Weekly Twitter Update 2016–March–26

  1. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008 enacted nationwide! TY New Jersey for enacting

  2. Why Doesn’t Recommend Couples Counseling for Abusive Relationships

  3. : Appointments made to Kansas Continuing Legal Education Comm’n July 1, 2016- June 30, 2019

  4. Congratulations to Doug Shima, new Clerk of Appellate Courts, for beginning March 25, 2016->June 30,…

  5. Congratulations to Doug Shima, new Clerk of Appellate Courts, for beginning March 25, 2016->June 30, 2017

  6. : A party cannot claim as basis for motion, then deny its applicability in argument #111985

  7. : grants enforcing courts ability to award attorneys fees to a prevailing party #111985

    : A court may not award attorneys fees without statutory authority #111985

  8. : Whether a trial court possesses authority to award attorneys fees is a question of law #111985

  9. : Appeals court review attorneys’ fees awards for trial court abuse of discretion only #111985

  10. : The ‘collateral-order-doctrine’ is a narrow exception to final decision requirement for appeal #111985

  11. : A discovery order is not properly retained as an interlocutory appeal #111985

  12. : Discovery order is not itself a final order; no appeal proper until all issues determined #111985

  13. : Post-judgment proceeding ‘finality’ must be viewed without reference to original judgment #111985

  14. : For appeal purposes, a post-judgment proceeding is essentially separate lawsuit from initial case #111985

  15. : In post-judgment litigation, the final decision’ is the subsequent, not the prior, judgment #111985

  16. : A judgment is ‘final’ for appeal purposes when all issues in the case are determined #111985

  17. : Appellate courts exercise jurisdiction only as allowed by statute #111985

  18. : The right to appeal is purely statutory; it is not a U.S. or constitutional right #111985

  19. : Courts have an obligation to examine their own jurisdiction #111985

  20. : affirms trial court attorney’s fee award required by efforts to defend improper motion #111985

  21. : Discovery orders are not final orders; therefore, they are not appealable #111985

  22. : An appealing party has the burden to prove that trial court abused its discretion #111800

  23. : Appeals court reviews denial of Rule 11 sanctions for abuse its discretion #111800

  24. : Appeals court reviews denial of motion to alter or amend for abuse of discretion #111800

  25. : A motion to reconsider is the same as a motion to alter or amend (Rule 59) #111800

  26. : affirms trial court order terminating contempt and denying Rule 211 sanctions request #111800

  27. : Self-represented litigants are held to the same procedural rules as are attorneys #114384

  28. : Parties to civil actions do not have due process right to court-provided legal assistance #114384

  29. : Court points out does not allow modification because obligor has new child #114384

  30. : Court points out that do not allow modification because obligor remarries #114384

  31. : Points raised on appeal never presented to trial court are not properly before appeals court #114384

  32. : Incarceration alone does not warrant a reduction in #114384

  33. : In re Marriage of Thurmond, 265 Kan. 715 remains good law in Kansas #114384

  34. : In re Marriage of Thurmond, 265 Kan. 715 is controlling authority on issue presented #114384

  35. : “Navigating the judicial process can be an arduous task for the do-it-yourselfer” #114384

  36. : affirms modify denial requested because of obligor’s felony conviction #114384

  37. Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016

  38. : 3 Kansas Appeals Cases were issued today (2016-March-25): #111800 #111985 #114384

  39. Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016

  40. “Who Gets the Ring Upon a Broken Engagement?”

  41. NC law restricts protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people. reports.

  42. Jud conference committee looking to bundle court bills, law enforcement bills. Trying to create more “shells”.

  43. Jud conferee committee looking to bundle SB 128 and SB 197. Argument that both fall under courts subject matter.

  44. Both chambers now adjourned. is out until April 27

  45. Bundling of SB 128 and SB 197 put on back burner till session resumes in April. Rep. Carmichael has concerns.

  46. House is now adjourned, First Adjournment. Veto Session begins April 27th at 10 a.m. I’ll really miss you guys. See you in a month.

  47. When we do adjourn, we will be out until April 27, the beginning of Veto Session.

  48. Rep. Barker concerned that SB 440 missed an entire class of judges and gives up authority.

  49. Sen. King argues that SB 440 gives Sup. Ct choices and it does nothing to prevent them from acting.

  50. Jud con committee reviewing court bills. Sen interested in SB 255 and SB 440 bundle.

  51. governor signs updating rules to enforce rules, enable Convention

  52. Finch closing on 367. Says senate gave them a good product to work with and commends work group, legislators for efforts

  53. CCR for SB 367: Juvenile Justice passes 118-5 on Final Action. I voted YES.

  54. Behind the scenes at -today’s reading materials!