Weekly Twitter Update 2015–September–13

: 9th Judicial District ( ) Nominating Commission sends 2 judge candidate names to governor bit.ly/1NnecMu

: Kansas appellate courts make  opinions available online bit.ly/1gfBgQ0

: Court cannot add terms to parties’ agreement they did not make for themselves on expired judgment bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Where parties agreed to revive future payments by , court could not make retroactive award bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Once a judgment expires, court cannot revive it; but parties can make new agreement bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Court has broad power to divide marital property, but discretion extends only 2 dividing property bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Trial court cannot retain jurisdiction to divide pension that did not exist when divorce occurred bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: “The division of property made by a trial court in a [Kansas] divorce is a judgment” bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Appeals court exercises unlimited review over statutory and contract interpretation bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Kansas dormancy statute does not only apply to “money judgments” it applies to any “judgment” bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: A Divorce Decree dividing property is a judgment subject to dormancy and expiration under KS law bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: In Kansas, a judgment becomes dormant after 5-years, expires (is invalid) after 7-years  bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: Trial court erred resurrecting expired judgment and entering new money judgment post-decree bit.ly/1K2ciP1 #112047

: 1 Kansas  related Appeals Decision was issued today (2015-Sept-11) bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #112047

: Judge Robert Frederick (    ) sits on Supreme Court Sept 17 bit.ly/1iCdm31

: Premarital agreement validly set aside to each spouse property held separate whether pre-or-post marriage bit.ly/1iCcrzB

: Judge Judge Timothy J. Chambers, , will sit with Kansas Supreme Court on September 14 bit.ly/1JZLGyd

: Judge W. Lee Fowler, 5th judicial district ( ) to sit with Kansas Supreme Court on September 14 bit.ly/1JZLGyd

States that fought equal marriage now owe millions in legal fees america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/…

 funding fight expands to defunding provision bit.ly/1O29cyk

: Destruction of door in jointly-owned marital home is a sufficient basis to enter protection order bit.ly/1g9sB1J

County Commission looks at options for  Courthouse replacement/expansion  bit.ly/1g9gKkf

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says Rowan Co. marriage licenses are legal wkyt.com/home/headlines…

   9-13 Sept. Over 200 IAML Fellows from around the globe iaml.org/events/sicily/… pic.twitter.com/z04kGJUlL4

Will ruling shut down bit.ly/1K7dIJs

Latest News: DCF sees no conflict between state welfare law and federal childcare block grant requirements: Of… tinyurl.com/q7t8tb3

Kim Davis released from jail, ordered not to interfere with same-sex marriage licenses wapo.st/1UEPfN6

Four judges sue to overturn law that would de-fund  system bit.ly/1LhojOp

Kansas legislature will briefly focus on foster care with special committee bit.ly/1OafCdR

Pope Francis Reforms Roman Catholic Marriage Annulment Procedures nbcnews.com/news/religion/…

“God rules—not the Supreme Court” – Some Push for Anarchy or Theocracy bit.ly/1EPg2Ez

Whatever You Do, Stop Sliding In(to) Marriage psychologytoday.com/blog/unified-t…

The 7 Types of Men You’ll Meet in Post-Divorce Dating flip.it/FPYva

1996 Welfare Reform Law Caused Increase In Extreme Poverty shadowproof.com/2015/09/04/199…

After judge says chief judge appointments bill unconstitutional, KSgovr assures  will continue to function bit.ly/1O2IDZ4

Parents of 48-year old transgender woman fail to convince court to stop her requested gender-change surgery bit.ly/1O2HDEf

Updated Page: Elizabeth Billinger bit.ly/1LZVuf0

: 1 Kansas  Appeals decision was released today (2015-Sept-04): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #112520

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

The Rise of Divorce Selfies: wapo.st/1OgV8xS

: Trial court properly set aside 2006  Decree under Rule 60(b)(6) as a fraud on the court 1.usa.gov/1OgTFrp

: Trial court order setting aside 2006  Decree as fraud on the court and a sham divorce affirmed 1.usa.gov/1OgTFrp