Twitter Weekly Update 2016–April–30

  1. Rebuilding Self-Esteem After Divorce

    Lawmakers return to Topeka today. Here’s a look at some of the issues before them

  2. A series of 4-3 opinions today show the Kansas Supreme Court’s deep divide over the state’s sex offender registry:

  3. Court of Appeals: Shawnee County is too quick to put children in state custody, declare a nonexistent emergency:

  4. A Kansas county declares emergencies when none exist — and places children in state custody:

  5. justice asserts 8-month delay in issuing rulings, changing majority, a ‘denial of justice’…

  6. By delaying opinions, Justice Johnson says the Kansas Supreme Court mistreated defendants:

  7. justice asserts 8-month delay in issuing rulings, changing majority, a ‘denial of justice’

  8. is back in session today for its “veto” session

  9. : Mootness doctrine is not jurisdictional #114297

  10. : Federal guidelines require far more than a parent not providing a regular residence for emergency #114297

  11. : KSA 38-2201 does not define “emergency” for temp orders, federal provides examples #114297

  12. : Court improperly granted state custody without finding endangerment #114297

  13. : Case is not moot if it is capable of repetition, of significant public importance #114297

  14. : Court improperly granted state custody of child because neither parent had regular residence #114297

  15. : Court of Appeals says County too quick to place children in state custody #114297

  16. : Patricia Thomas appointed to Commission through 6/30/2017:

  17. Ted Cruz: Not having laws like NC’s “bathroom bill” is “opening the door for predators”

  18. Dealing with Clashing parenting styles

  19. Question from audience: do you support changing judicial selection. So far everyone has said no

  20. : Courthouse direction expected to be decided today (2016-April-21)