Weekly Twitter Update 2015–May–3

  1. HB 2365 as amended passes out of appropriations. Non-sever ability provision not included in this version of judicial budget.

  2. Peck motion carries. Peck now makes motion to add proviso in budget to merge Supreme Court library with washburn law library.

  3. Peck motion would cut over $1.1 million from judiciary over next two years.

  4. Rep. Peck makes a motion to reduce judicial budget by amounts bonded for KPERS and for amounts projected in SB 15.

  5. Judicial budget discussion today in House Appropriations. Also, judicial conference committee today at 1pm.

  6. HB 2111 on vote to concur in House. HB 2111 also includes, SB 59, HB 2114, SB 183 & SB 184.

  7. CCR on HB 2111 re: District Magistrate Jurisdictions and Law Libraries passes 117-5 on Final Action. I voted YES.

  8. Facebook posts get day care worker fired before job begins, add 12 days to paratrooper’s enlistment

  9. Justice Don Willett retweeted Lizbuddie

    Correct—high court justices are elite devil’s advocates.

    Justice Don Willett added,

  10. Kagan: Gay couples are often adoptive parents. You said married couples should raise children and yet you don’t want gay couples married.

  11. How do I get a replacement card? Online to the rescue!

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  12. Today’s Sketch: Outside the Court for arguments

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  13. We will live blog updates from the SSM arguments at SCOTUS starting at 10:45 ET.

  14. It’s today! Listen to arguments on at on at 12:30 & 2PM EST for each part; we’ll livetweet as we listen.

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      The scene at this morning for the marriage cases.

  15. Children of Kentucky marriage plaintiffs playing hangman while waiting to head over for arguments

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  16. Mini-rant: Can people stop calling it the “veto” session? When was the last time vetoes were the only thing considered? 1975?

     Apr 27