Will the court approve the child support agreement I made with my ex?

Just because you have an “agreement” about child support with your child’s other parent doesn’t mean the court will, or must, accept it. Child support in Kansas (and throughout the United States) is governed by mandatory child support guidelines. Those guidelines require that support be calculated based upon the parent’s incomes, the age of the children, the number of children, certain expenses incurred by the parties for the children, and various “discretionary adjustments” including income tax considerations. The court, as well as the parties, must follow the child support guidelines even if the parties agree that a different payment is ‘ok.’

If the agreement you reached with the other parent meets the presumed child support amount under the child support guidelines, then the court will probably approve the agreement. If it doesn’t, the court may very well disapprove the agreement and make its own order, in line with the presumptions in the child support guidelines.

Child support can be a complicated area, even though it seems simple. So it’s best to consult with a lawyer to see what you can do and what you can’t do.