Weekly Twitter Update 2015–Feb-1

My answer to: If your son and daughter in law are getting a divorce, would it be acceptable for the grandpa…

My answer to: Is commission a guarantee income?

: Governor’s office refusing to disclose names of candidates passed over for Court of Appeals MT

: Maine Supreme Court rules against medical marijuana patient in child custody appeal

: Testimony of step-parent seeking adoption cannot meet requirement of “written” consent #112259

: is not a right; it is a privilege granted by statute. Statutory requirements must be met #112259

: Stepparent adoption statute requires parental consent, it is improper without–even if deceased #112259

: Step-parent adoption properly dismissed where step-parent did not have deceased parent’s written consent

: Court erred ordering removal of family violence indicator from support enforcement reporting system

: 1 Kansas related appeals decision was issued today (2015-Jan-30):

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

: Supreme Court Docket for March 2015 Posted:

: Subsequent final divorce order renders appeal of interlocutory orders moot, no exception shown

Five strategies for divorcing/separation from a partner with a high-conflict personality via

Let’s take guns out of the hands of abusers in Kansas–at least temporarily

Naming Kathryn Gardner as my nominee for the Kansas Court of Appeals. On to the Senate for confirmation.

Center. Kathryn Gardner, Brownback’s nominee to KS Court of Appeals.

Proud to name Kathryn Gardner to the Kansas Court of Appeals.

: Governor Sam Brownback nominates Kathryn Gardner to Kansas Court of Appeals

: Governor chooses Kathryn Gardner, federal judge Sam Crow clerk, as new Court of Appeals judge, filling position

: Court of Appeals Judge Karen Arnold-Burger awarded Award

: Trial court did not violate protection in Medical Marijuana Act by modifying child’s residence

: Contempt finding not “compelled” where disputed intent/evidence presented

: Trial ct refusal to modify spousal support award 27-years after original entry affirmed; no change shown

: Lump sum attorneys fee award remanded; requesting party failed to itemize fees/hours/basis

SB58 makes clear Shawnee County is only venue for actions of judicial review of state agencies.

Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Earn:

MT : Gov. Brownback to name new Appeals judge Thursday

Same-sex Marriage Foes Dig In At The State Level…

: 11th District Nominating Comm’n seeking nominees for district magistrate judge position

SB 15, SB 44, SB 51 and SB 59 all up for hearing now. SB 15 is Chairman King’s bill.

: Domestic Case Management. Testimony to House Judiciary today:

Kansas House moves to eliminate post-midnight sessions, limit bundling of multiple measures in a single bill.

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice warns governor about same sex marriage rulings

Mormon Church backs legal protections for gays — and the religious

Lesbian couple wins the right to have both mothers on the birth certificate in Virginia.

Massive Resistance MT Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore urges defiance of federal court orders on same-sex marriage

New Foster Parent and Youth Ombudsman named to help foster families in Kansas

Kansas courts now in the center of partisan politics, attacked for partisan gain

: Robert Wonnell appointed as new District Judge by governor

Rubin’s anti-bundling amendment passes 82-35. Limits conference committee reports to only original bill and one other.

Here’s the vote on Rep. Rubin’s amendment to stop work at midnight.

Alabama same-sex marriage ruling put on hold: No same-sex wedding licenses for 2 weeks

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Chief Justice Defends Kansas Merit Selection System

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015

Deeply conservative Oklahoma adjusts to sudden arrival of same-sex marriage