Weekly Twitter Update 2015–October–4

Kansas breaks record for number of children in foster care kctv5.com/clip/11882810/…

: Considering decree of responsibility delegated to limited case managers, court error was not ‘harmless’  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Case Managers must meet *all* requirements for qualifications, not just some. Conjunctive “and” means all bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Local court rule adopted after trial court decision does not apply, not considered  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Though Limited Case Managers ‘role’ defined by local court rule, qualifications are matter of statute  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Local court rule does not ‘trump’ state statute dealing with Case Manager qualifications bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Limited Case Managers not solely creature of local court rule, must adhere to statutory qualifications  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Qualifications mandated for Domestic Relations Case Managers apply equally to Limited Case Managers  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: When a statute is plain and unambiguous, the court must apply statute as written bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Interpretation of statutory meaning is a question of law bit.ly/1MNM83G

: Appeals court reverses trial court decision relying on unqualified limited case manager  bit.ly/1MNM83G

: 1 Kansas  Appeals decision was issued today (2015-Oct-2): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #113026

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

How a bill becomes a law in sharpconnections.biz/how-a-bill-bec…

: Trial court did not err adopting standing master’s division of assets 1.usa.gov/1VuAY60

: Trial court did not err rejecting standing master’s plan and adopting its own 1.usa.gov/1VuAHQv

: Parties did not have binding agreement to divide expenses contrary to Court’s medical  order bit.ly/1P8Zzh8

: Court did not err rejecting application of promissory estoppel in  medical expense division bit.ly/1P8Zzh8

: When   refuses to communicate with ETJ state, it impliedly refuses jurisdiction bit.ly/1P8Y3LY

: The  requires foreign countries be considered a “state” for application of jurisdictional criteria bit.ly/1P8Y3LY

: A dependency proceeding is a proceeding under the bit.ly/1P8Y3LY

: Court did not err assuming permanent  jurisdiction after   refused to communicate bit.ly/1P8Y3LY

: Court did not abuse discretion by considering non-income-producing assets in  modification  1.usa.gov/1P8WUnn

: Obligor’s non-income-producing assets are relevant to deciding if  is unjust/ inappropriate 1.usa.gov/1P8WUnn

: Unless affirmatively shown that parent unfit/forfeited rights, Constitution protects child custody rights 1.usa.gov/1P8Wmy7

: Parents’ natural rights of child’s custody trumps interests of strangers to the parent-child relationship 1.usa.gov/1P8Wmy7

 redesigning bit.ly/1ObdELu website, seeks public/user comments: bit.ly/1ObdEvg

New Page: 109 Appellate Practice: Appeals Begin at the Start Not the End of a Trial (or How I Learned to Stop bit.ly/1jAIKiQ

Updated Page: Seminars and Presentations bit.ly/LA3YYi

 cases and lawyers noteworthy in first arguments of new term:  1.usa.gov/1PPym10

Same-sex couple wants birth certificate to list two mothers. KDHE says no.   on LJWorld.com www2.ljworld.com/news/2015/sep/…

Brooklyn judge orders seizure of husband’s iPhone, computers after wife alleges he planted  on her Phone bit.ly/1FFUXNm

 prepares for international  enforcement after Legislature passes  bit.ly/1QLzcMx

Merrimack  police providing 2 parking spaces in the front of police station for safe  exchanges bit.ly/1O2PT6W

Divorce finalized for  Governor and (former) first wife bit.ly/1QLypv4

Bellvue WA children aged 12, 9 & 22mo abducted by mother upset with parenting plan, prosecutor files charges… fb.me/7uF6PoVr8

Bellvue WA children aged 12, 9 & 22mo abducted by mother upset with parenting plan, prosecutor files charges bit.ly/1QLy4bL

: Kansas Supreme Court  will hold special session at  HS October 13, 2015: bit.ly/1P5UGW0

: 2nd Judicial District Nominating Commission seeks candidates for () judge vacancy (bit.ly/1KSwEaP

Congratulations to all the newly admitted Kansas attorneys who went through admission ceremony September 25, 2015: bit.ly/1VmW6QT

: It would be error to set aside judgment based solely on attorney’s carelessness or misunderstanding of law bit.ly/1O1BoAi

: A conscious decision made by an attorney based upon an ignorance of the law is not “excusable neglect” bit.ly/1O1BoAi

: Failure to support factual assertions in a motion with affidavit means those assertions are unsupported bit.ly/1O1BoAi

: Movant must provide *some* evidence to support a claim of neglect or mistake, “no evidence” not sufficient bit.ly/1O1BoAi

 reaffirms decision that statutes controlling KSCourts decision-deadlines are unconstitutional… fb.me/7NngvH4g9

Excellent analysis from Prof. Rich on the conflict between  and  jurist.org/forum/2015/09/…

 reaffirms decision that statutes controlling KSCourts decision-deadlines are unconstitutional bit.ly/1O1BoAi

Dad Starts to Walk His Daughter Down Aisle. He Suddenly Stops & Takes the Hand of Very Stunned Man… fb.me/3bHBz9flU

Dad Starts to Walk His Daughter Down Aisle. He Suddenly Stops & Takes the Hand of Very Stunned Man bit.ly/1LMMjNZ 

Understanding Avoidant Personality Disorder pro.psychcentral.com/exhausted-woma…

: Trial court’s lack of clarity in its decision over trial testimony limits leads to remand 1.usa.gov/1MW2Dxz

: Court erred ruling that temporary support payments are creditable against post-divorce  1.usa.gov/1VneAeW

6 Tips For A Healthy Relationship icouplescounseling.com/6-tips-for-a-h…

Elder Law Guys: New Estate planning issues emerging since the arrival of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania post-gazette.com/business/legal…

Tarrant County TX Clerk says her office will accept common-law marriage affidavit dallasvoice.com/update-tarrant…

“I have borderline personality disorder. Here are 6 things I wish people understood.” vox.com/2015/9/25/9393…  

Love isn’t enough. There are 4 other essential qualities you should be seeking in a partner. bit.ly/1Fn3hS3