Weekly Twitter Update 2016–February–7

No place in  for corruption, politics bit.ly/20k3NEI

Kansas Legislature won’t join effort to tighten gun laws to protect victims of domestic violence kansascity.com/latest-news/ar…

Recent state laws on domestic abuse, gun rights flip.it/5kHmy

: Ct did not err denying fathers contact w/child where he consented guardian had power over contact bit.ly/23OxFO8 #113742

Kansas Legislature deserves credit for doing something right: defeating  bit.ly/1UQGZuQ

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECahfb.me/6ZSgE4Fhy

: 1   Appeals Decision was released today (2016-Feb-05): bit.ly/1R0ECah #113742

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah

Good Morning,  on the House Floor, getting ready to gavel in. We take Final Action on several bills today.

: Kansas Chief Justice Nuss presents the 2016 State of the Kansas Judiciary speech (video) bit.ly/1PYMc5K 

 Introduced: Establishing a CARE family pilot program bit.ly/1THiIZN

Here is the voting log for HCR 5005. Thank you to the 54 legislators who supported merit selection in Kansas. bit.ly/1P9vUTZ 

Highberger: govt relies on checks & balances, judiciary should be insulated against partisan politics, votes no  

Final action on HCR 5005 fails to garner constitutional required votes. Only receives 68 votes needed 84.  

House rejects proposal to give governor, legislators more control over KS Supreme Court appointments, 68-54. bit.ly/1PlbWDK 

Inspiring story: Former foster youth bounced between four schools in four years, beat odds to get into college: bit.ly/1SvFhlb

Kansas: House can’t get 2/3rds to end merit selection for supreme court; final vote 68-54 (84 votes needed) wp.me/p4BAOf-2J1 

Gov. Brownback, legislators yearning for new method of picking Supreme Court justices lose House showdown  twitter.com/TimVCarpenter/…

Kansas House rejects  aimed at politicizing the selection process 68-54 – 14 votes short. bit.ly/1KsxDol

 House votes today on constitutional amendment changing judicial selection; Wednesday tally shows weak support ljw.bz/1o7sDMf

, penalties for revenge porn, staff briefing to  on 2/08/2016 @3:30P

: Supreme Court will hold special night session March 9 at  kscourts.org/Kansas-Courts/… 

Another version of the debate to politicize  in the today twitter.com/BryanLowry3/st…

Kansas House debates judicial selection. Justice Nuss responds in rare media briefing  kansaspublicradio.org/kpr-news/kansa…pic.twitter.com/S2vSfwdmki

Brownback’s proposed changes to children’s programs facing resistance kansas.com/news/politics-… 

Kansas House vote shows weak support for constitutional amendment doing away with merit selection for www2.ljworld.com/news/2016/feb/…

: Appeals courts do not retry or reweigh evidence presented to the trial court bit.ly/1S1faSl

: Trial court division of 401k plan reversed, no evidence supported % determined as marital vs. nonmarital bit.ly/1S1faSl

: Court erred in the way it divided 401k plan and determining percentage of marital/non-marital portions bit.ly/1S1faSl

Senate Majority Leader Bruce wants committees to push bills out by Feb 18  

Votes on HCR 5005, judicial selection.  pic.twitter.com/fMkjcfoCPT

CR5005 is a POWER GRAB for Brownback to select judges.  Find & Contact your Rep @ openstates.org pic.twitter.com/HHuERCXVJT

 Commission gives staff OK to start preparing for vote on new courthouse bit.ly/1X3uqNW

More from yesterday on  efforts to change KS Supreme Court justice selection process: ljw.bz/1maJvQw twitter.com/LJWpqhancock/s…

KS Judicial Selection amendment would propose changing from a nominating commission to presidential style select for Supreme Court 

: Chief Justice Nuss will give the State of the Judiciary speech today @ 12:30P Supreme Court Room bit.ly/1nGucQH

 Introduced: Child Custody, making “domestic abuse” a “primary consideration” bit.ly/1nGtYJp

 Introduced: Children: Enacting Supporting Families Act, temporary care of children bit.ly/1P64Jcw

@KSAGOffice Schmidt advises House GOP caucus to not seize upon  selection because of one particular case bit.ly/1SVWAv6

God love the GOP  for being so amusing, scary and predictable. And thanks to @SSCJoCoKs for exposing it all. twitter.com/SSCJoCoKs/stat…

@SSCJoCoKs The KBA opposes both proposals. Judicial independence is cornerstone of our system of government.

: Time & method for exchange of property is not an essential contract term for an MSA… fb.me/7DBo7OGiQ

: Time & method for exchange of property is not an essential contract term for an MSA bit.ly/1P2Nf0T

: MSA included all necessary elements so trial court did not err incorporating it into divorce decree bit.ly/1P2Nf0T

Kansas House GOP testing support for changes that will hurt  bit.ly/1PbsopX

Updated Page: Legislature–2016 bit.ly/1OcEuhe

 Introduced: Establishing foster care oversight task force bit.ly/1PuAMoe

: Failure to proffer sufficient changed circumstances may lead to motion modify custody dismissal bit.ly/1UDz0kF #112902

: Due process was not offended by Court under circumstances presented in child custody action bit.ly/1UDz0kF #112902

: Court did not err refusing child custody modification without hearing on allegations bit.ly/1UDz0kF #112902

: 1 Kansas  appeals decision was made this past week (2016-Jan-29): bit.ly/1R0ECah #112902

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016 bit.ly/1R0ECah