Twitter Weekly Update 2016–March–21

  1. BREAKING: Australian mother, TV crew caught up in child custody battle are released from Lebanese jail.

  2. Read about Cultural Sea Change & Families in NCFR Report: change in marriage, Black parent-child relationships, more

  3. : Domestic Violence Court Program recognized for its service to crime victims

  4. 2-years after Japan signed Convention, children have been returned but old issues remain

  5. What happens when a child is abducted by their parent Australia

  6. The 6 Key Components to an Effective Apology:

  7. More Mellenials are Delaying , Leaving the Faith

  8. Jack Focht: Retain all the Supreme Court justices and stop political interference with the court.

  9. : KSA 23-3005 allows court to modify effective 1st of month following motion filing #114102

  10. : If sufficient basis exists in the record for judicial decision, no abuse of discretion is shown #114102

  11. : Trial court’s imputation of income is subject to abuse of discretion appellate standard #114102

  12. : Appellants have the burden to provide a sufficient record to support contentions of error #114102

  13. : Appellants have the burden to prove that an error occurred #114102

  14. : Judicial questions for clarification are not “interruptions” amounting to a due process violation #114102

  15. : Party’s due process not violated where he testified for 28 of the 30 minute hearing #114102

  16. : Appellant must provide references to the record instead of having court search record itself #114102

  17. : Party’s due process not violated when he was given opportunity to state his case to court #114102

  18. : Due process is violated only when party establishes entitlement to specific procedural protection #114102

  19. : Trial court decision to impute income to underemployed parent affirmed #114102

  20. : 1 Kansas appeals decision was issued today (2016-April-15): #114102

  21. Updated Page: Kansas Family Law Appeals 2016

  22. looking forward to presentation today.

  23. : Commission to receive report on public input on new courthouse