Weekly Twitter Update 2016–January–24

: Kansas Court of Appeals issues divided decision in case involving 2015 abortion law bit.ly/1Vh3cSJ

: NO Kansas -related Appeals Decisions were issued this week (2016-Jan-22): bit.ly/1R0ECah

: Trial court’s refusal to allow  visitation not abuse of discretion 1.usa.gov/1PIRImO

: Appeal from trial court order interpreting  divorce decree on benefits dismissed as untimely 1.usa.gov/1PIRvQB

10th Cir US Court of Appeals hears arguments in ‘Sister Wives’ Polygamy case bit.ly/1lBTrCr

, Repeal nonseverability clause budget, Introduced  referred to  bit.ly/1RLQqfr

: Kansas Supreme Court publishes its Docket for February-March 2016:  bit.ly/1NnSUKw 

HB 2449: removing nonseverability clause re: judicial branch funding passes unanimously on Emergency Final Action.  

 removing nonseverability clause from  funding passes  119-0  twitter.com/KansasBarLeg/s…

KS House Judiciary Committee not meeting today. No meeting until Monday. 

Editorial: An audit to examine how well Kansas’s privatized foster care system is working is long overdue bit.ly/1ZElIpi

Couple fights to get children back, say state has refused because of medicinal marijuana use bit.ly/1ZEkw5f

Kansas House to debate HB 2449 repealing the non severability provision from the 2015 judicial budget. Debate to begin at 11am today. 

Good Morning, . I’m in House GOP Caucus; we are calendaring on this bill: 🙂 pic.twitter.com/nyUENhubOs

, Repealing non-severability provision in  budget on GO above-the-line today bit.ly/1RLQqfr

Separated by WWII, 70 years, and 10,000 miles, long-lost lovers will reunite for Valentines Day wapo.st/1RVlpaO

Sen Jud passes out two bills favorably, SB 319 & SB 321 both from ks judicial council. Both will appear in consent calendar. 

Looks like House will be on General Orders tomorrow. GOP will calendar at 8:30 tomorrow in Old Supreme Court Room. House adjourned. 

Kansas lawmaker introduces bill to prohibit unmarried couples from acting as foster parents bit.ly/1ZMe01z

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

, Removing ‘Non-Severability’ clause from  funding, moved to General Calendar bit.ly/1RLQ7Bb

.@DCFKansas Secretary complains that focus on agencys bias against same-sex couples is a “distraction”  bit.ly/1n807Jq

Looks like no action on V.L. v. E.L., the case involving adoption by same-sex couples & the Constitution’s Full Faith & Credit Clause