Weekly Twitter Update 2015–May–10

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    Out-of-wedlock births are rising for one group of women

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  2. HB 2356: Judicial Budget passes 108-10 on Emergency Final Action. I voted YES.

  3. HB 2365 – judicial budget bill passes House 108-10. Bill will go to conference to negotiate with senate version HB 2005.

  4. SB 105 – UIFSA passes on final action in KS House 118-0. Bill deals with child support rules. KBA supported bill.

  5. SB 105: uniform interstate family support act passes unanimously on Emergency Final Action.

  6. Hearing that we are not going to work SB 34; will go in to Emergency Final Action on the bills we just worked.

  7. House passes bill to comply with treaty on child support

  8. House taken up the child support bill that Idaho blocked due to Sharia law concerns, Idaho getting spec session to pass it

  9. SB 105: updates to uniform interstate family support act favorable for passage on Voice Vote.

  10. Today, putting the final touches on my Intro to Social Media for Lawyers CLE, June 18, Annual Meeting.

  11. HB 2005 being debated in KS Senate. Bill is a combination of 4 other bills. total funds is less than judicial branch requested.

  12. Sen. King carries bill that includes SB 15, SB 44 and SB 51. These bills are deal with added fees or surcharges on certain types of cases.