Weekly Twitter Update 2016–April–3

  1. : 1 incident of ‘dating violence’ is not sufficient to obtain an order for the ongoing future

  2. : Trial court did not err enforcing marital settlement agreement signed by appellant

  3. Here’s Why Mississippi’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Is So Controversial

  4. What’s The Best Alternative To Co-Parenting When Ex’s Don’t Get Along?

  5. What Really Happens When You Vent Too Much?

  6. : requires “objection to return” by mature child, not “preference” to remain…

  7. : Father was ‘exercising’ “custody rights” tho “incidental” to contact with Mother…

  8. What Really Happens When You Vent Too Much?

  9. : requires “objection to return” by mature child, not “preference” to remain

  10. : determination of ‘age and maturity’ is a fact determination

  11. : Father was ‘exercising’ “custody rights” tho “incidental” to contact with Mother

  12. : No Kansas -related Appeals Decisions were issued today (2016-April-1):

  13. Outraged by Kansas Justices’ Rulings, GOP Seeks to Reshape

  14. : Trial court orders are not appealable until last order in case is filed, not merely orally given

  15. : When trial court judgment is not final, appeals court cannot act; appeal dismissed

  16. votes to make it easier to find obligors in contempt for failing to pay or

  17. News: Weekly Twitter Update 2016–March–20

  18. Updated Page: Kansas Child Support Guidelines (2012)

  19. Updated Page: Kansas Child Support Guidelines (2016)

  20. : Supreme Court justices speak in about their jobs and challenges

  21. Ronald W Nelson, PA Retweeted Surrogacy in Canada

    Surrogacy lawyer Steven Page quoted

    Ronald W Nelson, PA added,

  22. : Act otherwise not abusive may be found abusive when viewed in context of past abuse or threats to abuse

  23. : Appeals courts do not reassess factual basis claimed by defaulting party to open default judgment

  24. : A defaulting party may not set aside divorce decree because of that party’s own neglect to respond

  25. : Supreme Court announces cases for April 12 special session High School

  26. dads stranded in with newborn children after agency abandons them,

  27. : Supreme Court dismisses appeal from contempt finding for failure to follow correct procedure

  28. : is the only way to challenge finding in ; a notice of appeal is not effective

  29. The Reasonable Parent’s dilemma when dealing with a High-Conflict Parent

  30. : Only a divorce judgment that does not reserve any issues constitutes a ‘final’ appealable judgment

  31. : Divorce judgment is not ‘final’ unless it resolves all issues between the parties, leaving none behind

  32. : Appellant’s asserted ‘controlling authority’ is ignored given that no such named or cited case exists

  33. : Trial court affirmed where assertions of error don’t exist/aren’t supported by the record on appeal

  34. Supreme Court orders state to enforce tribal orders as essential

  35. AK Supr Ct Ruling: Tlingit & Haida has the “inherent authority” to handle matters involving their children

  36. Kansas Supreme Court Appoints Grad as New Appellate Clerk –Doug Shima

  37. : Foster parents do not have standing to appeal abuse and neglect proceedings judgments

  38. : Courts do not assume the role of appellant’s advocate and will not guess the appellate matters at issue

  39. : Self-represented parties are held to the same standards as licensed attorneys

  40. : A state court cannot treat military disability pay the same as retired pay; but parties themselves may

  41. : “To state Husband’s argument is to understand our disdain for it”

  42. : Husband’s ‘mistake of law argument unavailing, bound to pay disability retired pay as agreed

  43. : Court roperly compelled husband’s payment of disability retired pay under parties’ agreement

  44. : After determination of support arrearage, trial court cannot reopen evidence and redetermine judgment

  45. : Erroneous (not void) judgment may only be challenged by direct appeal, not by collateral attack

  46. : A judgment, though erroneous, is still enforceable if entered by a court of competent jurisdiction

  47. : Order leaves no doubt it is a ‘final order’; judgment set in narrative form is still a judgment

  48. : reverses trial court rulings after extraordinary 5-year delay in record transmission

  49. Kansas, coercion, and the : The unholy mess created by a power hungry governor and legislature

  50. Modern Love: A field guide to male intimacy