Weekly Twitter Update 2015–February–15

Bobby Martin always found comfort in his job as an Alabama judge, the neat intersection of legality & morality

Sometimes, unrequited love can make us more creative

Hundreds rally at Kansas Statehouse on Valentine’s Day Protesting Brownback Rescission of rights

Two reactionary groups ask Alabama Supreme Court to keep same-sex marriage ban in place

Alabama Supreme Court to consider petition seeking halt to same-sex marriage licenses

Alabama judges’ stand against same sex marriage crumbles

: “Spiritual treatment” exemption to child abuse/neglect action vs parent is not unconstitutionally vague

A majority of counties are now issuing same-sex marriage licenses

: Court of Appeals April 2015 Oral Argument Docket in

: Kansas Court of Appeals posts docket for April 2015:

State-by-state legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. Here’s the latest, in Alabama: via

Photographer exposes truth behind “picture perfect” couples

Kansas House mulls making divorce more difficult

Marriage once again a topic in the Kansas Legislature: Speakers choose to blame singles and “sinners”

: Petition to collect arrearages from obligor’s estate was not timely filed in probate action

: Appeal dismissed where it was filed more than 30 days after the judgment appealed

: No Appeals Decisions were issued today (2015-Feb-13):

: Supreme Court reappoints 2 Chief Judges: Macke Dick () and Ricke ( )

: Request for to issue advisory opinion whether AL courts must allow same-sex marriages DISMISSED

: Judge Cheryl Rios Kingfisher named co-chair of national judicial voter education project

Federal Judge Orders Alabama Judge to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses: Text of Decision:

Federal judge orders Alabama county to issue licenses for gay marriages

Marriage can be a tricky business: so treat it like one!

75 Years In The Making: Harvard Just Released Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life

: Don’t probe beyond the superficial with your kids after they visit their other parent.

attempts to impose statutory control on attorney registration, and to apply open-records act

House had a bill read in regarding father/child realtionships.

Lawmakers told marriage is awesome: the sequel

DCF does not support (gay) marriage, agency head indicates

No warrant required: The gov can read your emails if they’re on cloud services & 180+ days old

Haley asks Knox if he would add having a gun to his list of things you can’t have next to tobacco/alcohol.Says many kids hurt by guns

Sen. Knox says weekly social meetings are to ensure family connected to the community and not isolated. He doesn’t mention church.

DCF head warns of family fragmentation, cites TANF exp to make case against individuals right to escape bad marriage

Knox: “We need something changed. And it needs to happen now.” Says bill will recruit quality foster parents

I think that last CARE requirement could be interpreted to mean they attend church. Other events probably count, too.

. now has options for what happens to your account when you die

Existing regulations allow someone to take in kid for 90 days in this non-foster care system…but bill would expand it to one yr

Knox and Pilcher-Cook’s separate. Both would expand role of churches and faith communities in foster care system or as alternatives.

Bleeding Kansas returns: Brownback reinstates discrimination

Proposal for mandatory 2-year waiting period for divorce is an invitation to abusive and dysfunctional behavior, not good public policy

rights groups plan to rally outside Capitol on Saturday in response to Brownback’s controversial order

Lawyers decry bills to choose high court through partisan elections or gubernatorial appointment

SB148 is “Safe Families Act” allows parent or guardian to name pwr of atty for care of child up to 1 yr or longer if active military

Senate Judiciary hearing on SB 148 and SB 158 Background on 158 which deals with foster care.

On tap in the today: deregulating guns, regulating private lives

Couples Who Chose Not To Have Children Are ‘Selfish,’ Pope Says

Okay but how does a two-year waiting period to give someone time to “fight for their marriage” help? You can’t make someone love you.

