Weekly Twitter Update 2015–August–14

Couple who took their fight for marriage equality to  and won will wed Aug. 22 on.freep.com/1MsOWnw

: Trial court appropriately granted attorneys’ fees based on appellant’s motivation for motion bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: Appellate court is not a second chance to get a different decision bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: When a party challenges specific findings by trial court, appeals court defers to trial court  bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: If trial court decides party has not satisfied the burden of proof, appeals court defers bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: Appeals courts are extremely deferential to trial court child custody and parenting time decisions bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: Appellate courts do not re-hear or re-determine facts or issues applying discretion bit.ly/1MtU4JC #112930

: 2 Kansas  related Appeals Decisions were issued yesterday (2015-August-14): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #112133 #112930

 requires sufficient, specific finding in order for court to give up jurisdiction bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 requires that state giving up jurisdiction to another state must do so explicitly  bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 does not provide the authority for broad orders entered in  case–judgment reversed bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

: A state that does not have  jurisdiction must defer to state having  jurisdiction bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

: Even true emergency situations require compliance with  limits bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 case was clearly not an ’emergency situation’ requiring immediate action under  bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

: Failure to initially raise lack of  jurisdiction does not limit its later assertion bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 jurisdiction is subject matter jurisdiction, may be challenged at anytime, is not waived  bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 proceedings are subject to jurisdictional limitations of  bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 does not allow a 2d state to exercise jurisdiction when initial state retains jurisdiction bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

 limits ’emergency jurisdiction’ to limited, temporary situations only bit.ly/1Mq755w #112133

10 Lessons My Divorce Taught Me About Lasting Love huffingtonpost.com/terry-gaspard-…

Gay Couple Returns to KY Clerk Office and Are Refused Marriage License Again mediaite.com/online/watch-g…

Small acts can make a big difference in your life: bit.ly/1HJz4Xw

Investigators not required have college degree but DCF says they have social work/law enforcement backgrounds: cjon.co/1Nec2yZ 

It is time for Secretary Gilmore to resign. Another disaster on Brownback’s watch. These people have gone too far. Enough is enough. 

 not for the faint of heart: bit.ly/1N6aQ1C @OKFamilyLaw

Colorado Appeals Court: Lakewood baker who refused to make/sell gay wedding cake can’t cite beliefs for refusal adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=…

Appeals court rules Colorado bakery can’t refuse service to gay couple courts.state.co.us/Courts/Court_o…

Federal court order requiring Kentucky clerk to issue marriage licenses files.eqcf.org/cases/015-cv-0…

Judge Orders Christian Clerk In Kentucky To Start Issuing Marriage Licenses buzzfeed.com/dominicholden/…

Judge: Ky. clerk must issue gay marriage licenses usatoday.com/story/news/nat…

.@DCFKansas using unlicensed, high school educated workers to investigate suspected  and  bit.ly/1J5mnLW

Four ways to disarm a manipulator bit.ly/1HG4SMS via @HighConflict

It turns out parenthood is worse for happiness than divorce, unemployment — even the death of a partner wapo.st/1Mmx5A7

“Arkansas’s general assurances of compliance with Obergefell do not moot this case” 1.usa.gov/1N7vHk3

 issues decision affirming district court finding that  ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional 1.usa.gov/1N7vHk3

It’s same-sex marriage decision day in the Eighth Circuit: Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit… dlvr.it/BpxpxG

 issues decisions dismissing same-sex marriage appeals as moot 1.usa.gov/1N7vkGl 1.usa.gov/1N7vkWB 

: Court of Appeals will hear arguments in  August 18, 2015: bit.ly/1P3tdSj

Ohio high court advises judges not to refuse to perform marriages of same sex couples news.yahoo.com/ohio-high-cour…

: Ct did not abuse discretion not allowing mother to show from non-mutual, offensive collateral estoppel 1.usa.gov/1W92Gbw