Weekly Twitter Update 2015–March–22

Marriage is not a safeguard against poverty

In Alabama same-sex marriage battle, county judges caught in the middle

: Appeals court will not question way in which trial court divided individual items of property in divorce

: Merely because property owned with non-party awarded to one party doesnt mean it was ruled as non-marital

: Division of marital property is entrusted to trial court’s sound discretion

: Divorce court can order either party before it take action to transfer property to another party

: Kansas trial court cannot affect property over which no party before it has an interest

: Argument that court improperly excluded property as ‘non-marital’ misapprehends trial court’s ruling

: Kansas divorce law recognizes all property as ‘marital’ subject to equitable division, no ’non-marital’

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: 1 Unpublished Appeals Decision Issued Today (2015-March-20):

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

: FedState Affairs hears testimony, passed out to Floor for approval

Testimony indicates that if SB 105 is not passed, KS could lose $21.9 million in Federal funding for child support enforcement.

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Chairman Brunk closes hearing and begins working bill. Rep. Bradford states that we doesn’t like the bill.

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Rep. Jones (Topeka) and Rep. Tietze speak in fair of bill. SB 105 passes favorably.

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Chris Brown opposes SB 105 for two reasons. Calls SB 105 fruit from poisons vine because it is a fed mandate.

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Dept. of children and families testifies in support of SB 105.

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Now in House Fed/State cmmte; there is a Hearing on SB 105, updating the uniform interstate family support act/sex trafficking.

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Failure to pass SB 105 may cause KS to lose over $20 million in federal aid for child support.

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Rep. Pauls is a member of the Uniform Law Commission. Describes process at Uniform law meetings. Says these acts are voluntary.

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Ron Nelson testifying in SB 105 concerning Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. KBA supports bill.

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Updated Page: Legislative

Why We Need People Who Care About Us–and what can go wrong when we don’t have them

Man’s new and old girlfriends simultaneously jump into Chinese river, both calling for him to rescue them

Minnesota Federal court confirms the Affordable Care Act protects people from discrimination MT

Alabama Probate Judge Asks Alabama Supreme Court to Reconsider Ruling Banning Issuance of Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Puerto Rico government expected to announce that it will stop defending same-sex marriage ban this week

School Finance Rapid-Action Increasing Conflict with & State Constitution

Mississippi Governor signed into Law today (3/18/2015):

SB 197 has no oral proponents. Only one written proponent, KS Press Assoc. KBA opposes with Judge Karen Arnold-Burger, KSAJ and KADC.

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RT : Now onto SB 197 applying the open meetings act to the Supreme Court nominating commission.

Alarming Number Of Women Think Spousal Abuse Is Sometimes OK

Committee Children/FamilyLaw Hearing on scheduled for 3/24/2015:

How to Collect from an Ex’s Social Security Benefits

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Pennsylvania Superior Court clarifies the extent of authority of a parent who enjoys “sole legal custody”:

: approves budget restoring some funding deleted by Brownback

Getting word that bill regulating mental health drugs for Medicaid patients is supposed to reappear in tomorrow –in Senate comm.

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Sen. Knox: “i believe there are children who are harmed far more in the CINC system than they ever were at home.”

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: Hearing in Fed&State Affairs Friday, 3/20/2015

Rep. Schwab: The more courts play politics with school finance the closer gets to changing judicial selection

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Alabama federal judge declines to lift gay marriage order

Legislator asks about cutting funding in wake of District Court funding order

RT : Rep. Lunn asks judge if ruling could lead to a cut for at Approps hearing

Watch out for these 5 pitfalls in settlements

5 Steps to Break a Habit of Arguing With Your Child