Twitter Weekly Update 2014–August–31

How to avoid making the same relationship mistakes over and over again

: Trial court did not err granting stepparent custody against mother where parental relationship shown

Assuming we won’t see any further pushes to alter our judicial selection system.

RT : Governor to reporter: “You guessed right.” Appoints Caleb Stegall to Supreme Court

Man who owes more than $170K in from case arrested in Colorado

MT : Brownback names abortion opponent and critic of landmark school funding case to Ks Supreme Ct

: Governor appoints Caleb Stegall to Kansas Supreme Court – to no one’s surprise

Gov. Brownback to announce his pick for Supreme Court at 11:00 AM. Listen live:

: Brownback to name Kansas Supreme Court justice Friday morning–24 days after nominations made by KSCNC

: No Kansas Appeals decisions were released today (2014-Aug-29):

: In ‘textbook case of international forum shopping, Court dismisses Petition

: Court declines to adopt residence standard focusing on subjective experiences of the child

The Same-Sex Marriage Cases: Which case will the Supreme Court choose?

: No err granting sole legal custody where father criticized child’s diagnosis, failed to communicate w/ mom

: Evidence discovered after trial is not ‘new evidence’ for purposes of post-trial motion when cumulative

: Statutory preference for parent-child contact does not apply when danger to child is proven

: No error in granting Mother sole custody/parenting rights against father who sexually abused child

: Federal gun ban applies even if domestic violence victim isn’t injured

MAEthics: Lawyer must disclose identity and purpose for contact when attempting to “friend” adversary on social media

Law Firm Must Identity of Client Funding Another Client’s Lawsuit, Who Must Disclose to Other Party to Litigation

: Unsubstantiated belief and speculation does not overcome established fact

: Appellate courts do not reweigh or redecide issues after a trail court decision

: Court grant of divorce for adultery with disproportionate property divison reversed, direct equal division

NFL increases penalties for domestic violence

Don Lambdin, one of the deans of Kansas retires today: 5 questions with Don Lambdin

: Supreme Court will sit at Kansas City Kansas Community College for its October 29, 2014 traveling docket

: 6th Judicial District () nominating commission seeks candidates for district judge vacancy ()

Federal judge finalizes ‘Sister Wives’ ruling, striking ‘cohabits with another person’ from bigamy definition

Federal appeals court dismisses anti-gay marriage group’s bid to halt Oregon same-sex marriages

: Supreme Court asked to review order dismissing same-sex divorce petition & amicus

The Florida Supreme Court is asked whether a same-sex couple can divorce in Florida.

Post-nuptial agreement unenforceable where it gave 3d party sole power over custody, other issues via

Seventh Circuit judges ask pointed questions to lawyers defending bans on same-sex marriage

In Thailand’s Industry, Profit and a Moral Quagmire

Eleven apply to fill district judge vacancy () in County

: 4th ( ) Judicial Nominating Comm’n sends 2 candidate names to governor

First take: Plaintiff same-sex couples will win marriage case at 7th Circuit. It will almost certainly be 3-0, likely on equal protection.

7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments today on cases challenging Indiana Wisconsin same-sex marriage bans

‘Me first!’: Why is selfish behavior on the rise?

These areas of the U.S. have a troubling shortage of young people via

Pets Increasingly At Center of Divorce Battle RT

: will hear arguments whether same-sex couple validly married may divorce in Texas on Nov 5, 2014

: Court erred dismissing claim parties entered into a premarital agreement on pretrial motion to dismiss