Weekly Twitter Update 2016–March–20

  1. A new treatment direction may alter the impact of a young person’s first psychotic break:

  2. Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

  3. One of the most common sources of conflict in a , after custody and , is what to do about…

  4. House sub for SB 255 passes general orders on voice vote. Final action tomorrow.

  5. Senate passed their judicial budget fix yesterday. Which is SB 454.

  6. House Sub for SB 255 being worked now. Bill amends judicial budget docket fees, surcharges. This is the fix for Solomon case.

  7. Rep. : The more exposure a child has to the court system, the more likely they are to return to the court system.

  8. House told that kids who are exposed to the courts are more likely to come back

  9. KS House hearing a juvenile justice bill

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    “desperately”? I’m reading it as “separately” but I think “desperately” works quite well, too.

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  11. Updated Page: Legislative

  12. But, first, we got a handout in defense of domestic violence offenders keeping their gun rights. Welcome to the

  13. : NO Kansas related Appeals decisions were issued today (2016-March-18):

  14. Bill introduced to require Kansas transgender students use the sex assigned at birth, rather than actual gender-id

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  40. Great presentation on how to deal with unreported foreign assets in a divorce by Bryan Skarlatos

  41. : SSub , Children and families; “host families” passed S Sub 3/17/2016 Yea: 39 Nay: 0

  42. : Marital settlement agreements, pre-or-post-divorce, are contracts that must be interpreted as agreed

  43. : Trial court erred modifying agreed modification of divorce property division other than as parties agreed

  44. : Divorced parties may agree to modification of property division after judgment, modified only as agreed

  45. A look at legislative developments, led by bills on transgendered students.

  46. : Appeals courts do not redetermine factual issues or lightly revs discretionary decisions on child-custody

  47. : Trial court did not err denying mother’s motion to modify child-custody, did not abuse discretion

  48. Forced marriage happens in the US too; marriage-protection law gaps allow children as young as 10 to wed adults

  49. House Judiciary has started what may be its last meeting of the session. Hearing in SB 428.

  50. : #513, Kansas Discrimination Against Act, introduced:

  51. Kansas legisaltors launch bills dictating transgender students’ restroom use at public schools, universities.

  52. . has come out in opposition to , the “religious freedom” amendment

  53. . National Health Statistics Reports on Trends in Attitudes About , Childbearing & Sexual…

  54. More Americans are okay with gay relationships, living together; but fewer approve of :…

  55. . National Health Statistics Reports on Trends in Attitudes About , Childbearing & Sexual Behavior

  56. More Americans are okay with gay relationships, living together; but fewer approve of :

  57. Department of Children and Families supports HB 2727. 4 County Treasurers’ offices oppose, including .

  58. DCF already mentioning amendments needed for HB 2727. So, this bill does not look ready for prime time.

  59. HB 2727 would prohibit new or renewed registration of a vehicle or vessel (boat) if someone is noncompliant w/child support order.

  60. Bills on General Orders today in the Senate. You can listen live at 2:30 PM.

  61. Report of the February 2016 meeting of the Experts’ Group on & issued…

  62. Report of the February 2016 meeting of the Experts’ Group on & issued

  63. Hearing Rep Rubin who did not resign is in KS House and is smiling

  64. SB 175: taxpayer funded campus discrimination passes 81-41 on Final Action. I voted NO.

  65. KS House gives final approval to campus religious freedom bill

  66. 81 members of just voted to legalize discrimination for “strongly held” religious beliefs on college campuses. Remember to vote Aug 2

  67. Just got a notice that Judiciary Conference Comm. is meeting tomorrow, March 17th at 1pm in RM 212B-North. All bills in conference.

  68. Updated Page: Helpful Information and Resources

  69. : , discrimination in the name of religion at college, FINAL ACTION Today

  70. How Divorcing My Husband Helped Us Find True Love — Together

  71. Court can prefer relative placement to foster ps, both wanting to adopt; foster ps not entitled to call witnesses

  72. : Trial court dismissal of unintelligible complaint was not an abuse of discretion or inappropriate

  73. Ms. Woods states that her single parent foster mom provided more stability than her two biological parents.

  74. Woods foster parent is a single mother who would not qualify to be a CARE foster parent.

  75. Board of Regents & K-State both raised legal concerns about religious freedom bill just approved by KS House

  76. House Jud. hearing SB 410 foster parent CARE bill. Supporter includes Sen. Forrest Knox who is stuck on the senate floor voting on override.

  77. CARE bill would prohibit same sex couple from adopting due to seven year marriage requirement.

  78. : , amendments, non-concurs in House amendments

  79. It now appears Rep. Rubin has reconsidered and will not resign his seat. He had previously decided not to seek reelection.

  80. Vice Chair Rep. Macheers is running House Judiciary as Chairman Barker is otherwise detained.

  81. Kansas Legislature gives preliminary approval of discrimination in the name of religion bill

  82. Addiction is now defined as a brain disorder, not a behavior issue by

  83. jshormanCJ: RUBIN: “I’m resigning from the House of Representatives, effective midnight tonight”

  84. Rubin was not seeking reelection this year, now leaving today

  85. I don’t think I’ve seen any state such a fast moving firing of two committee chairs.

  86. BREAKING: RUBIN RESIGNING, he tells reporters

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    Chaos in : House Speaker Ray Merrick puts his foot down as GOP eats its own.

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  88. Wow. Merrick just removed Rubin as Corrections chair and has also switched up the Rules Cmte

  89. Pauls replaces Barker as Rules Chairman and Todd replaces Barker on Rules Committee

  90. Now on to General Orders. First bill up, SB 175: discrimination on college campuses.

  91. . motions to send campus religion group bill to Judiciary Committee, says it needs attorney vetting.

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    We opposed this bill last year, it protects discrimination in the name of religion.

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  94. In other news, the KS House is going to have a religious freedom debate today. This bill resurfaces

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    : Appeals Docket: Saint Mary’s Library

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  96. Court of Appeals is hearing cases today at Saint Mary’s Library. Come watch!

  97. Jud Council bills deal with electronic service (SB 19) & notice of expungement (SB 22).

  98. Commentary: legislators want to “intimidate” Supreme Court

  99. Collateral Damage: Lower court judges could be caught up in fight over Supreme Court

  100. : SSub , ALEC supported bill allowing ‘host families’ child-custody powers of attorney

  101. SB 325:child in need of care passes unanimously on Final Action.

  102. Latest attacks on by smacks of desperation, dysfunction, desire for unchecked authority

  103. Informational hearing H sub for SB 128 increasing the number of dist. ct. judge nominees sent to the gov in Senate Judiciary today.

  104. : , clarifying magistrate jurisdiction, Hearing Mar 15, 2016 900a

  105. : Changes made to e-filing requiring only Case Number/CountyID to retrieve the case

  106. : dismisses its prohibition on same-sex marriage post- slapdown in 1-line dismissal order