Weekly Twitter Update 2016–January-3

: Appeals court reverses court’s termination of parental rights in private  action as without basis kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: There is no presumption of unfitness, it must be proven by petitioner by clear-and-convincing evidence  kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: Where mother never tested + for drugs or other CINC bases, parental rights termination inappropriate kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: Appeals court reverses court termination of parental rights in private  action as without basis kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: A party must object to lack of specific findings in order to preserve that objection for appeal kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: Failure to request specific facts upon which decision made leads appeals court to deciding basis exists kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: Courts failure to reference statutory custody factors does not mean court didn’t consider them evidence kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: That final court order references temporary orders, doesn’t mean court didn’t consider trial evidence kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

: When a temporary order is supplanted by a final order, an appeal of the temporary order is ineffectual kansas-divorce.com/unpublished/20…

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

: Court dismisses appeal of interpretation of premarital agreement for lack of a final appealable order 1.usa.gov/1NXDHkU

: Trial court erred modifying parenting plan without granting requested hearing 1.usa.gov/1NXCha6

: An appellant has the burden to show trial court error, error is not presumed 1.usa.gov/1NXCha6

: No err finding contempt for failing to cooperate with wife to ensure her recovery of  retirement 1.usa.gov/1NXBu97

: Court did not err finding laches did not bar wife’s recovery of past due  retirement payments 1.usa.gov/1NXBu97

A helpful article for victims of divorce bullies. “Coping With a Divorce Bully” pbynd.co/w4s7a pic.twitter.com/8g0Gmm0btD

An insightful article. “New Year, New Life: Why Divorce Rates Rise in January” pbynd.co/c26zw pic.twitter.com/Al39e3I7kD

New Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECahfb.me/3obwDViXs

: 1   Appeals decision was issued today (2015-Dec-31): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 fb.me/4xDAdwSKJ

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah

New Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah

: 1   Appeals decision was issued today (2015-Dec-31): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

Parenting While Heartbroken: The Do’s and Don’ts flip.it/OAmPj

: Appeals courts do not second-guess divorce awards made by trial courts, are not a second trial court bit.ly/1Vqm4za

New Kansas  Guidelines are effective January 1, 2016: bit.ly/1RnIFtw

: Supreme Court issues order extending terms of state’s chief judges from 12/31/2015 to 02/01/2016: bit.ly/1VqkQ7f

Penn Supreme Court rules stepparents who ‘aggressively’ fight exes for childcustody can be liable for  bit.ly/1VqjEk0

Editorial: Kansas Legislature should provide  with needed resources bit.ly/1Ot6RYr

Carolyn Hax: Readers pen tributes to mothers-in-law who wrote the book apple.news/AFC3QD4uoSrWwh…

: Kansas Judicial Center closes early (2:00pm) on December 28, 2015 due to inclement weather.

Local legislator says  should either scrap or radically redo its privatized foster care system. bizj.us/1koo4e 

: Options discussed for  courthouse financing bit.ly/22uNCbD

 “very short” on court reporters, ideally need at least 4 more cjonline.com/news/2015-12-2…

Couple seeking to undo their divorce get turned down: abcn.ws/1OPY8jI

: Party seeking recission of voluntary acknowledgement of parentage must show own approval was a fraud  bit.ly/1Olfog5

: Joint voluntary acknowledgement of parentage constitutes a legally binding fact of parentage  bit.ly/1Olfog5

: Mother did not show mutual mistake of fact sufficient to set aside joint statement of parentage  bit.ly/1Olfog5

: No basis existed to set aside parties’ joint statements at birth that child was their child together  bit.ly/1Olfog5

: Fact that man was 0.0% biological parent did not mean he could not be lawful parent bit.ly/1Olfog5

  mandates prompt action; should not incentivize delay that would frustrate purpose 1.usa.gov/1RKRm51

: Application of the “mature child” exception in  case is matter of discretion 1.usa.gov/1RKRm51

: Trial court had adequate basis to refuse to defer to child’s wishes not to return in   1.usa.gov/1RKRm51

: Refusal to return child to place of habitual residence is unlawful retention under   1.usa.gov/1RKRm51

: Father had custody right in   case under  law 1.usa.gov/1RKRm51

  case is not an exception to 44.1 that foreign law is question of law not fact 1.usa.gov/1Olf6Wu

: Divorce separation agreement did not constitute “accord-and-satisfaction” for earlier unknown transfer 1.usa.gov/1OleNek

: Summary judgment not appropriate if disputed material facts exist 1.usa.gov/1OleNek

: Death abates divorce action, and decree must be abated if entered without knowledge of a parties’ death bit.ly/1OleBfb

: Separation agreement did not survive where not approved by trial court before husband’s death bit.ly/1OleBfb

: Separation agreement did not survive where not approved by trial court before husband’s death bit.ly/1OleBfb

: Trial court did not err abating divorce decree entered 1-day after Husband died bit.ly/1OleBfb