Weekly Twitter Update 2015–March–15

My answer to: Can my paramore keep my husbands daughter away from us?

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Intimate partner violence (IPV) occurs in every culture, country, and age group – it doesn’t discriminate.

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Sixty percent of women using mental health services are survivors of abusive relationships.

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Say It Out Loud: Raising Awareness About Teens and Mental Illness:

 · Mar 14

: Trial court failed to consider whether wife had meritorious defense before granting default divorce

 · Mar 14

: Appeal of court’s allowance of attorney withdrawal not timely filed within 30 days from final order

 · Mar 14

: Trial court cannot modify orders in case remanded after appeal in ways not directed by the appeals court

 · Mar 14

: Court did not violate mother’s right to travel by deciding child should live in Montana where born/raised

: Oral argument is not a chance to present new evidence or legal theories not already submitted to court

: Court did not err failing to allow oral argument on motion when numerous other opportunities were given

 · Mar 14

: Stability in parenting arrangements is not determined only by which parent provides the most physical care

: Parent’s ‘expectation’ of moving to shared parenting 1-year after divorce does not compel court to do so

 · Mar 14

Florida lawmakers consider a ‘child-support-esque’ formula to overhaul how courts determine alimony awards

: Appeals court will not reweigh/redetermined custody or orders adequately addressed at trial

Are you a lawyer? Find your peeps. 16th Nat. Conf. Children and the Law & U get CLE

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: Proposed Rule Change regarding personally identifiable information in licensing documents

 · Mar 13

Georgia legislator introduces bill to require testing before is ordered

 · Mar 13

‘Shared-parenting’ bill in stirs new debate in Nebraska

: Sole legal custody decision remanded for court rationale justifying its restrictive visitation schedule

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When facts don’t fit the frame, people discard the facts

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: Court correct when it found Wife acquiesced in property transfer although not provided for in #112233

 · Mar 13

: A party who accepts benefits of agreement may not later take inconsistent position #112233

: When sufficiency of evidence is at issue, Appeals Court looks only at evidence supporting decision #112233

: Appeals Court does not re-weigh evidence when sufficiency of evidence is at issue #112233

: Court did not consider ‘parole evidence’ when it enforced agreements made after they signed #112233

: Court does not “modify” contract when it agreement modified by parties’ action/agreement #112233

: Questions are court jurisdiction are legal issues upon which appeals court have full power #112233

: is a hybrid with characteristics of both judgment and contract #112233

: Court did not err finding that divorced parties modified with subsequent #112233

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

: 45.48% of parenting time does not constitute joint physical custody under provisions

: Court did not err in not applying joint presumptive found in statutory provision

: Court erred ordering Mother to pay & transportation costs when agreement did not so provide

: Father should have appealed decision he was a ‘vexatious litigant’ when decision made, not 2-years later

Census finds has lowest remarriage rate in US

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Updated Page: Legislature 2015

Oklahoma House approves bill to end government role in marriage 67-24

News: CINC, Protecting total parent visitation time, suddenly set for hearing

: ; , Protecting total time for parent visits, suddenly set for hearing on 3/18

: , ; Apply to nominating comm’n, attorneys, Hearing 3/18 3:30P

: , Civil Procedure; Dormant Judgments, Hearing 3/17 3:30P

: , ‘SAFE Families Act’, child custody powers of atty, Hearing 3/17 3:30P

: , , prohibiting medication against parent desires, Hearing 3/17 3:30P

: , restrictions on Rx-only drugs hearing scheduled for 3/16 1:30P

: , setoff lottery, gaming, parimutuel winning scheduled for committee action 3/17

Oklahoma legislative bill allowing “conversion therapy” dies

Utah passes landmark rights bill Article: | Bill:

RT : Gardner confirmed by vote of 31-9. Senate VP King only GOP to vote against.

: confirms Kathryn Gardner to Court of Appeals in package with , 2 other appntments

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Haley quotes King’s questions to Gardner, says they continue to trouble him.

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Haley explaining no vote against Gardner, says question of why she was taken over other candidates.

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Sen. King votes no on Gardner. Most Republicans supporting, tho

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House Approps leaves Judicial Branch $5 million short of “flat” funding.

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Nebraska enacts Uniform Deployed Parents Custody & Visitation Act to support military parents & their kids. is proud to help.

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Judges discuss how to better serve families in 2-day National Summit on Courts & Military sponsored

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Larry Zimmerman testifying on HB 2111 concerning E-Filing administrative fees. KBA supports this bill.

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Florida House bill would remove ban on adoption by same-sex couples from state law

RT : House Approps kills recommendation eliminating one judge per county in KS rural counties.

RT : House Approps removes suggestion for one judge per county

: will today vote on confirmation of nominee Kathryn Gardner

TX legislator files bill () to prohibit same-sex marriage licenses even if rules ban unconstitutional

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passed 30-0 on 02/06/2015, passed 55-4 on 02/25/2015, concurred .

passed 97-0 on 02/03/2015, passed 32-6 on 02/18/2015, Governor deadline 03/29

passed on 01/30/2015 32-0, passed on 03/03/2015 65-2, to Governor 03/06/2015

passed on 02/12/2015, introduced :

passed 76-22 on 02/24/2015, introduced to , hearing 03/11/2015:

passed 50-1 on 02/05/2015, passed 120-0 on 03/05/2015, Enrolled for Governor:

: Clarifying Magistrate Jurisdiction Senate Final Action on March 11, 2015: :

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: Senate Final Action on March 11, 2015:

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: Court of Appeals Dockets for May 2015 posted

MT : House Judiciary places content of into making one large bill on judicial budget; 44 empty shell

News: Kansas Senate Committee of the Whole recommends passing UIFSA 2008

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now considering on General Order. Passes on voice vote

“My wife is a cheater” scrawled on Denver-area home found ablaze; man arrested

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Updated Page: Legislature 2015

: Amendments on Senate GO for Tuesday March 10, 2015:

: Clarifying judge jurisdiction on Tuesday March 10, 2015:

: In terminating alimony, Court exceeded scope of previous order to review support after 18-months

KY Supreme Court to decide if 8th-grade boy who had sex with 7th-grade girlfriend can be charged as sexual predator.

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Narcissism in children can be traced to parents who over-value kids, says new study

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Why it’s in your best interest to become friends with your ex’s new spouse

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Dear : Your service is abysmal After 20 minutes waiting for assistance ‘momentarily’ for client call is dropped in 30 seconds

News: Weekly Twitter Update 2015–March–1

: Appellant failed to present the ‘bare bones’ necessary for partition of jointly owned dog #111966

: Appeals court will not supply cause of action that was clearly not intended by allegations #111966

: Merely giving money to cohabitant to purchase property does not give lender a right to replevin #111966

: Where party failed to set out basic claim of partition, it will not be inferred #111966

: Kansas courts are not required to set out every fact that supports its ultimate decision #111966

: Legal title does not mean cohabiting parties cannot claim right to jointly obtained property #111966

: Kansas law does not limit ownership of property to the one cohabiting party who paid for it #111966

: Kansas recognizes that non-married partners may acquire court-divisible property together #111966

: Never was a dog-related case more appropriately styled: Reisberg v Barkman #111966

: Every dog has its day…and sometimes its own appeal

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: Court of Appeals decides dog of a case, upholds trial court decision

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Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

Former Alabama Chief Justice is ashamed of the fundraising process in judicial elections