Weekly Twitter Update 2015–September–6

Going to the chapel: Will Smith & James Yates get a marriage license in Rowan Co from deputy clerk Brian Mason. ^JC pic.twitter.com/JPUOdepzxi

First same sex couple getting license in Rowan county pic.twitter.com/hQ7qjzyNZq

Breaking News: Deputy clerks in Kentucky county begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples nyti.ms/1JT425a

Tennessee Chancery Court refuses couple’s divorce citing marriage decision bit.ly/1i0SnHa…/judge-declines-divo…/323201/

Let’s be clear:  not jailed for being Christian, but for refusing to comply w fed court order. And plaintiffs didn’t ask for jail.

Kansas judge strikes down change imposed on the state’s courts by , but officials warn of budget repercussions: ljw.bz/1UnSmhr

Chief Justice Nuss says Supreme Court members wouldn’t have recuse selves from court funding case kansas.com/news/politics-… 

Despite possible conflict, Kansas Supreme Court might still review case over move to lessen its power bit.ly/1OdN7dj 

Kansas Supreme Court may review case dealing with constitutional powers bit.ly/1VAbKVI

Judge declines divorce case, citing Obergefell marriage case ruling: timesfreepress.com/news/local/sto… via @TimesFreePresspic.twitter.com/cxPJs3Q6Nn

Statement from Jack Conway: Sorry, we’re a nation of laws. pic.twitter.com/1R7fVZTGr4

Davis did not come back to the courtroom as requested. She spoke through her attorneys. Remains in custody indefinitely.

Kim Davis tells judge she’d rather stay in jail than cooperate with her deputies giving marriage licenses. OK, jail it is, judge says. ^JC

: Kansas Supreme Court launches eCourt project kscourts.org/Kansas-Courts/…

.@BGPolitics Some may have been afraid of her, according to Rowan Co Attny, in interview w/ Ky Trial Court Review: pic.twitter.com/KncOsnsii8

Kim Davis Ordered Jailed in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute, via @nytimesnytimes.com/?smprod=nytcor…

Judge rejects policy Kansas lawmakers imposed on  as a violation of constitutional separation of powers bit.ly/1LNzGjZ

Few Options Exist To Remove Kentucky Clerk Who Refuses To Do Her Job From Office bzfd.it/1KtleQL

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Anticipated The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling — And Planned Accordingly: buzzfeed.com/davidmack/kent…

Kentucky Clerk: It’s ‘Impossible’ For Me To Marry Gay Couples flip.it/cNVBq

 and the people of Kansas deserve an apology for clear breach of powers and the law twitter.com/Melissa_Brunne…

: District court strikes down judicial funding bill as unconstitutional violation of separation of powers twitter.com/LJWpqhancock/s…

SN Co judge strikes down new law re. chief judges.  had tied that to judicial funding. Theoretically, judicial branch cld be defunded.

What not to do when served with divorce papers: twitter.com/ABAFamily/stat…

: Public comment period open for added clarification to Rule 804(e) on reporting attendance for nontraditional programming

Ky. couples ask fed judge to hold clerk Kim Davis in contempt for refusing marriage licenses pdfserver.amlaw.com/nlj/davis_ky_2…pic.twitter.com/IfCPqM9ukq

ACLU, in addition to filing contempt motion in Kentucky, also filed a motion seeking “clarification” to expand injunction to all couples.

Dear Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, You’re In Contempt of Court and the Constitution aclu.org/blog/speak-fre… via @ACLU

: Court must order enforcement when accused party failed to comply with unambiguous provision of judgment 1.usa.gov/1NN985n

: Fact that maintenance obligee’s income rose slightly does not show material change to modify maintenance 1.usa.gov/1NN985n

: Appellant failed to preserve rebuttal testimony issue by not making a proffer of the proposed testimony 1.usa.gov/1NN985n

Kentucky county clerk defies court, refuses to issue marriage licenses washingtonpost.com/national/kentu…

NY Judge rips ‘vengeful’ parents who made son’s divorce a nightmare; hits lawyers for $317K in fees bit.ly/1JwO0dy 

Kentucky clerk ordered to appear in federal court after refusing to issue marriage licenses in defiance of  wapo.st/1PJVSMw

Imagine, for a moment, a Muslim county clerk in rural Kentucky rejecting Christian couples seeking marriage licenses.

Kentucky clerk continues to deny gay-marriage licenses, ‘under God’s authority’ wpo.st/v4UY0