Weekly Twitter Update 2015–August-2

: Court erred dismissing incarcerated husband’s divorce petition w/o addressing request to appear by video bit.ly/1Izr9kB

: Father did not have adequate notice that income might be imputed to him in  modification bit.ly/1IzqBeC

: Stating ‘opposition’ to mother’s move to  without more did not satisfy statutory requirements bit.ly/1IzpATD

: Trial court erred ‘forgiving’ self-represented parent from 30-day requirement objecting to move by mother bit.ly/1IzpATD

: Trial court did not err denying wife an annulment but granting husband a divorce  bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: The trial court’s job is to make an equitable ruling on conflicting evidence, not appeals court’s bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Whether an Annulment of marriage is called for is a discretionary trial court decision in Kansas bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: “Great deal of evidence” to support appellant’s position does not mean appeals court can redecide bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Appeals court looks only at that evidence that supports the trial court fact and legal decisions bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Appeals court does not overturn negative findings unless there is disregard of undisputed evidence bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Trial court decision that a party failed to satisfy burden of proof is a negative finding bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Appeals court does not reweigh evidence or re-decide discretionary issues bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: Trial court properly concluded that fraud to annul marriage requires clear & convincing evidence bit.ly/1OFiltx #112406

: 1 Kansas  Appeals Decision was issued today (2015-July-31): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

: Trial court erred mandating specific parental discipline for child’s behaviors without parent discretion 1.usa.gov/1Df3qpt

: Court of Appeals schedules hearings at college campuses on  bit.ly/f2sEdn @KState @KUnews @WichitaState

Request for foster care audit denied kansas.com/news/politics-… 

Motion to order foster care audit fails 4-5. Vote along party lines. 

Ward & Trimmer make request for audit into foster care system. 

: Court applies ‘equitable fraud’ to annul 4-years old marriage in case of first impression bit.ly/1JuWwgN

@njfamilylaw Thanks Easton v Mercer. Couple marries. Gutless wife stays @ parental nest. Marriage annulled 4 years later. Peter Pan lives!

New post on our NJ Family Law Blog by @CntrlNJDivorce on Judge Jones’ equitable annulment case lnkd.in/eTvxZGb

 Joint Legislative Post Audit Cmte will review request to audit Kansas foster care system, oversight bit.ly/1MwVK4W

Shall We Abandon Shall? bit.ly/1KxzNzv

Best wishes to everyone taking the bar exam today and tomorrow. The Tennessee Courts look forward to welcoming you to the practice of law.

: Mary Beck Briscoe will step down as 10th Circuit Chief Judge, Timothy Tymkovich will take over 9/30/15 1.usa.gov/1SbPpQc

Lawmaker recounts conversation with DCF official attempting to get answers on rumors of marriage requirement cjonline.com/news/2015-07-2… 

What we know of DCF’s foster care policy review is not much, and apparently the Gov does not know much either cjonline.com/news/2015-07-2… 

NEW: Brownback offers little info on foster care policy review as lawmaker seeks answers cjonline.com/news/2015-07-2… 

: Court cannot base valuation upon party’s attorney unsworn statements; facts are established by testimony bit.ly/1IyOa96

: Court erred arbitrarily deciding a ‘middle-value’ between parties’ stock valuations without factual basis bit.ly/1IyOa96

: Its inappropriate for 1 judge to overrule another judge on interim matters because of disagreement bit.ly/1I3eZwx 

: Generally, 1 judge cannot overrule an earlier interim order issued by another judge bit.ly/1I3eZwx 

 vacates grandparent visitation order for fit parents to allow grandparent visits per court dictates 1.usa.gov/1IyKUdR

: Court cannot ignore parents constitutional rights, and cure dueprocess violation by later considering them 1.usa.gov/1IyKUdR

: Court cannot order grandparent visitation simply because parties agree it is in child’s best interests 1.usa.gov/1IyKUdR

: Courts cannot interfere in fit parents’ decision to allow-or not allow-grandparent visitation. 1.usa.gov/1IyKUdR