Weekly Twitter Update 2015–June–14

Central Ohio courts prepared if gay couples get OK to marry from #SCOTUS http://t.co/rOXTcq5yhb
#IAMLUSA General Membership Meeting http://t.co/yije7zddnm
RT @JuriSense: It’s finally over — Frank’s lawyer got the apartment and my lawyer got the two cars and the beach house. http://t.co/jhTqZC…
RT @SSCJoCoKs: MT @hereandnow: #ksleg House passed largest tax hike in state history. @SSCJoCoKs explains why she voted against it: http:/…
Florida Gov. Scott signs bill officially repealing ban on gay adoptions http://t.co/eYsrGQYjJl
N.C. OKs gay marriage religious exemption http://t.co/sMeF682Ipg
#IACourts: Court erred bifurcating divorce from property division day before wife’s death http://t.co/KCTCIJnhlt http://t.co/6Ytqxpw7So
RT @nancyzberg: #IAML2015 amazing meeting in Quebec
Presentation to #IAML on Presenting the Child’s voice in court proceedings, with @RobertSimonPhD and Nicholas Bala http://t.co/2cvv5xCQLE
RT @timhrenchir: Sperm donor case: Motion filed with Kansas Supreme Court says District Judge Mattivi acted in contempt of that court. http…
#IAML panel on pre martial agreements http://t.co/qodyxq9EUf
Presentation on Sociological Perspectives on Cohabitation #IAML http://t.co/oZU4OP4erg
Judge Orders Arkansas to Honor Hundreds of Same-Sex Marriages http://t.co/nFyZbkHVzH
#IAML presentation Operation of #Hague #Abduction Convention in Canada-France Remillard of Quebec Central Authority http://t.co/gR8G1jsLGR
#IAML 2015 Preconference seminars on #Hague #Abduction Conventions with @nancyzberg http://t.co/MCCtBK4hqg
Kansas governor signs law cutting off #KScourts funding if courts strike down 2014 law http://t.co/OQKYOuco9N