Wilkinson also wants to eliminate bifurcated divorce proceedings

Facebook will allow users to name ‘legacy contact’ in case of death

: Legislator wants Judicial Council to weigh in on merging & Ct of Criminal Appeals via

With cutbacks to Kansas mental health and other social services, Kansas divorce rate is likely to increase

History repeats: Testimony on marriage, divorce, and covenant marriage from 2011 session

For those listening to the marriage hearing, I would suggest A) doing research and B) listening to this:


The administration logic here is clearly that marriage/social policy is the causation of poverty, not other way around

Brownback administration says it supports marriage, but opposes it…in the courts

DCF supports the idea of marriage in the Kansas Constitution, Gilmore says = we don’t support same-sex marriages

establishment/enforcement by privatization has been a disaster-but administration touts it as success

Gilmore says privatization was effort to increase collections. That has not happened

Gilmore talking about child welfare privatization. As I reported in November, not doing so hot

RT : “The state does have a strong interest in marriage” –DCF secretary Phyllis Gilmore >Then stop making it harder

In middle of DCF presentation meant to demonstrate problems w/ single parents vs. married couples << Administration on board w/ this

Tomorrow is the last day for non-exempt committees to introduce bills.

Time for marriage hearings, day two. Going to get some more concrete policy recommendations today

Never assume that just because you’re married, you don’t have to make an effort to attract your mate anymore.

Here are some legislative proposals, as suggested by the KS Family policy council.

In , Kelsey’s Law helps recover abducted infant in just 30 minutes reports

House lawmakers heading into day 2 of marriage hearings. Here’s a look at day 1.

House committee hears testimony on curbing the state’s divorce rate.

heads into 2nd day hearings on “marriage” Legislators need to hear participants rather than idealogues

marriage counselor: Here’s how I can tell a couple is heading for divorce.

The Harms of Issuing Non-Precedential Opinions via

. sponsors bill to block U.S. from reading email older than 6-months without warrant

: Mandatory E-Filing Notice: E-filing Stations

Legally married today; legally fired tomorrow: Battles remain for couples

: now has scanners at the courthouse available for attorneys to e-filing pleadings & signed orders.

Kansas House Panel Investigates “decline of the institution of marriage” quoting

Kansas lawmakers hold hearings on saving marriage from ‘degeneration of the culture’

Children can take years to adjust to parent’s split–don’t introduce a new partner too quickly after a split

Yeah…I got married in Vegas after Dating a week. Stanton should probably talk with me about that…

Lawmakers told why marriage is awesome and divorce should be slowed down

Marriage hearing shows how lawmakers can use info-hearings to confirm preexisting views

Latest News: Lawmakers told divorce process should change: The divorce process should be slowed down in Kansas…

Parents call for stronger, better rules limiting school restraint and discipline of disabled children

Bill would limit certain foster parents to be married 7 years and not cheating.

Under bill for CARE parents, both parents could not work outside home.

“Marriage debate” in could make it harder to get a divorce

Senate Judiciary working SB105 – Updates to uniform interstate family support act (UIFSA)

: Senate Judiciary recommends passage of , bill placed on consent calendar

Woman charged with disorderly conduct after offering to perform same-sex wedding in Alabama judge’s office

Kansas bill seeks to set up foster homes who are married and faithful, church-going, and alcohol-and-tobacco-free

Updated: Removal of protections for sexual orientation for state workers draws state and national condemnation

Kansas governor rescinds order protecting gay, transgender workers in state employment

Sen. Knox wants new foster care system in which parents cannot have sex outside marriage or liquor in home

House committee planning to have two days of informational hearings on divorce laws.

Lawyers file contempt action against Alabama judge who refused to open an office to allow same-sex licenses to issue

denies Alabama request to stay federal same-sex marriage decision, Thomas dissents:

Alabama, you got the weight on your shoulders That’s breaking your back. Your Cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch And a wheel on the track

More than Half Alabama Counties Defy Federal Order Overturning Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Alabama judge stakes out defiant stance against same-sex marriages

fails to issue stay of federal court order on same-sex marriage in Alabama, some counties refuse licenses

Help change the silence around sexual assault and domestic violence.

Slovakia: Referendum to reinforce same-sex marriage ban fails

will hold two days of hearings on the topic of marriage/divorce this week. Brunk decries “cultural breakdown”

: Divorce set aside where husband did not make search for wife in due diligence before publication service

: Child support order reversed where it did not order termination upon child attaining majority age

: Trial court erred in its support decision when it failed to consider business income AND expenses