Weekly Twitter Update 2015–August–21

: Decisions whether conduct constitutes abuse requiring case-by-case analysis bit.ly/1PqzKH1

: Deciding conduct constitutes abuse requiring finding that child suffered harm or imminent risk of harm bit.ly/1PqzKH1

: Courts analyzing child  allegations must avoid resorting to categorical conclusions bit.ly/1PqzKH1

Leaving toddler in car isn’t necessarily child neglect, says New Jersey state supreme court bit.ly/1PqzF5Z 

: Bruising from a spanking does not automatically convert “discipline” into “abuse” bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Courts and administrative agencies face difficult task defining line between discipline & abuse  bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Spanking is not illegal in Kansas; nor is a mere spanking automatically abusive bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Spanking a child is not illegal in Kansas, abusing a child is. bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Appeals court does not re-weigh evidence determined by a fact finder–the administrative agency bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Appeals court does not re-determine facts decided by administrative agency bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Appeals court declines to reconsider opinion in its previous appellate decisions bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Abuse is ‘substantiated’ when it has been confirmed by clear and convincing evidence  bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: “Everyone agrees [parent] spanked [child], not everyone agrees that the spanking was child abuse” bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Appeals court affirms administrative finding that abuse allegations were unsubstantiated bit.ly/1HZU788 #111576

: Appeals courts do not second-guess trial court determination on credibility bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Kansas court determining child support must balance several factors in making appropriate award bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Kansas child support law does not focus on child’s demonstrable needs to determine support amount bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Where no evidence showed father’s 5% increase in parenting time changed his costs, no error shown bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Using extended child support income formula did not result in improper “windfall” of child support bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Ct properly applied extended childsupport income formula to adjust for difference in std of living bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: A child is not expected to live at minimal level at 1 parent’s house and lap of luxury at others bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Although extended child support income formula is discretionary, KSCG provides guidance bit.ly/1MIKIKn #111925

: Court did not err applying extended income formula for child support in shared parenting case kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…#111925

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Federal judiciary considers dumping ‘ancient documents’ rule bit.ly/1Jr6Bgm

: Supreme Court issues Admin Order 282 on Preparation of Electronic Record for Appeals bit.ly/1JhOJym 

JUST IN: Hon. Kay McFarland, 1st female Chief Justice of KS Supreme Ct, has died at the age of 80 

A shocker! DNA test shows that Kansas sperm donor is biological parent of 5-year-old girl child born from IVF bit.ly/1E1lGDd

: Former Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay passes away at 80 bit.ly/1E1iOGy 

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Republicans Say They Are Happier With Their Marriages nyti.ms/1LfebIn

: New date scheduled to interview judge candidates in 9th Judicial District  – September 11, 2015: bit.ly/1Lf53DG

Kansas seeks to collect more  – with an ad campaign bit.ly/1Lf4c61