Twitter Weekly Update 2014–August–24

: “Puppy dog” look does not create cause to stop and detain via

New post: A fourth same-sex marriage appeal filed

: Supreme Court posts traveling argument docket for October 29, 2014 at

: Supreme Court posts argument docket for October 2014:

: Ct erred refusing to reconsider order when facts showed scholarship reduced tuition #110636

: Tuition scholarship granted after order entry was reason for to reconsider order #110636

: Motion to Alter allows court chance to correct errors, reconsider findings, & make alterations #110636

: Post-judgment motions are subject to abuse of discretion appellate standard of review #110636

: Court denial of motion to amend judgment based on lack of efforts before motion filed was error #110636

: Motion for Relief from Judgment deemed Motion to Alter or Amend due to substance of motion #110636

: Kansas courts look at the substance of a motion, rather than its title #110636

: Parent’s agreement to send children to parochial school allows court to order tuition division #110636

: Court may include parochial school tuition in when parents agreed to send children #110636

: 1 Kansas appeals decision issued today (2014-Aug-22): #110636

: Court of Appeals October 2014 Dockets Posted:

: Court erred adopting worksheet without stating basis on which parties’ incomes were derived

: Since prior orders reserved issues not addressed in ‘final’ divorce decree court could revise those orders

Justice Scalia’s dissent in U.S. v. Windsor may be his most influential and lasting opinion:

: A post-trial motion is not available to assert claims that could not have been asserted before judgment

: Trial court may properly consider financially superior spouse’s hard-ball tactics in attorneys’ fee award

: Trial court erred imposing attorneys’ fees as sanction for refusal to admit a fact genuinely in dispute

Test of gap in veterans’ benefits for same-sex marriages

Federal judge rules Florida same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional [PDF]

US Judge Strikes Down Florida Ban on Marriage by same sex couples

“Tag”personal jurisdiction doesn’t apply to corporations rules Ninth Circuit: via

releases preliminary draft of proposed amendments to rules

propose change in principal appellate brief length 12,500 words via

The simple policy that led America’s biggest drop in teen birth rates

What kids’ drawings say about their future thinking skills

Kansas system under increasing stress. Sorely need improvements lacking, crisis for patients & families

order granting stay of same-sex marriage in Virginia, pending cert filing; if no cert filed, stay lifts

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grants request from county clerk, delays Fourth Circuit’s ruling striking down VA ban on , so no there for now.

New post: Court blocks Virginia same-sex marriage ruling

Supreme Court puts Virginia same-sex marriage ruling on hold

: 28th Judicial District ( ) Chief Judge Jerome Hellmer to retire January 12, 2015:

: it is not an abuse of discretion to exclude testimony from non-qualified expert witnesses

: Trial court does not abuse its discretion by enforcing the rules of evidence and procedure

: GALs are immune from civil liability for acts performed within scope of duties to child

Virginia clerks prepare for high-volume as same-sex marriage deadline, ruling on stay approach

I’m a straight woman married to a woman; it hasn’t been easy, but marriage stronger than ever

Wichita office of confirms move from Finney State Office Building to former U.S. Post Office Bldg downtown

[Eugene Volokh] Home schooling and child custody: When parents split up, and there is a dispute over who is to…

Home schooling and child custody via

How To Improve Relationship Closeness–”Stop Talking” – Healing Together for Couples

: In an equitable division, each divorce case rests on its own facts

Couples ask Supreme Court of Arkansas to deny request to delay proceedings in same-sex marriage case

: 28th Judicial District ( ) Nominating Commn seeks candidates for position

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In rare move, submits amicus brief in case against over interpreting provisions

Five ways to ease the family stress of a child with a challenge