Weekly Twitter Update 2015–August–30

BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies Kentucky Clerk’s Request To Halt Same-Sex Marriage Order buzzfeed.com/chrisgeidner/s…pic.twitter.com/mpWsdpmW4l

BREAKING: Supreme Court rejects Kentucky gay marriage case, clerk must issue licenses despite religion

UPDATED:  Denies Kentucky Clerk Kimberly Daviss Request To Halt Same-Sex Marriage Order buzzfeed.com/chrisgeidner/s…

: Court did not err making  increase retroactive to date Father filed motion to modify support bit.ly/1KY8egv

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News: Weekly Twitter Update 2015–May–24 bit.ly/1KXVSVB

Updated Page: Paralegals bit.ly/1iA82Y5

Recalling happier memories can reverse stress-induced depression psypost.org/2015/06/recall…

Couples in lasting relationships share one important trait businessinsider.com/couples-in-las…

Suzanne Reynolds named Dean of Wake Forest’s Law School bit.ly/1JwEvgy

News: Weekly Twitter Update 2015–May–17 bit.ly/1fQXGqO

: Funeral for  Judge Michael Ireland to be held September 2, 2015: bit.ly/1NIwr0h 

Same-sex marriage issue returns to  (in the guise of ‘religious freedom’): bit.ly/1NIvFjR

Supreme Court can resolve Kentucky clerk’s refusal to issue marriage licenses msn.com/en-us/news/us/…

Inside New York’s craziest custody case: four parents, one child news.com.au/lifestyle/real…

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Gay Dad Sounds Off On Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses huffingtonpost.com/entry/gay-dad-…

: Appellant has duty to counter facts on which trial court based its findings, not Appellee’s allegations bit.ly/1UiC83O

: Trial court did not err dismissing motion to change custody without hearing finding no prima facie case bit.ly/1UiBu6B

: Trial court did not err refusing to appoint  evaluator to assist mother in litigation bit.ly/1hJWw2e

: Trial court erred giving grandparent “parenting time” according to  parenting guidelines bit.ly/1EpOPIs

 rules  can ban Supreme Court plaza protests 1.usa.gov/1JqQYlU

: Appealing party may not take contrary positions before trial and appellate courts bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Separating retirement and disability pay in divorce is not always an easy process bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Issues not briefed and argued on appeal are waived bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Court of Appeals never presumes error by the trial court; burden is on appellant bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: To the extent benefits are acquired for prior service, it is treated as retirement benefit bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Appeals courts broadly read separation agreements to carry out the intentions of the parties bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Divorce property settlement agreements are subject to the same rules as contracts generally bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Appealing party must explain how and why issues are properly before appellate court bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Generally, Appeals court will not address issues not first raised to the trial court bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: Court of Appeals affirms entry of  dividing disability benefits as retirement plan portion bit.ly/1LA9Xve #112006

: 1 Kansas  Appeals Decision was issued today (2015-August-28): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #112006

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Kentucky Clerk Defies Court Order to Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples flip.it/vlBr9

Kentucky Clerk To Ask Supreme Court To Keep Same-Sex Marriages On Hold: buzzfeed.com/chrisgeidner/s… 

: Trial court interfered with the State’s discretion/separation of powers to bring charges against juvenile  bit.ly/1fIdKuQ

: Trial court erred finding Husband gifted non-marital property to wife, no sufficient evidence existed bit.ly/1fIdj3O

: An order that merely grants a motion is not itself a final judgment subject to appeal bit.ly/1fIcQ1q

: Court’s unequal equitable distribution award reversed; record fails to show statutory factors considered bit.ly/1fIcurG

: Trial court improperly delegated authority over parenting time issues to therapists, reversed bit.ly/1fIbuUz

Kentucky county clerk refuses to issue gay marriage license for 3rd time despite federal appeals court order: apne.ws/1K8w6U1

 County Judge Michael Ireland has heart attack while at courthouse, in intensive care bit.ly/1NJz3Kq

Court in  rules woman must remain celebate (non-adulterous) after marriage to maintain alimony bbc.com/news/world-asi…

Why Your Wife Is More Likely to Divorce You menshealth.com/sex-women/wome…

Kentucky clerk who won’t issue same-sex marriage licenses loses legal round cnn.com/2015/08/26/us/…

6th Circuit DENIES KY clerk Kim Davis’s request for a stay pending appeal of preliminary injunction: on.fb.me/1LBur9I @KYEquality

CA6 says KY Clerk has “little or no likelihood” to prevail on appeal, denies stay @KYEquality on.fb.me/1LBur9I pic.twitter.com/kNJ0kSeUeU

Gay and straight couples are using excerpts from Justice Kennedy’s  opinion at their weddings. @APow.ly/RoPyC

Gov. Terry McAuliffe calls for common-sense gun control after Virginia shooting m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55ddd… via @HuffPostPol 

10 Was To Cope With The Explosive & Labile Personality blogs.psychcentral.com/caregivers/201…

: Trial court erred ordering more relief that was agreed by parties on wife’s motion to enforce bit.ly/1KhHbkl

: Court of Appeals Docket for October 2015 Posted: bit.ly/f2sEdn

: Court erred granting husband divorce for irreconcilable differences, court instead grants both a divorce bit.ly/1JsnVeR

Ashley Madison Update: $500K Reward For Arrest, And Reports Of 2 Suicides n.pr/1Lwslb2

: Though original childsupport entered in , parties bound by later agreement to apply  duration  bit.ly/1I8lxsE

Judge fines himself for ringing cellphone ow.ly/Rdy0E @ABAJournal

 receives national recognition from @StateCourts for court caseload reporting excellence bit.ly/1Ef5grd

Ashley Madison hack isn’t a boon for lawyers in the KC area, where adultery rarely affects divorce cases bit.ly/1I16vVv