse themselves from deciding appeal of  separation of powers: bit.ly/1FmglXG

 Parenting in Stunning Photo Series abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/phot…

Tennessee Lawmakers Unveil Defiant Bill Aimed at Dismantling Gay Marriage Ruling theblaze.com/stories/2015/0…

: Kansas Court of Appeals commemorates  with session at KU – September 22, 2015 bit.ly/1NFNMXU

: Unpublished opinions of the Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Court of Appeals are now accessible online bit.ly/1UT1S7i

NY appeals court upholds trial court ruling that teen does not have to visit dad, but should suspend child support bit.ly/1Mpai7g

Florida marriage licenses become gender-neutral usatoday.com/story/news/nat…

Kentucky clerk returning from jail won’t authorize issuance of marriage licenses, but won’t block deputies either. reut.rs/1URq4Ha

Congratulations to @IAML_FamLaw & its Pres. @WilliamLongrigg on voting to become the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers) in 2016.

: Florida Supreme Court adopts ’no frills’ judicial robe policy bit.ly/1NrHk5d

: Court erred making parenting time “subject to” recommendations of social investigator, improper delegation bit.ly/1iaxWXI

: Trial court erred entering emergency supervised parenting time without adequate notice/hearing on merits bit.ly/1iaxrwV

Kentucky clerk asks for another delay issuing gay-marriage licenses chicagotribune.com/news/nationwor…

The Kentucky clerk is far from alone in denying all couples marriage licenses theguardian.com/us-news/2015/s…

Gay marriage plaintiffs bill Ohio more than $1.1 million for legal fees cleveland.com/open/index.ssf…