Weekly Twitter Update 2016–February–21

 approves revenge porn bill bit.ly/1L8Yp5N

That foster care story has been updated. bit.ly/20Rzu8A 

Update:  proposal would limit families that can foster kids: no tobacco/alcohol; ‘actively socially involved’: bit.ly/1QyxPFv

SB 362 passes favorable. Now on to SB 393 dealing with domestic violence and child custody and parenting time. 

SB 393 passes favorably. Moving quickly now to SB 407 that revives law on sexually violent predators. 

SB 408 amended with AG balloon. Amendment to remove DCF now being discussed. 

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

: 2 Kansas -related Appeals Decisions Issued Today (2016-Feb-19): bit.ly/1R0ECah #113103 #113483

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah

Scalia will lie in repose all day and into the night so mourners can pay homage usat.ly/1TudeT1 (Photo: AP) pic.twitter.com/1Tj4AXbvv9

The International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML) is now the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) bit.ly/1Q5g52u

SB 378 passes as amended. On to SB 418 dealing with children run always, CINC and sex trafficking. 

Change in plans, Sen Jud now working SB 378 prohibiting discrimination against domestic violence. Claims will go the Human Rights Comm.

Sen. Smith says SB 439clarifies what high crimes and misdemeanors. SB 439 allows impeach the for use of arbitrary power. 

SB 440 passes as amended with three No votes! 

Updated Page: Contact Us bit.ly/196ENwG

“Turn-around” day for the  is in 1-week (Feb 26); not that it matters anymore bit.ly/24e7aBX

To recap, a bill regarding Judicial Impeachment, SB 439, which never had a hearing, was amended into SB 440  twitter.com/KansasBarLeg/s…

HB 2652 increasing the number of nominees sent to the governor from no less than 3 to more than 5 passes favorably on 15-6 vote. 

House Judiciary will use House sub for SB 128 as a shell for HB 2652 that was just passed. 

For all those reading at home HB 2652 dealing with judicial nominating commissions is now in House Sub for SB 128. 

 COW gives preliminary approval to call Constitutional Convention 77-44 bit.ly/1XAEVIR

Seems odd to me that we will have a hearing on a bill already passed, HCR 5010 on the day when the same bill is up for a Floor vote. 

Rep Jones asking to insert “Gay” into the bill because…

The District Court Clerk’s office will close at 4 pm on Friday, February 19 due to a scheduled staff meeting. 

Unanimous voice vote for closing private e-mail loophole 

 rejects  ‘revenge porn’ bill 10-11 bit.ly/24bQxXl

Kansas Legislator says  “created a 3rd sex” with its  decisions bit.ly/1QJwPZg

 House votes 99-0 to increase retirement age for all judges bit.ly/1KWVehe 

Kansas Capitol packed for religious freedom rally. pic.twitter.com/ApUxID6kpN

 Courtroom draping for Justice  via @SCOTUSblogpic.twitter.com/SPf5UBqzMc

KS lawmaker says Supreme Court created a third sex with its same-sex marriage ruling kansas.com/news/politics-… 

No proponents but credit management counsel opposes. Two groups file neutral testimony. 

Sen. King advises committee that at the very least the docket fee legislation passed in 2014 should be reenacted. 

Rep. Pauls tells me she’s not planning on running a religious freedom bill. Hearing today was just for information. 

KS Judicial Council gets funding through FY 17, beyond that judicial council needs other source of funding. 

Sen Jud hearing SB 440 Sup Ct. Authority and SB 454 changes to docket fees. 

SB 454 gives Sup Ct. Authority to set amount of surcharge on filings as well. All docket fees go to Docket fee fund. 

 Courts will no longer allow legacy web browsers to access its secure Website/Applications Mar 1/16  bit.ly/1PQJHgc

Kansas is collapsing under a crippling financial plan. Do not let frivolous issues distract you from the real issue. 

  Hearing TODAY, granting power to set docket fees & self-fund… fb.me/2NVhn4RDP

  Hearing TODAY: increasing # judge candidates submitted to Gov… fb.me/4pX8xPdqM

As state cuts  programs, Wyandot Inc. eliminates 26 positions: goo.gl/6Pwtjr 

  Hearing TODAY, amendments to  administrative authority… fb.me/7xPzpyZiY

  Hearing TODAY, granting power to set docket fees & self-fund bit.ly/1XnzLjm

  Hearing TODAY, amendments to  administrative authority bit.ly/1XnyPvv

  Hearing TODAY: increasing # judge candidates submitted to Gov bit.ly/1SgdMvu

Kansas state senator wants to experiment with foster care Kansas kids bit.ly/1XvSlWN

 Introduced,  salaries and appropriations bit.ly/1WpVfv0

 Introduced, Court docket fees, assigning responsibility to  bit.ly/1QjikRB

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

Updated Page: Seminars and Presentations bit.ly/LA3YYi

Kansas Supreme Court justices face misplaced anger ahead of retention elections later this year bit.ly/1TlqXva 

Week Ahead: More attempts to change judicial selection in KS wp.me/p4BAOf-2KM 

Pitcher-Cook says her controversial Medicaid amendment cost chairmanship.  pic.twitter.com/74Bvzuy6at

 Senate Prez Wagle statement says Senate will vote on expansion in wake of Sen Pilcher-Cook ouster as chair of Senate Health

Senate President Susan Wagle’s statement on Pilcher-Cook’s removal as chair.  pic.twitter.com/Y8W0d5EXUZ