Weekly Twitter Update 2016–January–17

: Trial court’s  order reversed to reconsider effect of erroneous parenting decision  bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

 calculations need not be made with scientific accuracy bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: The term “primary residential parent” has no real meaning in Kansas, it is not a statutory term bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: Citing Elrod, Appeals court says sharing custody does not mean parents share time ’nearly equal’ bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: “Shared residency” is not a statutory phrase–it appears only in  bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: “Custody” in the  guidelines has a different meaning than in parenting time decision bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: “Residency” decision is not controlled by guidelines “shared custody” provision bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: Child support and parenting time considerations are separate and cannot effect the other bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: Kansas  Guidelines do not govern how a child’s residency is determined bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: The paramount concern when deciding parenting time is the child’s best interests bit.ly/1ZqjSZ2 #113192

: “Newly discovered evidence,” is evidence that could not be obtained before trial, not later found bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: Failure to anticipate evidence that comes out at trial does not entitle party to reconsideration bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: A party’s failure to present its strongest case at trial does not allow party a second chance bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: A motion to alter or amend (reconsider) is not an opportunity for a second chance at trial bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: A party cannot object to the lack of factual findings that party did not request bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: A party may not raise on appeal a matter for which no contemporaneous objection was made at trial bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: Burden on appeal is to overcome a negative finding is arbitrary disregard of undisputed evidence bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: Appeal court does not redetermine evidentiary issues previously deterred by the trial court bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: An appealing party has the burden to show the trial court committed error bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: Trial court did not err refusing to modify  and disbelieving testimony about income bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: Appeals courts do not redetermine or redecide issue of fact or discretion bit.ly/1Zqhl0V #112921

: 2  Appeals Decisions were issued today (2016-Jan-15): bit.ly/1R0ECah #112921 #113192

: Trial court erred dismissing petition to stay sale of property on which she had divorce lien bit.ly/1NadKgp

 Introduced: Allowing prosecutor access to records bit.ly/1NacUAn

Tagging Facebook profile violates no-contact order, judge rules dlvr.it/DH0L3j

Rep. Jan Pauls wants to prevent unmarried couples from serving as foster parents kansas.com/news/politics-… 

House Judiciary will hear a bill that would ban anti-gay discrimination. Here’s some background info kansas.com/news/politics-… 

 panel approves bill that would save court funding kansas.com/news/politics-… 

New Year, new you. “6 Key Steps to Put Divorce Behind You in the New Year” pbynd.co/zz8rq pic.twitter.com/SjgxjbphjB

How we can reform the civil justice system by changing the culture of the courts bit.ly/1KfO5D4

 moving quickly to end threat to  funding bit.ly/1KfMZHr

House Appropriations passes HB 2449 out favorably. 

Rep. Barker discusses actions taken by judges when courts are closed. Makes the case that it is difficult to function without staff. 

Claeys says it’s not long-term closure, just not coming in on a Friday or 7 Fridays 

Barker says judges will continue to sign warrants if courts closed, just won’t be able to have litigants before them 

Ryckman reminds Cmte that Solomon case struck down policy change and today is to fix nonseverability issue 

Hearing on HB 2449 Non severability bill begins. Judge Dan Creitz testifying in support. 

 first in Kansas to offer Veterans Treatment instead of jail bit.ly/1ZxxJlG fb.me/3LJQVbKVo

: Bills to save  budget will be heard by House and Senate committees  bit.ly/1J4Xz9s fb.me/70yW74g99

 first in Kansas to offer Veterans Treatment instead of jail bit.ly/1ZxxJlG

Johnson County program is first in Kansas to offer veterans treatment instead of jail via.fox4kc.com/t7gDz via @fox4kc

: Bills to save  budget will be heard by House and Senate committees  bit.ly/1J4Xz9s

Child-custody issues for parents of  children bit.ly/1J4Xz9s

Tucson attorney says  Governor’s campaign to shame ‘deadbeat parents’ won’t make them pay bit.ly/1l9PdBx

Temporary agreement announced in Knoxville TN   battle over Mexican boy bit.ly/1l9OMr2

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah

New York judge rules that woman’s Facebook ‘tagging’ of victim may constitute protection order violation bit.ly/1n1L9oZ

Bill introductions on the agenda. HCR 5013 hearing was cancelled. 

A judge has ordered Kentucky to pay $1.1M in fees in same-sex marriage case; rejected request for 75% enhancement at.law.com/NZiifP

 Amending  statutes, hearing 01/21/2016 in 112N @3:30p bit.ly/1ZvBg3Q

 Sexual exploitation of child  will hear testimony on 01/19/2016 @3:30p in Rm 112N bit.ly/1Pcd5wc

 Introduced: Expanding list of mandatory reporters of  to animal control officers bit.ly/1PccrPv

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

“Why I Kept My Maiden Name” huff.to/1Ztlq9V

Allen Frances, M.D., Former Chair of the -IV Task Force; author of “Saving Normal” will testify to  Public Health Committee @ 1:30

 Introduced: Eliminate ‘non-severability’ clause to  funding, allowing severability bit.ly/1RLQqfr

 Introduced: Eliminating ’non-severability’ clause in  funding, allowing severability bit.ly/1RLQ7Bb

Sen. King also introduces bill to have 100 day session in odd years and 60 days in even years. 

: Chief Justice Nuss will give 2016 State of the Judiciary speech on February 3, 2016: bit.ly/1W3h442 

: Introduced : Limiting Number of Foster Children in Homes bit.ly/1IYMEhh

  hearing Constitutional Amendment: Attack on Fair Courts 01/13/2016 bit.ly/1W3g3ZN

  hears testimony on KS Act Against Discrimination: Sexual Orientation, 01/14/2016 bit.ly/1W3foYh

House in session.  underway

Good Afternoon . On the House Floor. We gavel in at 2. We have some new legislators to swear in. GOP will also elect a new caucus whip

Rep. O’Brien wants a standing foster care oversight Cmte similar to one for KanCare 

It passed on a 5-1 vote, if I counted correctly. twitter.com/bryanlowry3/st…

Divided  Supreme Court rules on Native  issue bit.ly/1P4a1ST @JuneauEmpire 

Kansas Child Support Guidelines updated; some increases may be seen: bit.ly/1P49y38 @GardnerKSNews

Week ahead: Kansas considers changing membership of supreme court nominating commission wp.me/p4BAOf-2Gm 

“Backstage at the Legislature: Staff of hundreds make sessions run on time”  on LJWorld.com www2.ljworld.com/news/2016/jan/…

 Prefiled: Limiting number of foster children in a home bit.ly/1IYMEhh

 launches first  Treatment Court in Kansas bit.ly/1IYLpyE

: Court erred granting grandparent child-custody over parent without considering strong parental preference 1.usa.gov/1PnxJtE

: The 2016 Session Begins Today: Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate bit.ly/1OcEuhe

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