Weekly Twitter Update 2015–February–8

Plaintiffs’ oppn to “recognition” defendants’ motion to dismiss in marriage case

Feds claim Massachusetts discriminated against developmentally disabled mom when it took away 2-day old infant

Alabama probate judges refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples could face sanctions

My answer to: Can someone please help me out? Kansas divorce please read

Idaho fight to keep its unconstitutional ban on same sex marriage could cost state another $300,000

Slovakia sets for date for referendum on marriage, adoptions by same sex couples

: Fed/State Affairs schedules informational briefing on “marriage” Thursday, February 12

: F&S Affairs scheduled 2-days of “informational” hearings next week on “marriage.”

Alabama counties will issue same-sex marriage licenses; 3 judges will not perform weddings citing religious beliefs

Accused Killer’s Family Gets Custody Of His And Ex-Girlfriend’s Children After Case Filed in Wrong State Under UCCJEA

Lawmakers agree this AM to limit bill bundles to 5, some committees exempt

: No Kansas related appeals decisions were issued today (2015-Feb-6):

Now hearing HB 2160 relating to notice for business records of non parties. Ron Nelson testifying in support. KBA supports.

House Judiciary committee opens with bill introductions. Rep. Hutchins introduces bill concerning retention if appellate judges.

News: Weekly Twitter Update 2015–Feb-1

Federal Court Agrees to Review Caps on Egg Donor Fees:

. argues against allowing Westboro full participation in Kansas same-sex marriage case/appeals

: Judiciary hears testimony today on , Third-Party Business Records Subpoena

: A trial court may not impose such sanctions on the basis of a suspicion, a feeling, or a belief.

: Court will not set aside an MSA to allow party to pursue discovery the party should have done pre-signing

: Divorcing party is not relieved from consequences of lack of diligence in discovering relevant facts

: Divorce agreement and marital settlement agreements are contracts, subject to contract standards

: “Dogged determination” to prove concealment of assets does not satisfy burden required to show concealment

: Res judicata precludes not only issues actually decided, but those that could have been decided if raised

: Agreed divorce judgment will not be set aside because a party decided it was a bad agreement

: Divorce judgments are final in the same way as any other judgment; cannot be easily changed or overturned

: Although motion amendment OOT is allowed to cure pleading defects, it is not allowed to add new claims

: Although ‘free and liberal’ amendment of pleadings is allowed, the right is not automatic or unlimited

: Court remands case illustrating difficulty extricating oneself from marital settlement later viewed poorly

: Failure to give required notice of hearing does not satisfy due process requirements

: Party entitled to notice of final divorce hearing though incarcerated, where voluntary appearance filed

: Divorce vacated, remanded when husband voluntarily entered appearance, but not given notice of hearing

: Trial court determines what parenting plan is in child’s best interests even when material change exists

: Even if trial court finds material change exists, it need not change parenting plan or switch residency

Sen. King wants to go to conference committee and discuss with House what bundling limit should be. He’s not opposed to limits.

King amendment passes 30-10. Bundling limit stripped out of joint rules bill, at least for now.

The KBA, KSAJ, KADC and district judges all support HB 2160. Office of Judicial Administration will testify in support as well.

Housr judiciary hearing HB 2160 today which allows the judicial branch to transfer funds from efiling to docket fee fund for operations.

My answer to: If u file taxes together as married but arent marriEd does that make you common law married

well on its way to passage by state legislatures: Introduction dates via

: Amendments to Rule 709, Admission to Practice Upon Written Examination

: Updated application fees for Kansas Attorney Admissions

: New Kansas Court Rule 709A: Admission to the Bar by Uniform Bar Examination Score

Alabama seeks same-sex marriage delay from SCOTUS

refuses to block decision finding Alabama ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional

: Judicial Council testimony supporting passage of presented to Judiciary

Larry Zimmerman testifies in support. Says ACH fees are becoming mandatory with efiling and proper to itemize them as cost.

HB 2111 dealing with civil procedure and efiling. KBA supports this bill.

SB105 brings KS into compliance w/2008 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).

Compliance w/UIFSA necessary as condition of Preventing Sex Trafficking & Strengthening Families Act signed by POTUS in 2014.

SB 105 dealing with the uniform interstate family support act. Ron Nelson testifying for KS judicial council. KBA supports bill.