Weekly Twitter Update 2016–February–14

: No Kansas  Appeals decisions were issued today (2016-Feb-12): bit.ly/1R0ECah

 duration is determined by state where original filing occurred under#UIFSA… fb.me/7cNwRY9TJ

: Court may reserve jurisdiction on  where party’s income is lmt but may increase or… fb.me/4oPnkQw3l

 duration is determined by state where original filing occurred under#UIFSA 1.usa.gov/1Qwmboy

: Court may reserve jurisdiction on  where party’s income is lmt but may increase or insufficient bit.ly/1QwkRCc

: Although  benefits are exempt from division, court may consider in making … fb.me/2dxHidF2f

: Congress intended to keep  benefits exempt from division of marital assets in divorce… fb.me/3wrdM1xUC

: Although  benefits are exempt from division, court may consider in making  awards bit.ly/1QwkRCc

: Congress intended to keep  benefits exempt from division of marital assets in divorce bit.ly/1QwkRCc

: Court cannot divide  benefits in divorce, assignment is prohibited by federal law bit.ly/1QwkRCc

UKPrivy Council finds implied jurisdiction agreement sufficient for enforcement of foreign judgment under common law bit.ly/1XnCOrL

 ratifies the 1961   Convention bit.ly/1XnC71Q

 Introduced, Reverting Power to Set Docket Fees to   bit.ly/1XnzLjm

, Supreme Court Administrative authority  Hearing 2/15/16 @1030A bit.ly/1XnyPvv

, Changing  nominating Commn,  hearing on 2/16/16 @330P  bit.ly/1W3g3ZN

 Oversight,  Cmte Hearing 2/16/16 9am bit.ly/1PuAMoe

Overly critical parenting linked with persistent  in kids flip.it/uTlp3

Knox: “I think the biggest problem in the foster system is we don’t have enough homes” should have homes waiting for kids 

Knox: committee looking into foster care has basic question of whether system is doing a good job. Thinks the answer is clearly no 

Haley asking if bill is based on model legislation. Staff member says no 

Appears care families would have more discretion than foster families in making decisions about kids’ education 

Care families wouldn’t receive any compensation for care provided to a child. Foster families do receive some payment 

More like a host family than a foster family or care facility, according to staff overview 

On to SB 410. Would create a category of foster families known as “care families” 

Rogers: SB 394 would allow child placing agencies and charitable organizations to oversee placements 

Rogers: families already have right to execute a power of attorney for 90 days, hope this could help families avoid DCF involvement 

“Host families” aren’t subject to all of the regulations on foster care families 

The bill would allow parents to grant power of attorney to another person for up to one year while they are in crisis 

Been renamed as Supporting Families Act. 

That’s the end of the hearing on SB 315. On to SB 394, called Safe Families Act. 

Sen. Pilcher-Cook: “I appreciate the senator’s good intentions, but there are many, many families that have more than 4 children” 

Armstrong: can’t discuss a specific case, notes the system isn’t perfect but believes the current system working well 

Armstrong: 30-day exemption could encourage more frequent moves, moves are traumatic for foster children 

Armstrong: “This bill does not allow for consideration of a home that may have the physical space and a family that may have … 

Armstrong: most already in DCF rules, only 30-day exemption “Our position is that creates a very restrictive approach” 

No other proponents and no opponents. Kathy Armstrong from DCF up to offer neutral testimony 

Faust-Goudeau says daycare providers called her and didn’t understand why they were under more stringent limits 

I’m at the Senate Judiciary committee. They’re going to discuss a bill that would limit the number of children in a foster home. 

jshormanCJ: NEW: Ruling threatens to dash hopes of short legislative session cjonline.com/news/2016-02-1… 

: Kansas Supreme Court issues decision in equity portion of school funding case: Gannon v. State of Kansas bit.ly/1O4U6mo

 Introduced:  General Administrative Authority massive amendments kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/me…

 Introduced: Impeachment of  justices and judges kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/me…

: House committee hears testimony on revenge porn bill kansan.com/news/house-com…

ICYMI:  heard testimony on a bill that makes revenge porn illegal. Via @jamesjhoytbit.ly/1Kcun0D pic.twitter.com/M9u6gg4gQ4

Studer v. Studer  j.st/4han

 will issue decision in equity portion of school finance case Thursday, February 11, 2016 twitter.com/srothschild1/s…

: Original final order, not amended final order, starts running of time to file appeal; appeal dismissed 1.usa.gov/1ShcErq

: Contempt is not a final appealable order until sanctions are imposed 1.usa.gov/1ShbZ9i

: Opening Session held for Kansas’s first  in  bit.ly/1nZo0Dx

 Introduced: Increasing number nominees sent to governor by nominating commissions bit.ly/1SgdMvu

Editorial: Right move going the next step on the  Courthouse Editorial: Right move on new courthouse 

An important read for those about to divorce. “6 Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce” pbynd.co/vzmk2 pic.twitter.com/JrudSdL8hm

Revenge porn bill gets second look from Kansas lawmakers kansas.com/news/politics-…

Crisis averted. KS courts will get funded   kansas.com/news/politics-…

Brownback signs bill to save court funding, calls for litigation to end kansas.com/news/politics-… 

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe