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Farrer – Gay couple’s international child custody battle ruled on by Supreme Court Meaning of habitual residence. farrer.co.uk/News/press-rel…

Gay couple’s international child custody battle to be ruled on by @UKSupremeCourt bit.ly/1HNpmug by @simonbrucelfc

I’m married and in my 60s, but I’ve fallen in love with a younger man. What do I do? flip.it/67xkw

: A party who fails to make timely objection to inadequate findings by the trial court waives it bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: A party has the burden of making timely objection to lack of adequate findings by the trial court bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

 calculations are governed by Kansas Childsupport guidelines that court must follow bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Kansas appeals court does not have power to review temporary orders superseded by final order bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: A parents right to travel is not a statutory factor affecting  decisions bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Kansas courts cannot punish a divorcing party for fault or infidelity bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Neither infidelity nor fault are statutory factors for consideration of  matters  bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Appeals court will not delve into court record to engage in emotional tug-of-war between parents bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Appeals court does not redetermine fact or discretionary issues decided by the trial court bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: The paramount consideration in  proceeding is the child’s welfare and best interests bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: A decision on the merits of a case is final even if attorneys fees request remains outstanding bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Appeals court affirms trial court decision in high conflict child custody case bit.ly/1NvXUkZ #113366

: Personal jurisdiction over both parents is not required to complete  jurisdiction bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: The choice of a child’s school requires  jurisdiction, not  jurisdiction bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Where court had  jurisdiction, it could decide the school child should attend bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Determination of which school a child should attend does not require personal jurisdiction bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Party asserting error on appeal has burden to show that error occurred bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Where no personal jurisdiction exists,  enforcement jurisdiction cannot be asserted  bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Issue not moot if appealing party took conflicting positions on supposed agreed issue when heard bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Substantial evidence supported appellees claim of residence for  purposes bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Under  a state can legitimately be ‘residence’ if parent really intends it to be ‘home’ bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Though parent/child temporarily living in   could exercise  jurisdiction bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

 measures “significant connection” and “substantial evidence at commencement of proceeding bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

 subject matter jurisdiction is a question of law subject to appellate review bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: Foreign country is treated as “state” under  if  law is substantially similar bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

  recognized as “state” under  because its  law is substantially similar bit.ly/1NvSFSw #112978

: 2   related Appeals decisions were issued today (2015-Dec-04): bit.ly/1HkKjs0

Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2015 bit.ly/1HkKjs0

: It is not child abduction when parent refuses to bring child to state in which child never lived 1.usa.gov/1TpqlS1

: Claim that other parent agreed, but then refused, to come to state did not grant   jurisdiction 1.usa.gov/1TpqlS1

: Maine did not have  jurisdiction where neither mother nor child ever lived in the state 1.usa.gov/1TpqlS1

: Court’s child custody order reversed for not including required provision for parent access to records 1.usa.gov/1Tpq9SK

: Federal law does not preempt state court from indemnifying ex-spouse for post-decree waiver of MRP  bit.ly/1TppK2I

: Motion to reconsider is not an opportunity to repeat original contentions, must be based on claimed error bit.ly/1TpoKvu

: Trial court erred deciding  issue without allowing evidentiary hearing on contested income bit.ly/1Tpovk5

: Court reversed: improperly deviating from , imputing income, inadequate findings bit.ly/1lf3Ep1

: Courts have no power to set aside  on parties’ reconciliation absent direct statutory authority bit.ly/1lf2rhy

: Writ of Prohibition on  matter not appropriate where appeal is adequate remedy 1.usa.gov/1leZrSn

: Writ of Prohibition on  impermissible where matter already litigated in both  and  1.usa.gov/1leZrSn

A court ruling unearthed and three couples speak out: Allegations of anti-gay bias at DCF cjonline.com/news/2015-12-0…  ksleg

Multiple cases, 2013 court ruling, point to @DCFKansas discrimination against same-sex couple foster care/adoption bit.ly/1lBohLx

Chair of Kansas Senate Foster Care criticizes media’s foster care coverage, promotes questionable anti-gay studies bit.ly/1lBnFFX

State of Kansas is the only entity to press existence of parentage in Kansas spermdonor case bit.ly/1HIp0oH

: Supreme Court proposes amendments to Kansas Code of Judicial Conduct re self-represented litigants bit.ly/1HImmPV

: 2015 Amendments to FRCP and FRBP became effective December 1, 2015 1.usa.gov/1QTzpR2

: Judge is not disqualified from hearing a case if alleged “bias” is the result of in-court observations bit.ly/1RkswYh

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