Weekly Twitter Update 2015–November–22

9 Ways Therapists Can Tell If Your Relationship Is Going To Survive prevention.com/sex/signs-stro…

Associate Justice Forte presides over one of today’s adoptions.  pic.twitter.com/HgZuQmGwgi

Adult Children of Divorce: Handling the Holidays bit.ly/1MxTuX5

: 5 apply for judge vacancy in 25th district (    )  bit.ly/1OjH6MV

: 11 apply for district magistrate vacancy in 2nd district (   bit.ly/1OWFrAd

: NO  Appeals Decisions were issued today (2015-Nov-20): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

: Court of Appeals docket for January 2016 is posted: bit.ly/f2sEdn

Editorial: Stop insulting same-sex couples and worry instead about real problems in Kansas foster care system: bit.ly/1X2GcvL

 Commission decides to build new courthouse, demolish current building bit.ly/1NFKHSK

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers approves resolution supporting Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act….

RIP Glee Smith, former  senator, @uniformlaws comm’r @KansasBarPresident, @ABAhod member, @LSCtweets Director bit.ly/1SDvWnb

US Supreme Court Asked To Take Messy Interstate Case On Same-Sex Adoption npr.org/2015/11/17/456…

Tomorrow is our webinar on legal impacts of same-sex marriage on ow.ly/UrbhT

Parents with unrealistic academic expectations for their kids may end up making them do worse in school on.apa.org/1Mk8z0j

Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder Caregiver Survey Reveals Overwhelming Burden owl.li/UL74O 

Davis suggests a standing joint Cmte on foster care to avoid making any knee jerk recommendations 

Oklahoma Supreme Court grants parental rights to unmarried same-sex partner. This is a big deal bit.ly/1MkGuGc

You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed.

I think that means families that fit this criteria. kansas.com/news/politics-…  twitter.com/sscjocoks/stat…

Kansas Holds Hearing on Pressing Business: Stopping Gay Foster Parents dailykos.com/story/2015/11/… 

Wonder what “traditional family” means?  twitter.com/BryanLowry3/st…

Knox asks Gilmore about traditional family. DCF aide says agency doesn’t classify family structure when a home is licensed 

Does that rule out grandparents?   twitter.com/bryanlowry3/st…

Opening a new phase of family law for gays? scotusblog.com/2015/11/openin…

Gilmore says training for social workers light years ahead of where it used to be, but still trouble retaining them. 

Kansas lawmakers scrutinizing same-sex foster parents. More to come soon kansas.com/news/politics-… 

NEW: DCF plans to lower standard of evidence in investigating child abuse/neglect cjonline.com/news/2015-11-1… 

Why was there anti-LGBTQ testimony in a foster-care hearing? Did Kansas children die while in the care of LGBTQ foster parents? 

Pilcher-Cook complains children have become victims of political correctness and now attacking American Psychological Association