Weekly Twitter Update 2015–April–26

Five lawyers take on history in Supreme Court same-sex marriage cases

Busloads of people from across the U.S. descend onto the Mall to voice opposition to other people’s marriages

‘The term “medical technology” [in statute] does not encompass a kitchen implement such as a turkey baster’

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Most people blame their spouse for marriage problems, never realizing how their own unconscious behavior plays a role.

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The (not really) surprise ruling that could come out of the Supreme Court in the same sex marriage cases

: Judge again orders Kansas sperm-donor to undergo genetic testing

Gay marriage is ready to be legal across America.but the culture war is far from over

: Senate concurs in House Amendments to , sent to governor for signature

Senate Moves Closer to Stopping Rapists From Getting Custody of Children

Reactionary fears emerge during Idaho Legislature sinking common sense legislation on

Presenting “An Overview of The Hague Conventions” for Family Law Institute tomorrow, April 24

Updated Page: 108 Overview & Update–Hague Family Law Conventions

Texas legislative panel votes to restrict funding for issuance of same-sex marriage licenses

My answer to: Why is the state of Texas saying that I owe child support when I have proof of all my support…

Man is jailed for refusing to turn over Facebook and Twitter passwords in business bankruptcy case

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Idaho Department of Health & Welfare preparing letters to 155K families warning of defeat of

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Idaho will expend $80K to warn recipients about foolish action killing

rejects attempt to overturn ruling allowing same-sex marriage in Oregon

When divorce and domestic violence collide Jim McLaren

“In America, you have a right to discriminate as a private citizen” says opponent of in Missouri

40 years later, story of the first same-sex marriage remains remarkable

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Former military officials file brief with supporting same-sex marriage, decry patchwork of

New law signed by President removes social security numbers from cards

Kansas removing children from homes for abuse and neglect far more than non-abuse reasons than in past years

11-year-old removed from Kansas home, mother arrested after he defends medical marijuana during a school presentation