Weekly Twitter Update 2015–December–13

Ronald W Nelson, PA@KansasDivorce

: Child in need of care actions are subject to jurisdictional requirements/limits of the  bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: Where court fails to follow , it’s judgment is invalid and must be overturned  bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: In this case, no  procedural protections/communications were undertaken by Kansas court, bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: Where 1 parent continues to live in state w/  jurisdiction, other state cannot take it  bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: When state is exercising  jurisdiction, another state cannot take it because parent moved  bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

 prevents parent from leaving state in which  action is ongoing & file in new state… fb.me/3yRVJ8kST

 prevents parent from leaving state in which  action is ongoing & file in new state bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: Child in need of care actions are subject to jurisdictional requirements/limits of the  bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: A court without  subject matter may only determine its lack of jurisdiction and not more bit.ly/1IQOXCU #113609

: The word “reside” used in contract was ambiguous because it may have multiple meanings in context bit.ly/1IQNo7U #112889

: When interpreting contracts, Court must determine parties’ joint intent bit.ly/1IQNo7U #112889

: Court did not err finding term “residing” not given its “ordinary” meaning in terminating support bit.ly/1IQNo7U #112889

: Court did not err finding term “residing” not adequately defined in MSA to terminate maintenance  bit.ly/1IQNo7U #112889

: Where parties continued to live as combined financial unit, Ct erred making filing date separation date  1.usa.gov/1Z84BO6

: Determining “valuation date” and “marital separation date” is fact-specific decision 1.usa.gov/1Z84BO6

: Trial court did not err refusing to sanction father for his failure to allow mother’s parenting time 1.usa.gov/1Z84fXT

14 things you can’t really know until you’re divorced huff.to/1NPdB78

: Therapist-client privilege does not extend to 3d parties who learn of threats by client bit.ly/1NPcyEc

: There is no “threats exception” to Minnesota’s therapist-client privilege bit.ly/1NPcyEc

A beautiful piece about stepmother-ing. fb.me/2xaE7Walo

Lawrence Kansas woman criminally charged for international abduction of her daughters  bit.ly/1O0Ly6E

The witch hunt attempting to bar same-sex families from adopting children bzfd.it/1O0L4xx

: Though father failed to prove material change for residency change, court could change parenting schedule bit.ly/1O0K3FG

: Trial court erred ruling no material change allowing for parenting time modification bit.ly/1O0JzPK

 issues Admin Order requiring addition of division number to  Summons on Efiled cases

: No bar from inheriting son’s estate on mom’s claim father “abandoned” child “by willfully forsaking” him bit.ly/1meXGET

: If statute does not provide for right to appeal, appeals ct does not have jurisdiction to consider appeal bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: Kansas law allows limited rights to appeal  orders of 5 specific types: bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: Denial of a motion to terminate parental rights is not a final order and cannot be appealed  bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: Kansas law only provides limited instances in which appeals may be filed in   bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: Kansas law does not allow the State to appeal court’s refusal to terminate parent rights bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: State’s appeal of denial to terminate parent rights dismissed, no appellate jurisdiction exists bit.ly/1SSfxM9

: 2 Kansas -related Appeals Decisions Issued Today (2015-Dec-11): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

: Default judgment was appropriate result of respondent’s lengthy refusal to produce required disclosure bit.ly/1RItttV

: Trial court did not abuse discretion by striking pleadings as penalty for refusal to provide information bit.ly/1RItttV

: Claimed default judgment defect waived by respondent’s inclusion in stricken response of property detail bit.ly/1RItttV

: Default judgment is not void where defaulting party notified that property would be divided in divorce bit.ly/1RItttV

: Default judgment not void for failure of divorce petition to specifically include property to be divided bit.ly/1RItttV

: Where mom and dad did not agree child would permanently relocate = temporary absence under  bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

: Child’s absence w/ mom from state for 4 mths does not mean no   “home state” when father remained bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

