Weekly Twitter Update 2015–December–20

Ronald W Nelson, PA@KansasDivorce

: Whether party properly sought annulment for immigration reasons is inapposite to fact decision bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Appeals courts do not reweigh or redetermine evidence or testimony presented to a trial court bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Whether fraud occurred is normally a question of fact, not law bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Fraud must be proven by clear & convincing evidence bit.ly/1TUWRM5 fb.me/36mdb2lwL

: Fraud must be proven by clear & convincing evidence bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Fraud is never presumed, but must be proven by proponent bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Kansas courts shall grant annulment for 2 reasons: 1) void; 2) fraud; and “may” for various other reasons bit.ly/1TUWRM5

: Trial court’s refusal to grant annulment on grounds of fraud is affirmed bit.ly/1TUWRM5

Some aspects of divorce are unavoidable but still are unexpected. pbynd.co/ygjv4 pic.twitter.com/1xXFciwc09

New Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

: 1 Kansas  appeals case was released today (2015-Dec-18): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

At least 7 advocate groups file amicus briefs supporting Alabama lesbian mother’s  full faith & credit… fb.me/4vK9QOqqF

At least 7 advocate groups file amicus briefs supporting Alabama lesbian mother’s  full faith & credit case bit.ly/1mrSkpV

 Courts accepting applications for Deputy District Court Trustee thru JoCo online recruiting: bit.ly/1NXh43A

 issues stay of order declaring birth certificate statute unconstitutional re sam-sex marriage 1.usa.gov/1NXgBhW

: Supreme Court declines stay ordering issuance of birth certificates to both partners in same-sex marriage 1.usa.gov/1NXgBhW

: Grandparents had standing to seek custody where they demonstrated extraordinary circumstances bit.ly/1NXg3bT

: Grandparents may seek custody in extraordinary circumstance where they cared for child whole life bit.ly/1NXg3bT

: Statute cannot retroactively affect vested rights obtained by spouse to benefits agreed in prior divorce bit.ly/1NXfkay

: AZ statute cannot preclude agreed  indemnification when retired veteran makes post-decree waiver bit.ly/1NXfkay

NJ Judge rules child has right to call stepparent “Mom” if child is mature enough to make that decision bit.ly/1k6jD7i

 order: New 90-day period to effect service under FRCivP 4(m) applies only to cases filed beginning 12/1/2015 1.usa.gov/1MjZW2t

BREAKING: ACLU challenges  ban that arbitrarily denies transgender people necessary healthcare  aclu.org/news/aclu-chal…

 fallacy #7: Teens Stated Preferences Should Dominate Custody Decisions. Learn why this is wrong. psycnet.apa.org/index.cfm?fa=b…

How to Win at Co-Parenting During the Holidays bit.ly/1OyawVb

.@DCFKansas seeks nearly $3K to comply with open-records request seeking information into discrimination bit.ly/1MiSVyZ

Wichita Democrat Carolyn Bridges resigns House seat, citing frustration about treatment of educators by legislature bit.ly/1YiiJrj

11 Reasons Unhappy Couples Don’t Break Up bit.ly/1JcDvw5

: Erich Campbell selected for 2d district (  ) magistrate vacancy bit.ly/1MhCUJB

Brunk resigns after @kansasdotcom story on his hiring by Focus on the Family affiliate kansas.com/news/politics-… 

@uniformlaws appoints committee to study legislation addressing revenge porn “non-consensual pornography”

@uniformlaws committee will draft amendments to the Uniform Parentage Act limited to surrogacy, same-sex relations, child’s genetic info its

U.S. Supreme Court blocks  lesbian mother adoption ruling read.bi/1YeWx14 via @GAdivorce