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What is a Husband or Wife? The IRS Is Ready to Answer bit.ly/1MT8MVCfb.me/6NUPVi0zV

Lesbian Mother Appeals Alabama Judges’ Ruling Refusing Adoption talkingpointsmemo.com/news/lesbian-m…

Utah judge removes himself from lesbian foster-care case after removing children and then reversing decision wapo.st/1NXCKge

Utah judge reverses himself allowing foster child to stay with lesbian couple (at least for now) nytimes.com/2015/11/14/us/…  

Shocked by horrible events in . Thoughts are with French fellows @IAML_FamLaw 

: Although mother had no obligation to pay support, rights properly terminated for no support bit.ly/20RXATq #114059

: Court did not err ruling no dissipation marital assets refusing to remain in  for 20-yrs bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Court had authority to award attorneys fees in divorce, but not expert witness fees bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Appeals court will not substitute its judgment on attorney fees assessment for trial court bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Attorneys’ fee awards are not set aside if supported by “substantial evidence” bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: KSA 23-2715 (divorce code) allows court to award attorneys fees to either party in its discretion bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: KSA 60-2002 (offer of judgment) does not specifically allow for expert witness fees bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: If  intended to allow recovery of expert witness fees, it would have included it bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: KSA 23-2715 does not reference “expert witness fees” so clear intent to include them not present bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: KSA 23-2216 (parentage act) does not authorize an award of expert witness fees bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: “Costs” that may be awarded by a court ordinarily means fees and charges by the court itself bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: An expert witness fee may not be charged to the losing party unless authorized by statute bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: A Kansas court may not award attorneys’ fees absent statutory authority bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Trial court did not err treating post-valuation date contributions to marital property different bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Ct did not err by dividing marital property equally though not required to do so under Kansas law bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

: Trial court erred offsetting attorneys fee award by amount attributable to expert witness fees bit.ly/20RUG0Z #113154

What do you do with a useless engagement ring? Here are 5 ideas. wapo.st/1Le86cc

Breaking News: A Utah judge has reversed his order removing a foster child from a same-sex couple nyti.ms/1kSPuJg

: Appeals court decides 4th appeal case applying dormancy statute to divided retirement benefits bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: The Kansas dormancy statute applies to ALL judgments, not just “money judgments”  bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: A division of retirement accounts is subject to the Kansas dormancy statute & expiration… fb.me/3FSM1nXjL

: A division of retirement accounts is subject to the Kansas dormancy statute & expiration bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: A former spouse’s rights to receive part of retirement does not arise under , but state law bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

 circumscribes the scope of a  bit.ly/1MGHjus#112422

: Parties have obligation to timely put into place  divide retirement benefits payable later bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: Although retirement benefits not yet payable, judgment dormancy period was not tolled  bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: In Kansas, judgments expire 2-yrs after they become “dormant” bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: Trial court did not err deciding that  could not issue on expired judgment bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: Any judgment issued in Kansas is subject to the state’s dormancy statute bit.ly/1MGHjus #112422

: Where bio-dad not established meaningful relationship with child, constitutional right diminished bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Merely becz bio-dad has right to have parentage determined does not mean he has rt to parentage bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Appeals court sets out factors to consider in weighing competing presumptions of parentage bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Kansas courts must weigh parentage presumptions considering child’s best interests bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Bio-dad does not have absolute constitutional right to be a parent when mother married to another bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Appeals court does not re-decide weight applied to conflicting presumptions of child’s parentage bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Trial court has discretion to weigh conflicting presumptions of child’s parentage bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Court did not err refusing to order genetic testing for child born in marriage alleged bio-dad bit.ly/1kSB38a #112764

: Although evidence indicates claimed abuse not entirely credible, appeals court doesn’t redecide bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: ‘Clear and convincing evidence’ is an intermediate standard of proof bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Burden to prove abuse of discretion is on party asserting it bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Where claimed error corrected on past remand, issue is moot bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Kansas Judicial Review act does not mandate filing of ‘answer’ to request for judicial review bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Fact that @DCFKansas did not “answer” to petition for judicial review does not = default bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Trial court did not err upholding agency’s “substantiated” finding of neglect bit.ly/1kSzffr #110504

: Kansas does not require exactitude in property divisions, slight math error is therefore harmless bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: Although parties designated property “separate” other provision made joint property “marital” bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: When agreement allowed retitling property “jointly” property so titled is no longer “separate” bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: Courts will not strain logic to arrive at a decision that a contract is ambiguous bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: A contract is not ambiguous because of of the contracting parties says so bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: Parties’ intent is determined by first looking at their unambiguous agreements/language bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: The guiding principle to interpret a parties’ agreement is their expressed intent bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: Legal effect of a written agreement is a question of law bit.ly/1kSxOO0 #112499

: 3 -related appeals decisions were issued today (2015-Nov-13): bit.ly/1HkKjs0 #113154 #113263 #114059

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0