Weekly Twitter Update 2015–January–25

Gov. Sam Brownback’s push to change Kansas Supreme Court seen as linked to school finance

Alabama asks federal judge to put same sex marriage ban ruling on hold

Oklahoma legislator introduces bill to do away with state issued marriage licenses

Federal judge strikes down Alabama same sex marriage ban

: 3 Appeals decisions issued today, 1 Supreme Court (2015-January-23)  #107401 #111253 #110882 #111176

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

Same-Sex Marriage Likely, Not Guaranteed, Law School Profs Predict

: Introduced; unlawful dissemination of consensually taken images in blackmail and breach of privacy.

Kansas children’s activists push back on Brownback’s budget transfers

: State of the Judiciary Address by Chief Justice Nuss is TODAY 12:30 PM Follow the address at MT

Kansas Legislature Considers Ban On ‘Revenge Porn’

KS Bar Assn introduces bill to clarify transfer on death deeds, allow ADR to be used in trust instruments and repeal of KSA 59-505.

House Judiciary meeting begins with bill introduction. KBA will introduce three bills today.

hearings held in Old Supreme Court Room are now being live-streamed: h/t

KS Supreme Court proposals deal with budget and fees. Big one is to allow the use of funds for efiling for operations.

Clayton on legislation to outlaw revenge porn: “This issue really is about what is consent and what isn’t.”

Lawmakers push bill to make posting nude photos/video of ex-spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend w/o consent illegal

: Two lawmakers propose bills to outlaw ‘revenge porn’ in Kansas:

My answer to: What is legally considered out of town, and what is the distance I go before having to tell t…

: Sufficient evidence supported protection from stalking order based on continued non-consensual contact

: Out-of-state personal service improper where return showed service on “occupant,” instead of “resident”

: Appeal rights waived where objection to grandparent visitation not raised to trial court

: Court did not err granting in loco parentis status and third-party visitation of child to step-grandmother

: Kansas House Judiciary Committee will hear a presentation on the Selection Process on January 22 (:30 pm)

Estranged couple’s battle with each other over circumcision of son battle becomes cause celebre for ‘intactivists’

Have clients that owe federal taxes and are considering bankruptcy? Here’s what you should know

12 key moments leading to same sex marriage consideration