2012 Kansas Child Support Guidelines (Linked Version)

PDF Version available here

I. Use of the Guidelines.

II. Definitions and Explanation.
A. Child Support
B. Child Support Worksheet
C. Child Support Schedules
D. Domestic Gross Income – Wage Earner
E. Income Computation – Self-Employed

  1. Self-Employment Gross Income
  2. Reasonable Business Expenses
  3. Domestic Gross Income – Self-Employed

F. Imputed Income
G. Child Support Income
H. Child Support Adjustments

III. General Instructions.
A. Documentation B. Applications

  1. Rounding
  2. Age
  3. Income Beyond the Child Support Schedule
  4. More than Six Children
  5. Divided Residency Situations
  6. Multiple-Family Application
  7. Shared Expense Formula
  8. Residence with a Third Party
  9. Interstate Pay Differential
  10. Birth Expenses

IV. Specific Instructions for the Worksheet.
A. Income Computation – Wage Earner (Section A)

B. Income Computation – Self-Employed (Section B)

C. Adjustments to Domestic Gross Income (Section C)

  1. Domestic Gross Income (Line C.1)
  2. Court-Ordered Child Support Paid (Line C.2)
  3. Court-Ordered Maintenance Paid (Line C.3)
  4. Court-Ordered Maintenance Received (Line C.4)
  5. Child Support Income (Line C.5)

D. Computation of Child Support (Section D)

  1. Child Support Income (Line D.1)
  2. Proportionate Shares of Combined Income (Line D.2)
  3. Gross Child Support Obligation (Line D.3)
  4. Health, Dental, Orthodontic and Optometric Expenses (Line D.4)
    a. Health, Dental, Orthodontic and Optometric Premiums
    b. Unreimbursed Health Costs
  5. Work-Related Child Care Costs (Line D.5)
  6. Parents’ Total Child Support Obligation (Line D.6)
  7. Parental Child Support Obligation (Line D.7)
  8. Adjustment for Health, Dental, Orthodontic and Optometric Premiums and Work-Related Child Care Costs (Line D.8)
  9. Basic Parental Child Support Obligation (Line D.9)

E. Child Support Adjustments (Section E)

  1. Long Distance Parenting Time Costs (Line E.1)
  2. Parenting Time Adjustment (Line E.2)
  3. Income Tax Considerations (Line E.3)
  4. Special Needs or Extraordinary Expenses (Line E.4) (new)
  5. Support of Children Beyond the Age of Majority (Line E.5)
  6. Overall Financial Conditions of the Parties (Line E.6)
  7. Total (Line E.7)

F. Deviation(s) From Rebuttable Presumption Amount (Section F)

  1. Basic Parental Child Support Obligation (Line F.1)
  2. Total Child Support Adjustments (Line F.2)
  3. Adjusted Subtotal (Line F.3)
  4.  Equal Parenting Time Obligation (Line F.4) (new) 
  5. Enforcement Fee Allowance (Line F.5)
  6. Net Parental Child Support Obligation (Line F.6)

G. Payment of Child Support

V. Changes of Circumstance.

VI. Review of Guidelines.


Appendix I     Child Support Worksheet (PDF)

Appendix II.    Child Support Schedules (PDF)

Appendix III.    Domestic Relations Affidavit (PDF)

Appendix IV.     Interstate Pay Differential (PDF)

Appendix V.     Income Tax Considerations

Section A – Dependent’s Exemption and Child Tax Credit
Section B – Head of Household Adjustment
Section C – Additional Information
Federal Income Tax Factors
Kansas Income Tax Factors (PDF)

Appendix VI.      Cafeteria Plans and Salary Reduction Agreements (PDF)

Appendix VII      Completed Sample Child Support Worksheet (PDF)
Completed Sample Child Support Worksheet – 2 (PDF)
Equal Parenting Time (EPT) Worksheet (PDF)

Appendix VIII.     Examples and Scenarios for Preparing the Child Support Worksheet (PDF)

Appendix IX.        Military Pay and Allowances (PDF)

Appendix X.          Example Plans for Sharing Direct Expenses (PDF)

Appendix XI.         Shared Expense Formula Example (PDF)
Equal Parenting Time (EPT) Worksheet (Sample) (PDF)
Equal Parenting Time (EPT) Worksheet (PDF)

Topic Index (PDF)

Appendix A: Strikeout Version – (Superseded March 26, 2012 by Administrative Order No. 261)
Appendix B: Spread Sheet on Changes to the Child Support Schedules – Updated March 27, 2012 to show percentage change
Appendix C: Economist Report by William T. Terrell and Jodi Messer Pelkowski, Economists
Appendix D: SRS Report on Deviations