Weekly Twitter Update 2015–March–1

: Same-sex adoption concluded in is binding and must be recognized in

: Court did not have jurisdiction to enter divorce where neither spouse was a permanent resident of state

: Court properly imputed income where 54-year old father was voluntarily retired/unemployed

: Order requiring 7-year-old to fly alone 2X per mo from to did not serve child’s best interests

It continues to snow and streets in downtown Topeka are getting a bit slick.

: Court did not err ordering mother to reimburse father based on her misrepresentations on child support

: Where no evidence in the record supported court’s fact findings supporting custody change, order reversed

: Trial court erred denying motion to modify without holding an evidentiary hearing

: Where both parties asked court to register out-of-state order, it erred in not doing so

: Circuit Ct could not grant 3d party custody to GMother vs father, since juvenile ct retained jurisdiction

Report from the Civil Justice Council on Online Dispute Resolution () for Civil Claims

Adoption by same-sex parent recognized by Alabama appeals court

: 11 apply for 11th District () Magistrate position–Interviews March 20, 2015.

:Appeals Court awards atty fees for frivolous appeal after parties agreed to same result as appealed #111826

: A party cannot complain on appeal to a parenting plan that party agrees is appropriate before appeal filed

: A party who voluntarily complies with an objected to judgment cannot complain about it on appeal

: Entry of agreed child support worksheet after modification order is filed corrects error in not filing it

: Failure to attach a child support worksheet does not deprive court of power to enter modification order

: An agreed order modifying a parenting plan does not require that a child support worksheet accompany it

Kentucky marriage and marriage recognition plaintiffs’ brief is in at :

: 1 Kansas Appeals Decision Issued Today (2015-Feb-27): #111826

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

Selling justice or funding democracy: the ABA on Money and Judicial Elections

Also, this bill passes 30-4. Sets up alternative to foster care.

And that’s it people. Turn around. See you Wednesday.

: withdrawn from Calendar, referred to State & Federal and State Affairs

Lawton R. Nuss: Keep the merit system for selecting justices

“Keep Your Friends Close: A Framework for Addressing Rights to Social Media Contacts | Vanderbilt Law Review” (n. 50)

Senate OKs amendment that would require the governor to disclose Court of Appeals applicants

What a pleasure today to interview & their 7 colleagues abt the art of judging.

Faust-Goudeau railing against CINC system and talking about 5 cases in Wichita. It is a frequent complaint.

SB 159 has been amended with SB 148. Long discussion now. Sen. Knox may finally be able to close.

SB148 is the Safe Families act.

Pilcher-cook amendment would add SB 148 to bill.

SB197 passes. On to SB159 concning CINC actions by LEO.

Must name appointees both commission and governor.

With King’s support, Hensley’s amendment passes.

Hensley says there’s a double standards in open records and open meetings.

King’s bill 197 would make open records laws apply to Supreme Court nominating commission.

SB 197 concerning attorneys and judicial nominating commissions.

: A child custody evaluation is important tool, but cannot substitute for judge’s decision on child custody

: Parents cannot by agreement divest the court of its duty to protect children in child custody case

:Father’s right to privacy not violated by court order allowing Mom to record his phone calls with children

:Father’s right to privacy not violated by court order allowing Mom to record his phone calls with children

: Ct did not err failing to terminate Husband’s payments to wife of 1/2 pension 14-years post-divorce

Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

“Equality under the law” does not mean parent’s time with their child post-divorce must be equal

adopting SCR 1604, turnaround resolution. We will reconvene Wednesday, March 4th at 11 a.m.

