Weekly Twitter Update 2015–December–27

: Supreme Court posts January 2016 argument docket: bit.ly/1kiEODg 

: Arbitrator failure to disclose connection with party did not void arbitration under circumstances bit.ly/1NEhiv1 #112917

: Kansas Uniform Arbitration Act allows court to vacate award only on 1-of-5 grounds bit.ly/1NEhiv1 #112917

: Once parties agree to arbitrate, court may only overturn for egregious arbitrator breaches bit.ly/1NEhiv1 #112917

: Appeal court review of divorce arbitration award is highly deferential bit.ly/1NEhiv1 #112917

: Appeals court affirms confirmation of divorce arbitration award bit.ly/1NEhiv1 #112917

: When @DCFKansas takes action outside statutory duties, it may create liability and not be immune bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: A request to rule on a motion to dismiss does not request a particular ruling, so not a waiver bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: Kansas law imposes public & private duty to investigate on @DCFKansas when child-abuse alleged… fb.me/KldR4ctH

: Kansas law imposes public & private duty to investigate on @DCFKansas when child-abuse alleged bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: The public-duty doctrine applies when a person sues state for negligence bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: In Kansas, motions to dismiss are rarely granted; discovery is necessary companion bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: Purpose of petition for damages is notice of claim, purpose of discovery is to learn details bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: Kansas is a notice pleadings state; petition need not set out claims in great detail bit.ly/1NEgF4I #112415

: Appeals court reverses dismissal of case against @DCFKansasover child’s death, failure to investigate bit.ly/1NEgF4I

: 2 -related Appeals Decisions were issued yesterday, 1 Separation of Powers case (2015-Dec-23): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

 are closed December 24-25, 2015 and January 1, 2016.

Woman asks Missouri court for custody of frozen embryos she created with her ex-husband bit.ly/1Zr0UmO

Former  judge, Rep. Jan Pauls named as Chair of Fed&State Affairs Committee: bit.ly/1ZqZdGd fb.me/6UhNYH0Wz

Former  judge, Rep. Jan Pauls named as Chair of Fed&State Affairs Committee: bit.ly/1ZqZdGd

Kansas Supreme Court strikes down judicial selection law passed by hostile legislature bit.ly/1Pla3e2

Kansas Supreme Court rules against Kansas Legislature in separation-of-powers case: bit.ly/1Pl9UHh 

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

KS Supreme Court strikes down law changing appt procedure for chief judges, but does not address ‘severability’ issue on funding 

KS Supreme Court in Solomon case finds HB 2338 unconstitutional, affirms lower court decision  

KS Supreme Court on why changing how chief judges are selected in judicial districts violates Constitution.  pic.twitter.com/lLZ90PBfZS

 administrative authority under  includes power to make and enforce administrative rules bit.ly/1RGpL4E

Kansas Sup. Ct. overturns judicial selection law, possibly putting funding for courts in jeopardy.  kscourts.org/Cases-and-Opin…

: Kansas constitution provides for separation of powers that  cannot override and cannot violate bit.ly/1RGpL4E

: Court properly dismissed Motion to Modify Custody where  possessed exclusive  jurisdiction  on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Notice for underlying  registration need only be “reasonably calculated to give actual notice” on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

 requires person living outside forum state be served under law of forum or where service made on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

 court was required to register  custody order under  where due process satisfied on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

 court properly registered child-custody orders from under  on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

 properly claimed  jurisdiction because no other state would have it for after-born child  on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Given facts of case,  court would have declined jurisdiction over after-born child on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Where after-born child never lived in decree state, that state didnt have  home state jurisdiction on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Logically, divorce determines custody of all parties’ children, including those born post-initial filing on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Sister courts have determined  does NOT confer jurisdiction over fetuses, only “children” on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: In  jurisdiction is subject matter jurisdiction, rather than merely statutory jurisdiction on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: In Missouri,  is based in statutory jurisdiction, not subject matter jurisdiction on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

: Trial court decision to register other state’s custody order under  is a legal conclusion on.mo.gov/1kh2Bn2

Some helpful tips for surviving the holidays. “8 Commandments for Surviving Christmas Custody” ow.ly/Wbb2s

KS Supreme Court will issue opinion today in Solomon v State of Kansas. After 9:30 a.m. on court’s website kscourts.org/Cases-and-Opin… 

Kentucky governor alters licenses to accommodate opponents of equal marriage washingtonpost.com/news/post-nati…

OurFamilyWizard offers a useful alternative to other methods of co-parent communication: ow.ly/WepZZ pic.twitter.com/VSsP0k1mOL

 Joint Corrections & Juvenile Justice Oversight Chair backs proposal for 72-hour  crisis holds… fb.me/28RuZJJ9U

 Joint Corrections & Juvenile Justice Oversight Chair backs proposal for 72-hour  crisis holds bit.ly/1O4C7Bf

Top  Senate Republican predicts short 2016 legislative session–unless  rules on school funding bit.ly/1T716Ec