: Trial court erred deciding state was not  “home state” when including child’s “temporary absence” bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

: Definition of “home state” under  cannot be read in isolation, but must be read with entire UCCJEA bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

: The  is the exclusive method of determining subject matter jurisdiction in child-custody cases bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

: Appeals court cannot disregard and reweigh jurisdictional fact findings made by trial court  bit.ly/1RIs9Hd

Leading the C-J: Lawmakers could approve DCF audit in January but delay for now cjonline.com/news/2015-12-1…  pic.twitter.com/IPv8q10fjV

: Kansas Supreme Court hears appeal over law that strips it of some administrative power & defund courts… fb.me/5w77E81D4

: Kansas Supreme Court hears appeal over law that strips it of some administrative power & defund courts bit.ly/1TFd9sd

: Kansas Supreme Court hears arguments on the extent of its power bit.ly/1TFcM0T

: Supreme Court seeks public comment on new and proposed rules for court interpreters bit.ly/1TFcneL 

: Trial court erred dismissing petition by non-biological same-sex parent request for custody/visitation bit.ly/1OWYE1Q

: Court did not err appointing  to oversee agreed sale of marital home & property removal… fb.me/2oOqY6x8e

: Court did not err appointing  to oversee agreed sale of marital home & property removal 1.usa.gov/1OWYibp

: Court of Appeals dockets for February 2016 posted: bit.ly/f2sEdn 

Today, the Kansas Supreme Court heard arguments about its authority to appoint chief judges.   fb.me/4ePtWVWax

 Courts taking applications for , deadline 12/23/2015 pic.twitter.com/sZi78rRCuK

Ward says privacy laws are good but they’re meant to protect children, not to protect DCF. 

Ward cites confidentiality law, says it’s good to protect children. Says he has enormous amount of info unable to disclose 

Ward making his case to audit foster care/adoption system for anti-gay bias.  pic.twitter.com/c4QbUYn34X

: Appeals courts do not re-assess the credibility of witnesses heard by the trial judge bit.ly/1NeyC9P

: Trial court did not err deviating downward from presumed  calculation based on fact findings bit.ly/1NeycjD

: All members of Kansas Court of Appeals mull state protections for abortion, privacy, due process bit.ly/1lRJbpR

: Supreme Court creates committee to review/revise time standards for district and appeals court decisions bit.ly/1lRHbhr

Two girls abducted to Europe by their mother are returned to father in Missouri : kansascity.com/news/local/art…

State of Kansas argues Kansas Constitution does not guarantee due process of law or individual privacy bit.ly/1IVuJCH

: Court of Appeals hears en banc arguments whether Kansas Constitution guarantees right to choose abortion bit.ly/1IVuJCH

Kansas governor says @DCFKansas has no policy against same-sex couples (although he does), pushes back on media: bit.ly/1IVuhEl

Judge Malone with sit with the KS Supreme Court on Friday to hear arguments in Solomon v. State of Kansas.  ow.ly/VFc0d

How can parents balance financially planning for their special needs child and their own retirement needs? ow.ly/Vu536

: Kansas chief justice won’t hear case involving court funding, voluntarily recusing himself sfg.ly/1XSgqel

: Supreme Court refuses to recuse all justices in courts defunding appeal bit.ly/1SKtnQG #114573

: Supreme Court justices, other than CJ Nuss, will hear appeal of KSLegislature bill to defund courts twitter.com/jshormanCJ/sta…

More same-sex couples accuse DCF of discrimination kansas.com/news/politics-…

Editorial: Audit of @DCFKansas actions are warranted after recent disclosures of discriminatory actions cjonline.com/opinion/2015-1…

After disclosure of court opinion criticizing @DCFKansas discrimination in adoptions, official announces retirement bit.ly/1HNqApn

Kansas  may be responsible for , medical expenses though only state wants it to happen bit.ly/1HNpFVU