MT : seeks to keep prosecutor, judges addresses off government websites

Kansas Lawmaker challenges legality of governor’s budget proposal for , asks to AG Opinion

Man who made thousands posting women’s stolen nudes goes after news sites that posted pictures of him

News: Kansas Senate Considers Bills on General Orders

How to Resist Letting Others Bring Out the Worst in You via

Bill Promoting Psychological Abuse of Children Moves Forward in House

A billionaire’s divorce reveals big spending, lavish vacations, cross-country travels

When and what to tell the kids about Mom and Dad divorcing

Reply brief in petition before Supreme Court to stop same-sex marriage licenses

: Limiting School Seclusion and Restraint of Pupils is on General Orders for 2/25/14

. will present 12-week Family-to-Family class beginning March 12, 2015

International Children’s Law Update on Convention, Habitual residence, enforcement

JOCO Judge Foster tells H Gen Govt Budget that they have cut training for staff and judges.

RT : Staff review of Judicial Branch budget shows most docket fees and filings not bringing in projected revenues.

RT : Chief Justice Nuss speaking before House Gen. Govt. Budget committee on the Judicial Branch.

Motion to send SB 197 to judicial council fails. Sen. Pilcher cook makes motion to pass favorable. Passes on voice vote.

Sen. Petty makes motion to send bill to judicial council. Sen. Haley seconds and supports move.

Sen. Pettey questions if SB 197 would regulate attorneys? She also has concerns about governor filling vacancy of lawyer member.

SB 197 would force binding action to be taken in open meeting setting. So all votes would be in public.

Senate Judiciary Committee now working SB 197 which makes nominating commissions public bodies. KBA opposes this bill.

: Stephanie Bunten named new budget and fiscal officer for judicial branch

Now working SB219 re reporting abuse neglect or exploitation of certain persons.

HB 2109: transfer on death deeds passes favorably on Voice Vote.

Rep. Blaine Finch carrying HB 2109 dealing with transfer on death deeds. The KBA introduced this bill and worked with Rep. Finch.

SB159 passes with one amendment. Concerns CINC cases.

Cabinet approves ratification of 1993 Convention on Inter-county

: Claim that husband committed on business valuation in divorce precluded by

Sen. King recommendations to add money to judicial branch passes subcommittee.

SB 183 amended. DCF will pay cost for collection rather than deduct from monies due.

SB229 – Prohibiting certain advertising by attorney outside KS.

SB 195 had one proponent – DCF. One opponent – Chris Brown.

: Supreme Court Clerk Releases District Judicial Nominating Comm’n Election Results:

Kansas judge files suit against Kansas claiming bill passed by 2014 is unconstitutional

My answer to: Can I do anything to ensure that my child’s father won’t be able to take her?

My answer to: Kansas Family Law Divorce

MT : By law submits a pass they budget but this year governor made cuts of $22.8M in FY16 & $29M in FY17

My answer to: Can I get sole physical and full custody of my 2 boys since I am stay at home father & my wif…

There are no secrets to marriage success. It just takes learning from mistakes & being open change.

: Turn-around week. Bills must pass from “first house” Friday Feb 27 …/legislative/legislature-2015/

: Monday is the last day before ‘turn-around’ deadline to work bills in ‘first house’ non-exempt committees

Federal judge in Alabama won’t order dismissal of petition seeking to halt same sex marriage

Texas AG moves to overturn marriage of lesbian couple

: Issues that are not developed in an appellate brief are abandoned #112027

: Court erred dismissing paternity case “with prejudice” for failure to include necessary party #112027

: Dismissal for failure to include a necessary party does not result in a decision on the merits #112027

: Caseslaw does not say KSA 23-2209(a) may only be used when no presumed father exists #112027

: KSA 23-2209(a)(1) clearly does not prevent another than presumed parent from filing paternity case #112027

: Plain language of KSA 23-2209(a) does not bar a person bringing action when presumed father exists #112027

: Failure to join necessary party in parentage action deprives court of subject matter jurisdiction #112027

: When statute is plain and unambiguous, court cannot speculate about legislative intent behind it #112027

: Court abuses discretion when it applies an incorrect legal standard while exercising discretion #112027

: 1 Kansas Appeals Decisions Issued (2015-Feb-20): #112027

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015