Weekly Twitter Update 2015–August-7

: In parenting time decisions, appeals court decisions are inherently differential to trial court bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Appeals courts do not reweigh evidence or redetermine issues made by trial court bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Burden of proof for move-away is on party filing motion bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Kansas relocation statutes do not provide on which parent the burden of proof is placed bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Appeals court discusses Kansas requirements for parent relocation with child bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Child custody and parenting time issues are decided same whether parents married or unmarried bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Nothing in  code statutory scheme suggests each part is separate from another part bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Appeal courts do not redetermine facts or discretionary issues bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Fact that child custody factors in 1 part of  Code doesn’t mean dont apply to parentage bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Kansas Parentage Act is part of Kansas  Code, not separate from it bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Legal standard for child custody/parenting time in Kansas is ‘child’s best interests’ bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Kansas parentage act does not use different standards for child custody than divorce actions bit.ly/1W8YHfi #112016

: Where no evidence indicated parent attempting to avoid child support, imputing income not required bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Court should not intervene in pre-divorce choices simply to force full earning capacity later bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Generally not appropriate for court to interfere in life choices not intended to avoid childsupprt bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: If underemployment is not to avoid , then trial court may consider legitimate goals  bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Imputation not required if underemployment is lifestyle choice furthering legitimate goals bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Imputing income is not appropriate in all cases when a parent is earning ‘less-than-ideal’ income bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: A party cannot rely on that party’s own lack of diligence when asking court to continue trial bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Court did not err refusing trial continuance to allow party to hire expert year after case filed bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

: Court did not err refusing trial continuance to allow party to hire expert “on eve of trial’ bit.ly/1W8WTmi #111737

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: 2 Kansas  Appeals Decisions were issued today (2015-August-7): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #111737 #112016

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

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In Minnesota, paternity is established if a man openly holds himself out as the child’s father. bit.ly/1JWDWeR

.@CDCgov report: One in five adult Kansans has a goo.gl/R4nsus 

: Kansas Supreme Court will conduct a special evening session at Garden City High School on October 13, 2015 bit.ly/1MKUgmA

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Editorial: @DCFKansas prefers hiding facts over public scrutiny of them bit.ly/1IDHLTX

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Kansas Supreme Court says trial court must reconsider awarding interest on  not included in collections bit.ly/1g12mus

 Notice a/b : Only U.S. Citizens may File a Form I-800A or Form I-800 ow.ly/QpXg7

Freedom to Marry is going out of business. And everyone is thrilled.wapo.st/1E3EsEq