Twitter Weekly Update 2014–August–17

: “Stalking” cannot exist if claimed encounter is “by chance” or was for a “legitimate purpose”

: Adult abuse act is not intended as a solution for minor arguments between adults

: Chance encounter by parent with child’s teacher not sufficient basis for teacher to obtain protection ordr

: Order that reserves for later decision “other issues not addressed” is not final for appeal purposes

Gov. says Caleb Stegall isn’t a shoo-in for the KS Supreme Court. MT

Brownback: Stegall no shoo-in for Supreme Court MT

Breaking: Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Says SCOTUS Will Decide Virginia Stay Request

Man who owes $250K in past due (at $563 per month) arrested at exclusive California country club

Michigan lawmakers tackling child custody rights of active duty servicemembers

: Court did not err dividing property existing @ valuation date, though no longer existed @ trial #109430

: Trial court did err selecting valuation date based on evidence presented at trial #109430

: Trial court selection of “valuation date” is subject to abuse of discretion standar #109430

: Failure to object to erroneous admission of evidence at trial, bars appeal consideration #109430

: Court did not err by taking decision under advisement instead of ruling from the bench #109430

4th Cir. clarifies gay couples can wed in Virginia starting next Thursday, unless steps in, by

: Trial court was free to set spousal support beginning date at anytime after divorce petition filed #109430

: Court did not err by entering a judgment for unpaid temporary spousal support previously ordered #109430

: Appeals court will not guess at why appellant believes there to be error #109430

: Issues not raised to the trial court cannot first be raised to appeals court #109430

: Trial court is not “required” to change maintenance amount upon change of parties’ incomes #109430

: Calculation of income for spousal support is highly fact specific for trial court determination #109430

: Kansas statutes do not mandate using parties gross vs net vs taxable income for maintenance #109430

: Appeals court is not a fact-finder and does not enter new discretionary orders from trial court #109430

: Appellant has the burden to show abuse of discretion #109430

: If reasonable persons could differ about spousal support award, it is not an abuse of discretion #109430

: Appeals court reviews trial court award of spousal support for abuse of discretion only #109430

: Kansas courts havce discretion to award spousal support and determine amount and duration #109430

: A married person asking for spousal support does not need to live with spouse to obtain it #109430

: A party has no obligation to return to marital home before asking for spousal support #109430

: Appeals court does not presume procedural due process violations #109430

: Appellant has the burden to show error, it is not presumed #109430

: Court erred ordering post judgment interest delay on , must be effective immediately #110498

: Where ct misinterpreted law allowing sanction for non-disclosure, remanded to exercise discretion #110498

: KS guidelines sanction for income non-disclosure does not conflict with statutes #110498

: KS guidelines requirement of disclosure valid, no action necessary #110498

: Parents have an obligation of informing each other of material income changes even if not in order #110498

: Court may sanction parent for failure to disclose material income change even if not willful #110498

: Trial court has discretion to sanction parent for failing to disclose material income change #110498

: KSA23-3005(b) does not prohibit court sanctions for parent failing to disclose material income chg #110498

: Interpretation of KS guidelines is a legal issue subject to unlimited review #110498

: 2 Kansas Appeals decisions issued today (2014-Aug-14)-1 published #109430 #110498

: Court lacked personal jurisdiction to enter against non-resident for abuse occuring in another state

: Court of Appeals Judge Steve Leben named 2014 William Rehnquist Award Winner

: Transgender man entitled to pursue divorce notwithstanding Arizona ban on same-sex marriage ban

Arizona appeals courts says Transgender man can keep pursuing divorce

“Selfish agendas have no place in a relationship built on love.” ~

Gay marriage in Virginia may begin on August 20:

: Same-sex partner with no biological or legal ties to child may be a “psychological parent.”

Attorney General’s public Division lauded as best in the U.S.

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Virginia same-sex marriages could start next week after appeals court denies stay RT

: Two Michigan Supreme Court justices raise $500K for their individual campaigns

Southern Baptist Convention encourages its members to marry younger

: No err in re-opening trial evidence to determine custody after parents filed PFAs against each other

: Although both parents obligated for , parent with larger income has a larger obligation

: Trial court cannot grant deviation when neither party requests its consideration

: Trial court has power to impute income for at a level commensurate with earning potential

: Appeals court upholds modification of and award of $25K attorneys’ fees

: Four apply to fill judge vacancy in 4th district

Some global parenting styles might make American parents cringe, but others sure could use a close study

Recent Court Cases Highlight the Difficult Questions Related to Medically Assisted Procreation in France

With no fanfare, less legal analysis, no analysis reasoned analysis judge upholds Tennessee ban on same-sex marriage

State court judge finds ban on same-sex marriage okay, breaking string of cases finding constitutional violation

Unpaid child support in at an unacceptable figure of $2.2 billion

: Statute requiring service of appeal notice to ‘party’ requires service on attorney of ‘party’

: Facial adequacy of allegations of abuse divest trial court of discretion to summarily deny application

For information on tax provisions under the Affordable Care Act, visit the IRS website

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Kansas man convicted in Nebraska of disturbing the peace for sending angry texts to his ex-girlfriend in Nebraska

Before marrying, ask the money questions